How libraries are coping during COVID-19

Ramiro Salazar, associate president of the San Antonio Public Library, discussed how public libraries are preparing to reopen their doors.
3:03 | 06/11/20

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Transcript for How libraries are coping during COVID-19
As corona virus stay at home orders are lifted across the country in a phased reopening public libraries are also preparing to open their doors. Public library association president Ramiro Salazar is here with. What that will look like thanks for being here we certainly appreciated and we all know public library sadly also had to shutter their doors because of this pandemic. We should point out the many of them have still been providing very valuable services to their communities tell us how. Libraries private primarily turn to. Online programming as well as promoting access to digital content digital libraries per temple. Downloadable books. Digital magazines music and Louise are now being provided by. Public libraries to live earth have to adapt they're fairly quickly. Paul library libraries. Provided. Acts with digital content we needed to learn how to promoted an awful expand our capacity to. Who they'll be manned since the public could not access. Our public libraries to pick up. Physical materials print materials. Right and and I know so many people rely on public libraries for the Internet for computer access. I have such fond memories of going with my mom in the summertime for reading in just to be there physically in the library what are some of the biggest challenges you'll face now. As the country reopens with safety measures are being put in place. What you mentioned access to the Internet so what this crisis has. In the size or hubs has magnified does but we still have a digital divide that impacts communities that are. That need that service the most that are vulnerable from many aspects and so the challenge for public libraries the Chicago we continue to provide. Access to high speed Internet so most public wipers maintained their Wi-Fi signal on to be accessible from. Outside in the parking lots. We express to our users to practice social distancing and so on but we invited them because we know we're having access to you Wi-Fi in high speed Internet it's. Critically important debate in a 20% tree environment. So both. Or some other things that libraries are doing on libraries deployed heist hot spot. Two vehicles. You go to targeted communities to provide access to Wi-Fi. Yup providing access providing resources to communities who need the most we know that the public library system has been hit very hard. By this pandemic so for anyone watching at home how can the public help in their local libraries give back on their feet. Most libraries have support groups either prints of the library or a library foundation. They can support those. Entities which then support public library. That is very good to know thank you for all that you're doing in in. Giving us important resources to the communities that are in need all across this country Ramiro Salazar thanks for joining us today. Thank you and me.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Ramiro Salazar, associate president of the San Antonio Public Library, discussed how public libraries are preparing to reopen their doors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71197346","title":"How libraries are coping during COVID-19","url":"/US/video/libraries-coping-covid-19-71197346"}