Life on lockdown in San Francisco

San Francisco Mayor London Breed discussed the Bay Area’s order to shelter in place in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19.
3:15 | 03/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Life on lockdown in San Francisco
It's a little freaky and scary feels like. Nobody can help each other I think people are genuinely scared. Life on lockdown in San Francisco an idea up pretty much unimaginable to all of us as Americans. A shelter in place order renowned New York City is also considering it. And for the reality for some seven million people in the city by the bay they are expected to stay home except for essential trips to the grocery store or to the pharmacy. All in hopes of course of stopping the spread of coated nineteen in that order. Just went into effect overnight and it's expected to remain in force until April 7 joining us now is the mayor of San Francisco mayor London breed. Thank you for joining us and we'll start by just asking how's it going so far. Well so far we see people in San Francisco complying with the order. For the most part every now and then you have people walking around a neighbor heads but also. I respecting the social distancing and the buses are pretty empty people who serve in various capacities and our health care industry and our public safety industry. They're all going to work folks are just basically adjusting and I think. Because we've been communicating then same consistent massive sense. I'm the announced eight emergency declaration in San Francisco before anyone was diagnosed and on February 25. People have really stepped up they understood that this is really serious and we really appreciate. So many San Franciscans complying with the order. And there I wanted to ask you said some people are out walking we've seen those images if people even jogging getting outside when you see shells from place is that allowed. It is allowed and what we're saying to people as stay home. As much as you possibly can last for example you need to go out and get food or. Or gas or if you need to go to the bank we're keeping an essential. Services. At pharmacies. Open and available to the public because what we don't want to see happen. Is we don't want people to continue to panic. And think then they can't get access to something I also understand you are offering some relief to the homeless population there. In San Francisco as well as home renters. Well we we basically put a moratorium on. Convictions for. Commercial businesses as well as. Residential. Because we didn't want all of a sudden people who have been laid off because of this or experiencing. Financial hardship. To basically he's then all of a sudden be out on the streets themselves. We know that this is gonna have a significant impact on our economy. And so it's important that we think about creative things we can do. For that short term in order to get us all through this because we know that our budget is going to be impacted. A small businesses are going to be impacted. People who work in the service industry and bars are already being laid off and this is going to be a significant challenge not just our city by far our country. Mayor breed we appreciate you joining us and we certainly wish you and all of your constituents the very fast.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"San Francisco Mayor London Breed discussed the Bay Area’s order to shelter in place in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69668229","title":"Life on lockdown in San Francisco","url":"/US/video/life-lockdown-san-francisco-69668229"}