Las Vegas shooting suspect identified

Stephen Paddock, 64, has been identified by law enforcement as the dead suspect.
4:26 | 10/02/17

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Transcript for Las Vegas shooting suspect identified
Or bring back a vector achievement she of course from Brian Ross we now know the shooter. That's right law enforcement officials have told ABC news this morning the shooter is 64 year old Stephen panic the ski Nevada. He's been identified by two law enforcement officials. To ABC news as the dead shooters so we now know the shooter described also by police share from barter earlier this evening. As a lone wolf type as a lone wolf that there are looking for his a woman described as his companions are not sure where she is. A six into your own merrily gently. That put out the indication of the kind of car she could be driving. And that looking for her to try to learn more about who's this person this what was his motivation smoking and to do that senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas and go through. His home. Hey is his Internet postings everyone he came in contact. Cliff. By Georgia just spoke what an official who confirmed the name. Right now they aired using every available database to run this man's background there early indication no ties to international terrorism. Right now the Las Vegas police is still the lead the FBI's dot the lead they are assisting. ATF is involved in this investigation as well Department of Homeland Security is involved. Right now again the key is to. Look exploit any Smartphones any cell phones any computers to disband heads. It's critical to find the woman that he was apparently living with a as well to find out what she may have known about this horrific correct. The detector and then and Brad Garrett as we see the woman right there up on the screen that's to be on the lookout. Right now. Say it doesn't appear from what we have right now we remember back in Orlando Omar Mateen the shooter called 911 was in contact with police communicated. With police we knew something about. What he'd had on his mind so far we've mr. panic we don't have that. You don't have that George in it doesn't appear that this guy wants the attention. Mean one of the reasons that Islamic extremists shooters and called the media is they want attention they want to wave the flag so to speak. Told whomever they're following. But when you get an older guy. And that doesn't appear at least at this point that would dealing with somebody that's being driven by sound extreme religious idea. It it's it's it's good he's going to be pretty much itself can tank and probably got the weapon themselves. Navy in this day in Lincoln's since shed some light on his mind set. We usually people who do down this road there their thoughts their images their beliefs get darker and darker bit. People pick that up that are around them so. I would think we're gonna find a fair amount information that we may not find it on the Internet. We talk about revenge and grievance as. Different though from the kind of workplace issues we've also this coverage so often in the past which seemed much more target of much more specific. Not as general or random. But that yes that's person. Role to that location location fired me wrong I mean he did whatever you did to me now and then it'd take you out. For doing that. This probably has and many guests a little bit more of a global view then likely. Even a school shooter to a certain extent the certainly a workplace violence shooter. Where he is being driven by this may be just mad at life because of his state. Cora his current state employment lines domestically except for a and this is like you push me too far and now you're gonna pay the price. The revenge not necessarily. Directed at the victims in that way it is form. Of terrorism because you're trying you're you're here we are punishing the innocent for something that was done for you to you. No question that this is a terrorist act I'm only suggesting that it me will be driven by simply in his head. Not by some that may be outside philosophy we'll just have to see that it's sort of has that flavor. On the front end up with the idea that you commenced methodically shoot an automatic weapon for a period of time for five. Minutes. Also would suggest somebody sort of majored. More organized. And more determined to pull this off and can shoot as long as he could shoot before the police get to him.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Stephen Paddock, 64, has been identified by law enforcement as the dead suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50226467","title":"Las Vegas shooting suspect identified","url":"/US/video/las-vegas-shooting-suspect-identified-50226467"}