Mattis unveils new National Defense strategy

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis released the National Defense Strategy today that focuses on China and Russia as the biggest challenges to the U.S.
18:03 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for Mattis unveils new National Defense strategy
Morning again and thank you all for taking time to. And and listen to us here. Again this is an act or defense credit C that would it really did the job on this is and Americans Brad you belong to use you own it. We work review. And I would just tell you even question pleasure for whom he tutored in the area over your great view. The who'll name for it gentleman that there's one name for all new C. I would just tell you that he which so why and how it can select people. He picked the young man once gave him how can our house here and now. To help him money for you can happen here it appears that young man. Now store shelves which says something. Ability he. A lot of the who's here. Look very good to me from this point of view you'll look like promising young men and women because you're all young there me. But he was also. Great and it happens caller he was someone whose study issues you can agree or disagree with him but he was not flagged him flat limited in electoral. I bring this because that period well document or report numbers 68. With state Guiding Light during the Cold War it guided many things with it perfectly fine no it was not don't look for perfection. You young people look for excellence. He also serves our sectors namely that we you have with ownership. The man in this school whose name. That background you have your mixes it in place in use are unclassified. Summary. Of the classified document parts of that are classified. Real degree of confidentiality. Is of the troops will carry out. This strategy. Users with notice about it he our nation's first network and strategies and years. The leaders of moral obligation. For leaders the last clearly subordinates in the Department of Defense what do we expect them. It designed to protect American vital national interest. And his defense strategy which frame. Noted that he'd met president problems Knapp fears that the couple were. You what I mean which range that it is in science the framework. Of that net securities. He specifically. Where space to work protect the American people the homeland in the American way of life. On Tuesday. And to preserve peace. Who ran those are worked out of NAFTA here's strategy. And we carried coached teams inside the Pentagon. Release date what does that mean for a court now. Here be much. More than to have to think this is our part of the responsibility. Today America's military replay ancient era of strategic purpose. Moreover the realities of a changing world and cannot do need to protect our values. And the country's experience with. America's military protect her or her life. And I want to point out it all for protection realm of ideas it's not just about protecting geographies. This is a different strategy that will go higher efforts and all real. The world quote or trolls whose whole walk in chain. The fire and by increasing global volatility and uncertainty with great power competition be between nations. Becoming reality one can yet. We will continue to prosecute the campaign against terrorists were in gave him today but great power competition. Not terrorism is now the primary focus. Half spirit. This strategy is fit for our time. Reply in the American people the military required to protect our way of life stand with our allies and nor responsibility. The passion that to the next generation. That was freedom is all question joy here today. And yet he did today's realities discredit you expand our competitors face. Prioritize its preparedness for war. Requires clear direction for significant changes speeds of relevance. And you'll have more lethal force to compete strategically. This strategy makes it clear right appraisal of our security environment. With a keen eye on America's place in the world. This required some tough choices please gentlemen and we make them based upon fundamental precept. Namely that America can hope for survival. We faced growing threat from revisionist power as different as China and Russia are from me. Nations that do seek to create a world consistent with growth for carrying models. Pursuant veto authority over other nations economic. Diplomatic and security decision. Rogue regimes like North Korea and I ran persisted it can outlaw actions that threaten regional and even global stability. Oppressing their own people and threaten their own people dignity and human rights they put their war news. And despite the defeat devices physical cal state violent extremist organizations like I fish or Lebanese Hezbollah or al-Qaeda. Continue to sell papers destroying peace and murder in an instant profit below. In this time of change our military is still strong. Yet our competitive bid has eroded in every domain or clear error land sea space and cyberspace. And it is continuing to her road. Rapid technological change. The negative impact on military readiness is resulting from the longest continuous threat to combat our nation's history. And defense spending. Because we have been operating. Also for nine of the last ten years under continued Republicans. It created an overstretched and under reach or military. Our military rule to keep the peace. The key defeat for one more year. One more month one more week. One more day to ensure our diplomats were working to solve problems do so from a position of strength and giving allies confidence in us. This confidence is underpinned by the assurance. That our military will win should diplomacy fail. When unveiling of NAFTA security strategy president promised. Weakness in future path to conflict. And on questions strength is the most certain means of defense. They and gentlemen we have no room for complacency. And history makes clear that America no preordained right to victory on the battlefield. Simply we must be the best if the values. The enlightenment or survive. It is incumbent upon us to feel the more people for Q4 nation to retain the ability. To defend ourselves and what we stand for. The defense strategies three primary lines of effort will restore our comparative military been. You're going to build a more lethal force will strengthen our traditional alliances. And building new partnerships with other nations and the same time to reform our goes our department's business practices. For performance. And portability. And doing this you'll learn that brought to the American people and congress that the defense dollars for wells that. Well let me go sweep the line to Pepperdine once perfectly valid. It everything we do in the department must contribute to the league Allen we have four military. The paradox of war within an enemy we'll look at any perceived weakness. So we in America cannot adopt a single preclude should form of warfare. Rather we popular fighter croft expect from conflict. This meeting to decide in the composition or for matter. The nation must feel sufficient capable forces to order conflict. And deterrence fails we must win. We will modernize key capabilities recognizing we cannot expect success fighting tomorrow conflicts. With yesterday weapons or equipment. Investments in space and cyberspace. Nuclear deterrent forces. Missile defense advanced eponymous systems and resilient and Agile is just people quite high quality true what they need to win. Changing our forces Parker will pry her readiness for war fighting for major combat. Making