Maryland has spike of 157 new COVID-19 cases in 1 day

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan joins us to discuss his state's response to the pandemic.
4:07 | 03/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maryland has spike of 157 new COVID-19 cases in 1 day
Let's now bring in the governor of Maryland Larry Hogan governor thanks so much for joining us tonight. You announced today you announced today a 157 new cases in your state by far that's Maryland's largest one day spike. This brings the state told a 580 cases when he thing that the crisis will peak in Maryland and how bad you expected to get. Well so nobody really knows exactly when it's gonna peak we're we're meet convening and a cobra virus emergency task force is made up a really Smart doctors from. Places like Johns Hopkins and some of our top hospitals here in Maryland and they've got differ modeling but we're nowhere near reaching the peak we're just at the very beginning in this. And we're weeks if not months away from the peak and you know though abortion and much pollen area here we've got now over 12100 cases and it's just been now ramping up and and going out at extremely high rates every single day. And you're 129 governors to close all nonessential businesses what do you make a president trumps called to restart the economy by Easter. And think about relaxing social distancing in lower risk counties. Well I'm not sure first of all just putting an artificial deadline of saying we're gonna get everything open my Easter is unrealistic from all of the experts and a scientist there were talking. To end at any other of the governors are thought the chairman of the National Governors Association we had another call with the president vice president today and may the governors are concerned about it just trying to figure out when this is got a peek in and not too many of the experts think that we're going to be reaching the peak in a couple of weeks. Lea look everybody would love to see the fact that we have every once a get back to work we wanna get our economy back on track we want our kids back in school and and and I understand the president wants to be hopeful. But we've also got to be realistic and look at the facts on the ground and this idea of somehow without any real date picking you know high risk vs low risk I don't think that's really realistic. State governments of course have most of the power to quarantine issues stay at home orders and close local businesses. If president trump calls for a return to business as usual sometime soon. Would you be prepared to Obey or buck he is demands at that point. No look we're gonna make the decisions that are right for the people in our state based on the science and based on the doctors. Based on trying to save. The lives of the six million people in our state I think. Nearly every other governor would do the same. And I I don't think we're gonna see those kinds of orders from the from the president but just messaging telling people everything's okay when it's not. Is not going to be helpful but certainly we're not gonna make decisions to send people out of it's not safe. And there's been a fragmented approach across the country with respect to lock downs in getting supplies to hospitals in need. Is that concern free year of is it time for more coordinated national strategy to combat this pandemic. Well so that's one of the things that we raised again today with the administration with the president and vice president directly. Last week we we brought up a list them items that we wanted them to address and that's where the top of everyone's list. We've made a little bit of progress on that by FEMA has taken a lot of action and we've now. It started to declare states of emergency and a number of places in the administration. Has been working together in communicating well with the governor's but we're still. Which the you know everybody's behind the eight ball and then we're all trying to work together at the federal state and local level to get. To get behind this thing and two tackle this incredible talents there were all facing. Do you fielding your state is ready. Well I'm not sure any of us are ready nobody's ever faced anything like this but I. I believe we've been out ahead of it we we've we've been looking at this for a couple of months now I was you know that would act declared a state of emergency three weeks ago I was the first or second state to close all the schools statewide were the first to close all the bars and restaurants and we've been taking aggressive. Unprecedented actions almost every single day for 21 straight days. We're doing the best we can to try to keep people safe the save keep the hundreds of bounds of people from being infected and hopefully save thousands of lives here in our state. Governor is thank you so much for your time in all the best to you. And your residence there in Maryland.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Maryland Governor Larry Hogan joins us to discuss his state's response to the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69826743","title":"Maryland has spike of 157 new COVID-19 cases in 1 day","url":"/US/video/maryland-spike-157-covid-19-cases-day-69826743"}