Los Angeles officials give update on crash involving Tiger Woods

Woods was conscious when the sheriff’s department arrived to the crash, and there was "no evidence of impairment," Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a news conference on Tuesday.
33:58 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Los Angeles officials give update on crash involving Tiger Woods
The air with an update on the breaking news that we've been following all afternoon golf legend Tiger Woods hospitalized after being seriously injured in a car crash in Los Angeles you see the card bearish we're now getting an update from the LA county sheriff's let's listen in. I'm Joseph Mendoza are captain of the sheriff's information girl. Thank you for coming to this press conference to discuss a traffic collision which occurred this morning involving L trick Tiger Woods. Joining sheriff via my about Islam negotiation captain James powers and other members of the executive command staff. Also joining us here today is only Connie fire chief Darryl Cosby. Now like to introduce a circle Los Angeles county Alex V and well. Thank you him in those side. Cindy at 7:12 in the morning let me just share states are received a call a solo vehicle collision. In our harbor her Hawthorne boulevard north close. Call those urges drive we arrived on scene at 7:18 AM and discovered. This solo vehicle collision and the so Locke and Ben was again that Tiger Woods and the deputies. At the time they did not see any evidence of impairment anything that of concern obviously there the light setting managers there had to be taken. The treaty in the vehicle in the achieve Ozzie will speak to that regard. And it was a solo vehicle unfortunately during the course of the investigation this there was another traffic collision happened with people in the can lose and but that thankfully there was no injuries associated with that the vehicle traveled several hundred -- from the senator senator divider. At the intersection and rested and and west side of the road in the brush sustained major damage have you been seen all the images of that. And with that are Alameda sheriff's Asia will be conducting the traffic investigation. And they'll take him from days of several weeks ago the whole thing together once it. In the investigation is complete it will provider a detailed. Report it'll be available you know be simpler record act requests and we were not. Discussing it further after that point but this final on introduced. Achieved your Austria LE kind of hard. Good afternoon. I'm part she did general laws they. Of the Los Angeles county part apartment. At approximately 7:22 this morning. Resources from Los Angeles county are stays in 106. Received a report of a solo vehicle accident. At the intersection of popular boulevard. And pause very strides Norris. The Rolling Hills Estates. Upon arrival at the scene of the incident but sheriff's and seeing. Our resources and personnel from the Los Angeles county part of armory hubs our single roll over vehicle incident with one person trapped. Those are seeing traps. Was extricated by the loss of its Chinese art personnel. Earlier it was stated. Objective jaws of life let's utilize to. Extricate the person trapped. It was later determined by our personnel. Out of politics who which is used for crying. And it Katz was also used to try to personally tree from the vehicle. There's it was packaged at the incidents is stable condition with serious injuries. And because of the fact that they needed to be educated. They were transported to harbor or. UCLA hospital. Because of the education. And harbor hospital is also eighty. Trauma centers. Tests indicated earlier there's also a second vehicle accident with no injuries thank you. And the vehicle involved is an 20/20 one Genesis is a midsize SUV. Hispaniola LSU did they'll sit on my new and a enact change in Hawthorne. One north they're willing to six young they would. Dick howser does drive global not CNN Baltimore DC go do and so let me go to the and then be equal looks more nobody has mrs. eco radio so odious that loud voice and. So we're just to learn to recap the Los Angeles county sheriff's saying out once again that this accident happened a solo vehicle collision at 7:12. AM ex Pacific time on Hawthorne boulevard he says rich six minutes later at 718 and emergency responders were able to arrive on scene he says that based on their observation. There is no evidence of impairment. That that car as you see that there that it ended on its side he -- it to travel to belch. Seven there are several hundred Sheen off of the road. And at this point they're gonna take several weeks to investigate verbally to bring in our church you know whitworth whose outside of harbor UCLA medical send church you know what are you learning. So Lindsay Tiger Woods amazing then that means 45 year old champion golfer suffered many multiple lake injury in that accident. And that he would its Russian hospital here for emergency surgery you heard officials are confirming that he is here harbor U stealing medical center. Let's hospital. Once word without that he was here I'm telling you it is it warmed with media and we asked not because there's so many people around. The hospital is less than five miles away. From where this accident happened and so as you mentioned authorities were quick to