Korean skin care and cosmetics craze

Beautytap and StyleCon team up to present a Korean beauty pop-up shop in Orange County, California.
3:34 | 10/30/19

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Transcript for Korean skin care and cosmetics craze
I'm happy fellow pilot EP I didn't hear it here at Kate's hot beauty school literally eat them. Orange County California and I am doing my style fun co-founder. Robin grants and I mean things have. Today while the big day and a huge partnership that we're launching its now he's happy kid came online. Conference. Unique local V. Dealer and they are switching to Brigham ordered they're entering the maybe exciting news I now they have silent partner in them on the lawns. Yeah health and didn't want to go across the nation luckily. And he's available to everybody around the country and company and he's out. Yeah. Well it isn't every every one is in his name and very active ingredients. This deal is here. Continue paying off into the seat ingredients that. Her reasoning using for a hundred years enough blankets. Every event at the end incident I'm here telling me it's like being called everything and not only. I'm Kate hey calm I thought yeah. Is still hot and one really special thing that really. Distinguishes their babies out that there aren't really don't worry be happy revolutionaries. Can and Alison that they do every yeah. Store participate in the individualized given everything that's complimentary they made my evening news. Pain. And they only carry the best estimate hearing every line healthy eating at making the best defense conveniently takes an hour. And they send you when you walk. A key town. Email you've gotten. I'm better when Barry Taylor I think there's nothing. Everybody can have different. I hear what James. Back yeah. Graham okay. They have a lot of work but I'm excited enough kind of artsy. Every time you shop around 8800 people like hundreds of branch yeah once ran a campaign that's all we know. So you might not use all ten. This is the highest pump price point. Middle and an affordable price point. One branch. Bringing the best. Skin cancer. Got amazing thing you're taking these are all different for all at. We're gonna mom I'm like really. And I think again and forget a face to hit the top not very good. Like. Of the better understanding of what they hate eating great all about. I'm happy so relentless in here watching AB being black.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Beautytap and StyleCon team up to present a Korean beauty pop-up shop in Orange County, California. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66625372","title":"Korean skin care and cosmetics craze","url":"/US/video/korean-skin-care-cosmetics-craze-66625372"}