How Long Island's former 'Tupperware queen' came out as her true self

Former "Tupperware queen" Jennifer Bobbi's emotional story of coming out and how being transgender affected her livelihood.
21:40 | 10/19/17

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Transcript for How Long Island's former 'Tupperware queen' came out as her true self
Congressman thing and protect her and a person calling you can turn your credit your meaning you essentially put bankruptcy court. You can email just repeated Iranians complete he'd ever eating and deedrick Italy didn't think she's got a great guy who. Take a few months gonna go through this process. At this point. You don't even one full time day job came. I think if I could change anything. And at this point. I think I would have probably. Been quieter plan that's. Americas attract me and I consider him Parker's character of the land. And I guess I thought that we'll take steps embargo I would makes that made its. I'm just a person is behind him. Susan. Seven died tables I have to have. I'll take is that boys until director. Of our yeah. Jobs well does he Jack here's the thing people like him are. I'm not selling time telling you are listening and can't play with mama you can use them messing around. Atlanta hundred million years I'd like to think that people can have Houston Justin carriage and a grassy tell it like it is kind of broad. Hopefully not and hit into some woman. If they want to get their hands on something I would suggest that you have it and get it out of Tupperware party. All right they go get a lovely. It isn't and never considered him on the track. Happy I consider them far right parent. Parents right. Lets you game. Gloria I think. Talk. In progress. Can someone of the you know blood itself became was immediately. For example. Is you. You can't do that helped him on every end of Woolen. Roomful Ali. Oh my god say it might foundation garment the working overtime tonight. And I. But usually they slowed ad and they don't know where they're going in the next to me. Then they're looking at three. But it method. The highest being here that I sold. Tupperware I sold. Over 300000. Dollars and Tupperware one person selling 300000 dollars worth. Thirty indelible sense to lot of Tupperware to sound. I earned Ford Mustang or cash bonus section cash bonuses going Cadillac. Iron to trip to Hawaii. Trips to Florida actions to New Orleans it's just wonderful and sentence. I was and it made my parents house he had me. I enjoy being Barbara. And I enjoyed the success of Tupperware. It was also you know this game I was working in varying. Barbara. Because I wanted to the scheme. Being seeming. Drinking alive. Pressed I wanna continue being something that was. I felt like I was living room line. It was Miami's 45 birthday. I send my sister is an email telling men and I was gonna take a year of my life. To seriously consider transition to female. Because that though was intent of kindness came. I am you know. So he went where. Helping people through the transition process was there alone does not me but decision in this. I'm preparing for corrective top surgery and then next year. Sexual reassignment surgery the next minute stump. For a time to. Happy to have it sounds ready to do whatever he needs to. Let's start to be ending. I was named that parents Robert Jones have seen him I grew up among island lives families and children what are the main thing. My child's head was very happy wonderful parents wonderful scent. I was expected to peace I was. And I had was carried out with him and hear us. In the early 1970s. I vividly remember where I was in my house. And walking around my sister's new outfit my mother's. Enhancing. Can't win it's not. It's not for you its fiercest. You know that's for girls. Nicer to her. I'm gonna be curtains and not. Boldly. That's I learned gender and that's I learned the difference between now. The expectation was started there. So at the age fifteen after trying to cope and to you know what I got very depressed. Attempted suicide. President and a mental hospital for about four months. And yeah. Finally realize. And you know I have to choice. I can look to see me up inside. All right considered best that I could still is some sort of line and when I went back to high school exit you know line. I'm getting Harriman go to school and have a career and life. I was the first child in my family take cop. I went from being an art major to theater manager what I love to he. I could be different I could be enough. I I could. I could be somebody else. I was 24 years old it was 1994. I. And I was auditioning in the city for extra roles and bit parts. At some point a friend of mine mentioned his AM Barbara and I started talking about my aunt Barbara we appointed in progress as an international spokesperson. Various products. Humorist products are not seeing numerous products that we made a videotape and he sent to another friend that it was extremely. We had a lot of. It would wonderful if he is doing today. I did tell you a little something about beech nut. That's right this nuts. Hey you know I can't progress. A bigger career she would have been suffering from earth and. In 1990 five's my sister lives a few blocks away. And she was having a Tupperware party and she called me up and she said which you come to my Tupperware party and I said sure when's the party. And she said it's started ten minutes ago there's nobody here I invited built this people's please come. Back to the party and the women who was the Tupperware demonstrator. Was lovely but she was very soft spoken she was very client and I just started cracking jokes and having fun not at our expense which is to help the party along a little debt and cut my faith. Feel and after the party I placed a large order in she said you could sell who use cell. And I said well I sell it I'm gonna sell it is you know my Alter ego the character Pam Parker. And she said I can't wait it. And long. Thousand. Finding. I'll they only. Tupperware