respond. Well there were rumors that that you get the tops of white to get him out as it turns out they. We're able to pop off the windshield and actually remove tiger went. From the car that way and then get Russians or to the hospital. Opt for emergency surgery it's out this accident and the salt comes as Tiger Woods was recovering from his. Back surgery. And this accident happened early in the morning authorities are saying it is. Getting as bad as it do you like rats at all IQ is California to host. Scenes GA events. And to fill out strikes out takes for golf TV let's. Ari Cano thank you we'll stick with us firmament is now we believe in the sheriff is participating in she Rene with comedian also the fire chief teasing there. Exactly what was is unknown but it was Fox News become our trust and no nexus S it to expected attorneys and a little artists news nations at their breathing. Up controlling. Serious bleeding spending controls and address any serious injuries. It was brought to my attention that he had ulcers leg injuries and I was assessed at the incident. Pump. Judge also apply argues artists of tactics to tax. Extricate people that are trapped in vehicles but it was later determined it brought. To the attention to it it's also liked not used to agitate Tiger Woods Queens College who horses have to use trying. And we also use and acts. To pry him from the vehicle he was taken on the vehicle will seek out caught on our back. Act or turner from its final caution. He was had to opera's lyrics. Because of the nature of the incident be at a solar vehicle rollover and the fact dead every part of next education. Net net trauma center criteria. The nearest trauma Center City areas harper a U sonic hospital where it was transported the state serious but stable condition which it. That I do not die my understanding idiot serious injuries lakes. Through. His decisions are you still there and took him to the closest persons group. Even his condition at that was that's wrong. As to determine racial or to be transporter was made by the paramedics checked unseen. And the reason that. Tiger Woods was transported to arbor. Sharon arbor easily hospital is because it's a promise that are criteria. Because of that nature of the incidents it was a solo roller vehicle. And it damaged the Dickau. And did it also. Required him to be extricated. That's what the criteria that means trauma senator criteria territory was transported to the nearest trauma center which is harder. You silly hospital. Now. I see it it just there were no other lights. Likes is endangering entries acknowledged the work. All. A coastal development. It's the speed of the time. Whole sports. Of the look vulnerable bigger. Secrets. What else he cheated at the help best of the little and it worked well. And it made it crosses senator dividers appointed arrests assembles several hundred sheet away so is that entities are grown at a relatively. Greater. Speed in the normal however because it is down Hillis slopes and also that it curbs. That area has a high frequency of out of accidents is not uncommon. Skid marks it. I'll no no skid marks no breaking so apparently the tryst contact was with a center median and from there then cross into the opposing lane of traffic. At the curb hit extreme end there was several. Roll overs during that process. That they're gonna have to answer that one out as for the traffic aggressive make the big bucks they may. What. Or. We've reached out we've been in touch with it with his manager and they -- saint Anna's condition and that he -- surgery perhaps. All we know that as serious condition as a result of the accident and that's about all they wanna say yeah. Accidents are. Where there is not a factor. Turning. Are. Propped well we're seeing a 718 they were notified within four minutes and down. Here. We got took off from the sheriff's department approximately. 7:22 this morning. Our resources arrived on scene at approximately 728. I don't have the information right now relation to how long it took to extricate him from the vehicle. It. Oh. Are. We headed neighbor called called that one mark that's how the college received a station president. No evidence of apparent this time they'll be subject to the investigation. We're looking at science insulin the excellence of either narcotics medications alcohol ordered alcohol these different things it would give you know an idea. In their behavior but there was none on president. That now we're going beyond what we have it to times that'll take the Endesa you have to sit I want. Bob reports are not art it. It out apple inning. Investigators will be able that it's they have Adobe able to have that downloaded and they'll give us a good idea when. Soccer team. Columns. Well now or where. He was plunged. Artest was. Eating it or. It'll teach was able to communicating he was conscious only Utica. Yeah. Now. Melissa that no side analysts on the list pit road and a on it obviously won't get older that are either on the day Caruso. Up activity and a that a tragedy eagle nick tell your adult or rather embody a C and those that TS EO limit this is a mountain capital C that accident antics and this is Debra Reid said he stands. Oh. And I put race that Osama oddities honest. How are aren't. Well we got the call at 712 and that seemed in the neighbors who can't assume it. They made a call almost