Man allegedly attacked wife with chainsaw at home

Alejandro Alvarez, 32, of Whittier, Calif., has been missing since Wednesday.
1:42 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Man allegedly attacked wife with chainsaw at home
He admitted that she was soured him let. That is how one Whittier resident describes 32 year old Alejandro Alvarez who is accused of attacking his wife with a chain saw. In front of their three young children they used his screaming and that I heard. I heard the sonic attain saw I was like Larry is going and this happened around 3 PM on Milton avenue in Whittier Alvarez his wife Gloria Mo he'd just seen here from the couple's FaceBook pages stumbled out their front gate holding her mangled arm. Calling for help. We hear on the eighty screen help me help me you know call 911. And she she was going off sighing and eye sockets with imaginary thing to look like she had some really bad lacerations on her arm. And it was she was discovered but here it all down the front of her. Officers tell us they did recover a chain saw at the scene at least two of the three boys aged between around five to ten years old had blood on them as well. As did their father who is now on the run but his appearance full of the do they really were. So he looked me in the UK can mimic the way Cuban is gave up his car. He just drove just about ten minutes later he crashed in Santa Fe Springs with an innocent driver. He then got out on Floyd stole an unattended SUV that was already running and hasn't been seen since. Police now looking for Alvarez and the stolen blue and tan Mercury Mountaineer he took all fan. It has California plates eight ABD 233. And tonight the family's neighbors are trying to figure out how. This happened I'd seen Alejandro around front quite a bit. And I said hi to them here in their bit every time I tried to talk to him ejected really standoffish.

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{"id":56545192,"title":"Man allegedly attacked wife with chainsaw at home","duration":"1:42","description":"Alejandro Alvarez, 32, of Whittier, Calif., has been missing since Wednesday.","url":"/US/video/man-allegedly-attacked-wife-chainsaw-home-56545192","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}