was developed I believe it's 1940s I felt hopper who came up something completely new and revolutionary which was fast food store. This is tougher pretty cool air and I like. Good food. Back in the forties and fifties and sixties. Women were home and women women who were uneducated didn't have eyes. Itself taco it could be business. And I network. Where he that we continue on the block the one way to fight a political. At a Tupperware home party. For you can be as demonstrated in order to remove and they would get together myself. Have been named Victor and they get somebody five blocks away and then she would start having parties. And had to offer gives women an opportunity to have. Really unaware of tying field and you may deepen knock him crest. Isn't saying against. Years later I needed a second job and I revisited the idea of him Barbara and I think that's an abandoned him I'm in the south happily. And I for one party won listen to. If I knew it just caught. We look at different I think talent for it for tenure. I averaged 300. It was a man. Okay. I was burying myself into working for much of thank. And when I slow down and said. You know why are you happy. You make an honest people happy successful are you doing well why aren't happy. And the truth is he can't to a point in life wings. Saying enough is enough relief Paris announcement today. A lot of people close to me that I sat in on his transition sentence I'm worried that in business. How it's gonna affect the livelihood and alliance atlas. Hate it if they did in the character that I. It it. This is the acquiescence of the land that the parents that I was hopeful that my business which continues to thrive and but I wasn't. Really all that we. Because I was being treated myself. Oh. When I first came out and I came announcers comedians let people know who lives thanks so to decline. And my Tupperware parties and they declined. He was. Slow and steady. Over the course of now tears. So when I got to the point where I had exhausted my stands. And the parties which is canceling. The bills piled up I didn't have the money to cover them. So little by little. I had now. It was pretty cut and dry and then everything was there all the paperwork is there. And even you know that debt is dismissed. And still. And I still run in a budget in the red so I have to once again changed my life and downsize my life. To what I can now a four way. Have movers here they're moving my stuff. Had a my apartment. Move into the smaller place. Still be here. Its leader just. I'm so much more fortunate. Lot of its Houston beat. Don't have. Still steaming. I didn't want to post that I. Couldn't pay my rent and would shortly be of interest from my apartment. I've posted that I was looking for a smaller and less expensive place to live. A good friend of mine in the rain was found on FaceBook that. She would welcome me into our own and that she had this case. And that. That meant. You know it's. Yeah. I've known her for 36. We went to college. We met and we just paid it off. She was actually a trespasser Tobin whose allegiances. When Bobby called me. To let me know. That he had decided to me this transition. And he was crying and he was like I. What does it does. And I don't want to be mad at me as did. You know late one item might intervene. Now you have your purse or human being you're still the same unity. When I came out to my sisters I thought they would all just go it's about time absolutely we'll get that we understand. That it was the opposite. They were all confused by so for so long I would. Of the way my family because it was too said it was a constant reminder that I didn't know where if it. To have the rain saying I know I am I love him. Thanks to achieve what you. You've always been friends and my home is open to you back. Huge. Enjoy. I got a job. A low level position at an agency. And that was my proving ground yeah yeah. And I've been there for several months sometimes. Choose an administrative assistant to presidents I went from a clerical position to. An executive assistant. It's wonderful because those are people that are recognizing and me and me. You know what I'm capable. And they're not just judging me and it's. It. Started working with Anthony. Do you know. Side. He had street Paul's I work with him during the daytime network he actually runs on mail room there. And Anthony is very physically compromised but cognitively. Use. Intelligent aware and you know I have developed a great relationship. Us. The milk pandering it's not a lot in Newton I can help you sort rain here six is that you bring these details. Yesterday we had. One of these. This is one of the most positive finding. And that's my love because. That's what I liked to be. This mix until eleven and hearing very nasty but I can't there's. She's friends and east leading human beings I kiss. So. Unasked insinuating her. Okay. With all that's happened to me over the past two years. I came out of cash and my friends have been a really let him. They've come to my rescue over no. Helping me financially. Reassuring me but maybe not fully comprehending the understanding. My motivation for this. Honoring that it's my decision and that's that who actually you know. And I'm danger. At this point in my life. My friends. Aunt Barbara served a purpose it helps me to a very difficult period financially. Emotionally. And really with my transition because. Having been that carry it became music. To go forward much. To be president and has become personal time and I look in an era. I may not like every. And I can visualize things. A. In.

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{"duration":"21:40","description":"Former \"Tupperware queen\" Jennifer Bobbi's emotional story of coming out and how being transgender affected her livelihood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50573213","title":"How Long Island's former 'Tupperware queen' came out as her true self","url":"/US/video/long-islands-tupperware-queen-true-50573213"}