immediately as soon as it happened because they're neighbors they're sitting rate within sixty sheet. Of the location so. They did see at their verdict is that they have right entered into doorstep courtesy car that you distributed this is courtesy car current. Tripped and isn't. All that mister but the problem. This accident occurred of the facts. It's something we'll we'll have to explore the SE has brought to ascertain that it was distract dire. Oh. I. Or is it. Turns. Scott to. It entertaining to their vehicle as articulated earlier this it was a roller accident. And so. Tiger whistle was was trapped inside the vehicle. So are are squatters are part of paramedics used. To should try bar they saw how little tube Spanish tax. To try. Parts of vehicle weight from you know. So there it was a safely extricate him from the vehicle. They recognize that meant he identified himself as well. No we don't have that capability nor do we want it served in the accident. At all times it's been out several hours just movies are now. Use their recent so much fun as an app describes each. Are there certain act. Should. Or it is the fact that this is. That's when asked what any serious accident and this nature gonna take time it usually takes hours and remove in the vehicle and the last steps NDU. Then other markers ticket other measurements gathered up all the steps in the edit. Three or four hours is pretty normal actually a celebrity component to supplant. Play a factor in. There is a blunt they're sitting about twenty sheet of boats. The place where that BO came to arrest. How. He was not enabled it to get up nom. Does not just Tiger Woods asked you to contact anyone were to ask you can't please sit. Member of his family Christmas sort of earth has its alternatives. It hospital he did not at scene I'm sorry sir you are. He did at the hospital and at a C contacts yes. About Curtis. Who has it. Our members team I. Robert RR. Call. While the interior that cabinet of the vehicle is more or less intact the training was totally destroyed the bumpers everything was destroyed. Airbags deployed all of that and however thankfully. Interior was more or less intact which katic gave him. The cushion to survive what's up otherwise would have been if fatal crash. It. That the validity to give. It it's as we see at the border casino owner must have been the end this call it still left on oh yes oh. Is Siskel these John is. Suggests ordered the mustard when the Vermont being sit letter party but a lot of product it would order isn't. Nowhere. Boy he was definitely is heading north an off foreign. Yes did it. Began. As. It take us out of this straw subtle Porter and lake city York bitterly jedi order have been Osama massive menacing tucked alias of enemy T okay it's a mediator is sex is an accident dirty Chico. Steady Eddie that's as the SP and an ass via. Video said he asked it enough whether this mask yes. He. Is so this has approved a cosmetic us. Are there it. Ain't. That the actually struck the first one going northbound. And that was spin on the center median that was the first thing did make contact with I didn't sit. Here. Tom that's my notes Jeff. This is eight. A partner. At these aren't. Be a traffic investigators in the relevancy and remark weapon. At. Her. Well like every accident that area when his downhill lot of curves are. Tom he does speed the vehicle called 2350 says unsafe speed for driving conditions. Typically at an accident when theirs is a factor that is one of the sections are decided. In some I just because that's opposes speed limit. If there's a wet road for example that doesn't mean your speed limit is six there you access to slow down even lower than that short the conditions of the roads or downhill on a curve. Is something it is a lesson try when he got to be where this. Now on the EE eight. It Ol or. There. Orders and the first saying was when he made contact with the center media and it would be the welcomed. Brewing in other states sign. Your time at. And that's in the center median there's actually two science he hit the first one the southern most of us who signs and then he winds up going across. The southbound lanes into the brush. Ideas that. It. Yes as a tree about. Eating stump and that one was sheared. Sir you talked about but it was eager to. Can you describe to us he's sheets brushed this this this is medalist beat breast surgery today. This place campus was immediate shock in tears was excruciating pain and described. Reactions blows him a league adopted she. Once again are all these articles news and it's our apartment I can't respond to this to citrix. Tiger Woods means some of those of questions are our personality to be released from him. Or whomever is represented him so solid acting tell you from my experience of working. And public safety for the past oh almost four decades. The anytime you're involved in. In a single bill that vehicle accident like this let's roll over and got leveled or damaged and broken legs and NASA racing. It's going to be in severe. When was your current and cheap rent he was injured. Were in. Those are addicts to get a hospital mr. tucked it. But the fact of the matter is that she was any serious condition. Was stable enough to transformers to a trauma center sketches injuries were all. More dramatic and they couldn't control and Airways dimmed they would