After Landfall: Life after Hurricane Harvey

Five days after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southern coast of Texas, William Weeks came face to face with his worst nightmare.
18:06 | 12/21/17

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Transcript for After Landfall: Life after Hurricane Harvey
It really sink in at that point. Everything was. It was destroyed. When you actually Vator. Looking at it I'm looking at your belongings. All over the ground. He just cried. Let us Politico. I. There was almost slowly and wars. Destruction everywhere. I've never been through anything like that before. Tonight breaking news as we come on here. Marie case. Scene just hours from landfall at this being the strongest hurricane in US. In more than a decade that make you nervous seeing what's gone outside her window. There this. And what about your home. We we actually live in an RV style. We unfortunately have to leave it on and so we're February it. We don't have a home to go back to you. I was nine months pregnant and I have answer cautioning survey. And so if I was to going to actively hurt it would've ripped through my cervix. And I kind of let out for loss and maybe. The doctors told me to travel as far as I needed to to feel safe. Thing tried to close. Then live in Texas on our lives. Letting the Phillies are vacation home. And so in Italy Spain are trained. To move down here. They finally were able to do that. We just moved toward Iran and so we are so it settled in an area. And a ballot just starting kindergarten on the aisle. Elizabeth can be seen on February she's a hand. Thank. You can't really happening in the area and on neighbors are very happy and comfortable. And I. Yeah. And. What's a little bit about what's happening right now its business. Storm surge is all water meaning those very now arcane Harvey making landfall then Matt. Category four storm. Tearing into Texas bringing women 130 mile an hour winds is the strongest storm that hit the United States in twelve years sixteen inches of rain catastrophic and life threatening flooding to come where totally down now communication and a significant portion of this business is without power Texas. Officials with the dire warning. Decided to ride out the storm to write their names and Social Security numbers on their arms should they need to be identified. As the storm moved through satellite there's a train going through our balcony. Got close to putting a matches. It was intense. I don't think many of us government sleep that night. Let's stayed that didn't leave the island. We're Sandoz those destroyed. Anticipation. Of not knowing this way we're getting. Everything. How funny. Hardy where Christine. Thirty minutes. I'm hoping for in the best. Then expect dealers. I just hope things. It is the worst thing. I didn't mean to. Of course nothing can. This weekend concerning anything Harry. Stern. Please every scene here. I mean I know. The material things irreplaceable and thankfully. Those moves are. Lieutenant settler homes and enact certain as you don't right now look at the program until after different repair. Probably 400 people. So this is old. If I remember it. Yeah that digital record. Paris properties public. Some are good. There's a lot of people who stated in the news film. I'm just worried about people their liking for me. Lincoln sent our belongings can we turn be linking some people's lives can't. It was emotional floor of the kids. Can understand my own and then our house. It was heartbreaking scene perhaps it and that I don't know how to explain or why would connect Melanie. There's nothing like data maker governor. And so its turnaround in late. House heart. This was an RV park. That storm lifting up these mobile homes rattling them guiding them. Slamming them back down on top of each other and in the debris here we find things like. A family Bible. Barbecue sauce a microwave all dumped on each other now. The mayor of this community says that there is 100%. Damage here and some of the things you see here make your brain skip a beat. A boat in the middle of the road the content of this als also absolutely guided. And it's like this up and down for so many of these coastal communities here. Who. And. Who. Yeah. Yeah. Now we don't know. Claire won't be doing after we have the baby after we get out. I'm excited it she finally going to be here. Looks like theater. Holder but at the same time that Mary. Homey feeling in this. Sisters. Please state it. Overruled. And school. We got to the hospital in Philadelphia news or our. An emotional home sleep mean Diane. Manages. Founded by going to the hospital news. And at 8:11 AM we had Lauren lend. You. Relief. She's here. She's healthy. Tempting Houston tennis. Our families complete. The senators just thank god the Susan. Because I know her mother who is under a lot of stress the week before she was born so. It's very thankful. She has had very beautiful perfect. Just amazing little things. Precious. Slide it into the tunnel for us illnesses. Then of happiness we needed after the town that we had through the week before. She was a blessing. Suit. Goes CR property its best damages. See everything. Just. We'll. We're thing. It's easy on then yeah. The nose. The first residents that I ever are right. Below are in order to get there in. Lot of time. Both sides are just. Demolished. There's no fixes sisters and with Pitt's daughter Ridder news and. Good road Duluth. First that opened the school. Sabrina back. Mahmud goes to most of them have been through will be here. Very. Deliberative. Little. I mean I was a weary today what we're gonna do we're gonna take the kids after. Read got out of the hotel's other thing. We always know you still have a future we just can't know where that future would be. When we heard the story. I blurted out I think had just said well why don't just give them it. Given the tiny house call. Nelson builders is a renovation. Bills for residential homes we've kind of dabbled. With tiny homes. It was literally sitting here driveway. And it can happen. If people don't have a home making ability it used to say it just sitting waiting. It's got all those things that if and we need to obviously. I remember where a hospital having Aston. Not having anything to worry about and we literally simple I don't know what we do. That was when I just got online he went by like this picture this solemn. That's when you reach out to you thank goodness for Google. Kind of snowballed. From there. At that moment we didn't know that it was gonna happen. It definitely brought back a lot of hope for us that's that let's get it down there thinking it would one day trippers maybe two. With a tiny house of that size. It was it was a journey. At that points to a they're releasing it for me knows boatload is it's very ill. We're very grateful glance. We'll be on less. Thank you thank you. More and I fully contain. AM. He can be really. Vienna general mom is my dogs I guess. I had my off the fact that. And chips and carefree. Infinitely happier times works now. We can only go up yeah. And this is the address I'll clean it Brinkley but it pretty we took it through washing machine. Twice. Double soap on the second Lou it was a little challenge and that and so that. Yeah okay. Oh. I remember. One of the days they can now up from school. And she came in and put her backpack found in and then it finally started to feel like home. And that's when I knew we would be okay. And so we've learned. A lot of us as a family. What we can handle what we can't. But I think. We're a lot stronger than we thought. We made after that I think we can make if anything. And our family definitely came out stronger. Nearly came out stronger as couples. I came out stronger as a person and it definitely shows me. There are so great people and it's. The people still do care about it.

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{"duration":"18:06","description":"Five days after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southern coast of Texas, William Weeks came face to face with his worst nightmare.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51894650","title":"After Landfall: Life after Hurricane Harvey ","url":"/US/video/landfall-life-hurricane-harvey-51894650"}