Law enforcement efforts and frustrations behind keeping US border safe

ABC News' Martha Raddatz reports on the halting of the border wall and the frustrations behind President Joe Biden’s alleged mixed messaging.
5:38 | 04/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Law enforcement efforts and frustrations behind keeping US border safe
Securing the southern border was very much a centerpiece of the trump administration. Now border wall construction site sit abandoned and some fear president Biden then sent the wrong message. That the US border is open for business. Here's ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz who got a closer look in taxes. And Arizona. Flying low and fast over the dozens of Arizona's desert the view of the southern border these dark. Arizona's department of public safety Rangers who provide search and rescue. Show us miles of walls and GAAP. Apps where construction was halted after Joseph Biden took office. Along the border. We saw that in the. Actor president Biden ending Donald Trump so called remained in Mexico policy requiring asylum seekers to wait Mexico for court proceedings. Since then many of those tent cities along the Mexican border have emptied out as people started streaming in. In eagle pass Texas Border Patrol agent John and fined seven board. Polls for women from Venezuela from the river. He sing more crossings like this every single day. Now that they don't have to wait in Mexico and they're free to come here and if they're able to. Still wait a wait for their asylum hearing in the US why wouldn't they come of course that would come. And when the migrants what do you make it into the US the emotion is deep. But for those charged with protecting the border there is concern. Our agents are out here they have a job to do their job is to protect this border and when we're stuck indoors processing. It the border in certain areas is wide open we just don't have enough manpower just after. Those charged with protecting border towns like Val bird a Texas sheriff Joseph Martinez. Are equally stretched. My oath being done here on the river as much as we are. We're basically neglecting other park or community to be able to serve our citizens. Want our citizens of the same time. Her fear and fear this individuals come and across. The river here. So. You know it's if of the little bill lives soared. Law enforcement officials are still unclear about the fate of the wall. And that construction sites left abandoned. There was a crew here probably. 4050 people work in. And I haven't seen anybody here in the last month and yet here and a purple about 300 you remember Haitian. And homes. The checkpoints that they're now because they've been diverted to other side is leaving. Shown here. News your border in Arizona sheriff mark Daniels drove us troop coat she's county this second busiest sector for border crossings. Behind the Rio Grande Valley. Paranormal news national security. That's their deal lesser order. It's their responsibility for once they step into the county's my. All this is hopeful this is the old eighteen full wall the cost of the old place there about two years ago. When the surge happen in late eighteenth 2019 what change of you seen in the past couple months. The big difference the messy game has changed and the message is that there's borders open for business and then you come across to get across. There will be no consequences that's the message we hear. Arizona governor Doug Doocy feels to say. Over a 100000. People in custody. Thirteen thousand. Migrant children this is a historic record. For the agency it's been the reverse of the Biden administration. Of the trump policies that it needs attention. We flew along side the governor as he took an aerial tour of the border to see this situation for himself. We remain in Mexico. What what's made the huge difference or is it. As your sheriff says it's the messaging. What's a combination of things of course the the migrant protection protocols was a good policy. And it was working at dis incentivize. People from taking this dangerous trip when you look at some of the statistics about what was happening on the other side. With with migrants waiting to come over. If stories are of violence of rape. So why is that a better alternative. The Biden administration confuses. Immigration. With border security. They are two separate issues. That's largely Sar solved through foreign policy and diplomacy and relationships that you have there not having those communications. They're just doing what they believe is the pit politically popular policy that they promised on the campaign trail and its resulting crisis. You heard president Biden say the other day don't come. What more can he do it. Well he certainly can communicate more often more clearly they and he should be talking to president over door he's got a big Mike. It's usually pro.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz reports on the halting of the border wall and the frustrations behind President Joe Biden’s alleged mixed messaging.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76960239","title":"Law enforcement efforts and frustrations behind keeping US border safe","url":"/US/video/law-enforcement-efforts-frustrations-keeping-us-border-safe-76960239"}