transported him to the nearest facility but that's tax debt was tables he was able now to. Be transported to a hospital or other way which is the most appropriate hospitality trust sort of torrid details of the nature of the injuries. The nature of the incidents says that it was very serious injury. Meant. Trauma center criteria. But he wasn't so serious that he needed to be transferred to the nearest hospital for immediate bison group saving procedures. Eight are asking that it yeah. Yet the game. So I cannot honestly I don't know how well she's just there are. Countless. It's my understanding that these additives arbor general policies are recently off in oh and dom knows he was gonna love to released yet. To be really is yet and X ebooks or. Deputy Gonzales was actually the first deputy on scene so he can perhaps clarify some of the questions the may have conduct. Afternoon and I deputies are actually a sheriff's station handling deputy Carlos Gonzales to. I was first you know scene and the handling deputies trivia this current traffic collision. What's op. After that I. Can't let it out. Any yet. Unfortunately mr. woods is libelous and under is on our and our partners -- Chinese irate. Acts in the vehicle and date among to a backcourt. When I write down seen on mr. what's was seated in the driver's seat. I made contact with time and I insured he was able to speak to me I'm at times he seemed that. As says that he was dot com analyst at I mean that determination that would be safer which attorneys hired to help remove tens of -- mice also. I tell us what's common soul oh attacks are right. I spoke to him. You know last station and sure I asked his name us it's only has tiger and and I immediately recognized and Tom costs. I asked Messina where it US and which candidate to make sure it was oriented I'm TC as a cue was explicit and and com. Concerned about the terms. She didn't seem concerned despite his injuries at the time. Which is not uncommon collision many times people to be in shock pumps its dramatic experienced so it's not uncommon for people to be focused on unimportant things or even if they are not till much later. Yes about a camera was used a department policy. Even. There is. Eat it. As. I did observed injuries I can't. You can tune eschew the nature of the injuries are not medical professionals I I can't speak to that I'm what I can say is that I'm she was injured and I'm. She was six us route antigens that to the hospital. He was. Cheated I was idols due to owning. It's our experience we think that our audit. There. Has management assures us this is a stretch of roadway is our our trouble spots locals and how it is Rolling Hills Estates you know that it's a hot spots or traffic collisions Los each. In my experience that's a deputy who is tropic train and work study traffic are wives many collisions. That nature of his vehicle fact that he was wearing a seat belt I'm I I would say that it greatly increased. The likelihood that it's it is like we're. Stress. I will say no because that during his trial next fatal traffic collisions so I'm I will sit it's very fortunate that mr. wood's arm. Was able to to mattered is life. Stress cracks we see or accidents on this stretch. She this stretch of roadway is is downhill its sweeping our speeds there the speed limit is 45 miles an hour myself during the first man. Titles such people going eighty miles or so it's it's more of its Internet does. You know people. And I stretch of broad and watch odometer or on its you know needed it they're there and heard. Your conversation. She ever concerned. That. And it. Pretzel that. Costs us. Moment I spoke to mr. woods. I was able to determine that it would have been saved her for me to wait her early sire as his condition is stable and I. And I did not want to risk further injuring ten trainer muscles. Us. So Dini bird that lives behind. I heard this collision. And down and was a 100 to meet that vehicle I'm mad as well as indicated by the sheriff's there was another related traffic collision that occurred. Several seat on the roadway which I believe was to people I'm trying to looked. And and that also kind of distracted from. What was occurring because he was several sea off roadways I think most attention to people or regrets. Our. Work to. As indicated by the sheriff's the interior passenger compartment of the vehicle wasn't taxed on the air Dextre to deploy successfully. I'm against you was wearing his seatbelt. I think this this also speaks to the the Markel modern. Automobiles that they are much safer than they've ever been previously. But we don't know that. A six. Yeah. The yeah. I see again. Committee janitor they beat armed ski. Don't days it's against. Edison longer products. Betsy seems clear to me drop us on this noted that article seats Tom and as a dimple. Is that is Xiang did say Adam of course. Thompson. As young as an adult literacy acts but it sector validity of what Dennis dimples of those years in Paris yesterday is Sammy Salter a settlement sheet is at. Plus the gunman dead no arrests. Or. You know on the second medals on an opposite and stretcher in its regular. So what swords into this arena. Our. It's nonsense aside and say look don't resign operatives in a minute on a blow RS notice those idiots. Yeah. Armed and there's some people. Who get. Whom we. Are the tesnus on ninety point one