a strategically. Predictable for our allies and operationally unpredictable. For any adversary. In creation moon they'll let you or true. Supported by our defense civilians required to reach tape or wrote that managing our outstanding. Reinvigorating our military education and only civilian work force tech repeat. The creativity and talent of the department if our deepest wells for in the spring and one that warrants greater investment. And to those who would threaten America's experiment in democracy. They must know if you challenge it will be the longest and your work day. Work with our diplomat you don't want to fight to our defense. The second line of effort and noted. Was to strengthen alliances and we build new partnerships as well. In my pay many times and never did I fight and solely American formation. It was always a long flight forum group. Now it Winston Churchill and went ship the only thing part of frightened with allies fighting with felt. And we are going to be stronger together and recognizing that our military will be designed. And trained and ready to fight alongside allies. History proves it nation with allies prior. An approach to security and prosperity that is for the united kicked well in keeping peace and winning war. Working why we have been through allied to carrier equitable share. Allow this to a mapped the greatest possible spread. We carried a disproportionate. Share of defense Burton for the democracies in the post World War II era. The growing economic strength and Dave democracies and partners dictate they must now step up and do more. Went together we pool our resources and share responsibility. For the common defense. Individual nations security burden become like. This has been demonstrated. Right now today for example by over seventy nations and Internet organizations. But the defeat ices campaign. That it successfully conducting operations in the Middle East. And it the end of forty yard nations substantial over her shoulder and NATO's mission in Afghanistan. To strengthen work jointly with more allies or organizations processes and procedures must be ally friendly. The department will do more than just listen to other nations are Beers. We will be willing to be persuaded by them recognizing that all not. Not that not all good ideas come from the country with the most aircraft carriers. This line of effort will alternatives into the network capable of decisively meeting the challenges of our time. We're going to make the military more lethal and we're going to build and strengthen traditional alliances. As well as. Go out and find some new partners median on Purdue's partners. If we do it the greatest generation get them all from World War II when they built the alliance's but it sure does so well right through today. Our first lineup effort serves the foundation for competitive. Reforming the business practices of the department. For articles solvency and security. Thereby gaining the full benefit from every dollar spent. And we're way we will gain and hold the trial. Congress. And the American people you're going to have to be good stewards of the test or allocated to it. And that means results and accountability matter. To keep patients are trying to depart what transition to a pulp through performance. And portability. That operation to speed of relevant. Success does not go to the country to develop new technology for. Or rather the one and a better immigration. And more carefully at gaps players play. Our current bureaucratic processes. Are insufficiently responsive to the department needs for new week where. We will prioritize speed of delivery continuous adaptation. And frequent market were operate. We much (%expletive) outdated management and acquisition practices. While adopting American industry's best practice. Our management structure and processes are not engraved in stone they are a means to an end. In power in our war fighters with the knowledge and equipment and support needed to fight and win. If the current structure to inhibit our pursuit of legality. I expect service secretaries and agency heads. To consolidate. Eliminate or restructure. To achieve the mission. Yet the Easter period if and Shanahan is leading the third line of effort to leverage. The scale of our operations driving better deals for equipping our true. This national defense strategy will garner all or act and align in the department we lack of effort gains in. But we recognized no strategy can long survive mr. funding. And stable predictable partners required to defend America in the modern age. Failure to modernize our military groups leaving it were affected dominated the last war but be relevant to tomorrow security. Let me be clear as part of the last fifteen years been on our military. No enemy in the field is done more to harm the readiness of the US military. And the combined impact. Budget control act defense spending cuts. Worsened by B. Britain nine of the last ten years under continuing resolution. Wasting whole huge amount of precious taxpayer dollars. Today that are competitive edge over foes here wrote viewed budgetary confusion. Even in the storm clouds gathering American military dollars B is operating under yet another continuing resolution. For too long we have at our military historically Kerry. Test at any cost. Attitude that they worked tirelessly. The mission. It's now an adequate and missile line resource is simply because the congress could not maintain regular work. That we have performed well as the credit or wonderful more true. Well loyalty must be a two way street. We expect the magnificent men and women of our military be faithful in their service even when going in harm's way. We must remain faithful to those who voluntarily. Sign a blank check. Payable to the American people what their lives. That's speaker Ryan's stick yesterday quote our men and women in uniform or not marketing. The consequences of not providing a bucket or what are. Without sustained but it ships will not receive the required maintenance we see the ships already yes he will be extended. Outside work aircraft will remain on the ground there pilots not that are there. And eventually. Eventually ammunition training a mad will not be sufficient to deter war. But I am optimistic that congress will do the right thing area the responsibility. May be in the minority in this room I think that. And an eternal optimist. And senator reached at last November. We need bipartisan investment and her troops to enhance military readiness. And help us meet people in net security. Under our constitution is if congress. The authority to raise armies and maintain a you know it's nice game here this morning what's in the news we all are from Capitol Hill were on the for your government kept him or yes. Yet another debilitating. Continuing resolute. We need congress bad news drivers see the budget decisions. Not in the spectators seek but collapse indiscriminate. And automatic cuts. We need a budget and we need budget predictability. If we're sustain our military crimes. Many of us in this room or Warren group. Here in America completely by action. All of us can live your life choice thing to the veterans in the patriot future today and our military. Yet we today have an obligation to passions hat to the next generation. The same freedoms we enjoy right now that's an obligation. That we have that's not something. We can simply Arab brigade to someone else. And I believe that this strategy resource appropriately. Went through live up to our responsibility. Tort children's generation.

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