I'm better cut him in Tehran in excess of Valencia. The that you all are coming to conclude a press conference. In. The. So you've just been listening in to that press conference in LA county sheriff's department and of course you're talking about a very public figure and yet privacy laws still in place and yet we have learned quite a bit from that press conference just stench give you some of the recaps here one of the deputies he did arrive said that tiger was not able to stand on his own power but he described him as being calm and loose in each he is now said to be in serious condition. The sheriff also talked about how there were no skid marks no signs. Of breaking we've learned also that he was wearing a seatbelt on the net greatly increased the likelihood that he saved his life to share of actually saying. Inside each the vehicle and remain relatively intact which allowed him to survive but otherwise could have been a fatal crash was driving a Genesis Jeanne B eighty church. Which has ten airbags and sign an advanced safety systems witnesses have sandwich that they believe that Tiger Woods is lucky to be alive. Also Lou sheriff saying there have been no evidence of impairment based on the observations that they saw much on the scene but again the investigation continues content from several days to several weeks what is go back counted to Tina. Just to get a sense what you're here. Scaling the not really instant they talked about is not being problematic. Area for car crashes and we see things like actor in California speeds canyon roads where you can really get going fast and it can be very dangerous this is clearly an area. That law enforcement is familiar with when it comes to crashes. And it does seem early on in their investigation at this perhaps traveling at a high rate of speed. And I also thought it was really telling what deputy but deputy Gonzales said there as you mention attempts are being contest being calm being lucid wearing his seatbelt. And that's why he decided to wait sit that the fire department to extricate him from the car. And he lives. Steagall who hasn't forgotten where they were able to bring him so here. Tickets trauma hospital as opposed to the actual solutions are still to the crash soaps they said this is in fact weird he should be considering his very serious. I injuries even heard mentioned is eager to broken leg so we definitely had serious injuries to Bolton is likes. Undergoing surgery here right now and and Lindsay as we know you know. Wentz is more than a golfer he's a celebrity he is a part of pop culture and we are seeing celebrities golfers. Reaching out to him on Twitter sending Eric thoughts and prayers and we heard from the PGA it sells. Saying that it's tigers in our prayers and we have he has our full support as he recovers. Again he lives here in California to host a PGA tour and my goodness he is wants 82. PGA tour event in his career so. This is a man who is that let it even be that a possible comeback after his back surgery and also I ornaments and Lindsay. Tiger wins like sixteen masters. Including the 2019 ask a person has won more than that this is Jack Nicholas and see tweeted out saying that he and his wife heard about hikers accidents. Like everyone else we're deeply concerned when offer him our are still support and prayers this difficult time. Please join us wishing tighter successful surgery it's. And all the best for a full recovery so clearly in the all of this is far from over his recovery is our number adds kids that investigation. And potentially his return to golf still major question Cain as you were mentioning of course we're seeing a major outpouring of support for tiger fellow golf church Justin Thomas got emotional earlier today H after he heard about the accident let's take a listen. And six months someone. You know it hurts. See when you're sitting out my closest friends is Tom. You know didn't an accident in Madison is a very. Decide its workers kids you know. Sure the struggle. Cano would go back to just any other additional reaction trunks Tiger Woods' friends in and shams. We asked Lilly Lindsay still a lot of people here as again it's just a warm with media but it's a lot of people here at a hospital work quite aware why we were all year. And once we tell when people are concerned they don't want. Him to be heard they don't want him to have to suffered through that's and so you're seeing people. As it gets out that he'd at this hospital you're sort of seeing people's drawn to the area drawn to the hospital. You know just to sort of send their thoughts and prayers as it is just stop there as well. Cano whitworth our thanks to you and once again Tiger Woods in the hospital tonight following a serious car accident we'll have much more tonight on ABC news on prime coming option in just minutes at seventeen M. CNET.

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{"duration":"33:58","description":"Woods was conscious when the sheriff’s department arrived to the crash, and there was \"no evidence of impairment,\" Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a news conference on Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76075690","title":"Los Angeles officials give update on crash involving Tiger Woods","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-officials-give-update-crash-involving-tiger-76075690"}