McDonald's CEO fired for relationship with employee

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook was removed from his position after admitting to a consensual relationship that violates company policy.
2:28 | 11/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McDonald's CEO fired for relationship with employee
So we're gonna move to some news out of fast food giant McDonald's on the CEOs Steve Easterbrook. Pushed out of the company after violating a policy by having a consensual relationship. With an employee and our air and deter Steen joins me now with more details. Aaron this sort of came out of nowhere what do we know of. This case we don't know much it was just an aide and a couple alliance a release that announced a leadership change at the top of McDonald's would Easterbrook out. The company said because he had. What was described as a consensual. Relationship. Within employee and obviously when you're the CEO. Everyone else is an underling and so that was according to McDonald's rules an inappropriate relationship Easterbrook did not fight it he said. I had a lapse in judgment this was a mistake and time for him to move on yes so you use. Word consensual and I was reading the New York Times report about this and that consensual word is in the very first line. Which means a lot in this air that we're living in so what even led to this investigation. You know that and that's won't we also don't know whether McDonald's had been looking at this for a while they didn't really say how long this had been going on. Easterbrook is a divorced father of three and so it wasn't as if that this was an extramarital affair for from from the chief executive. The McDonald's simply said. He violated the rules and he was out and and it was almost just like that and right away they announce the ascension of a new chief executive and McDonald's is gonna try and move right past it. You know what do you think this means for the company going forward I mean is this some big shake up or is it just sort of like okay we're just on a smooth. Smooth it out and go to someone else will undoubtedly McDonald's hopes it's it's nice and smooth and of people kind of forget about it and and they'll just move on but. Easterbrook became a controversial figure not for any relationship issues until. Most recently but those fighting the fast food industry for a higher wage. Found Easterbrook to be a problem we know that the fight for fifteen campaign the fifteen dollar minimum wage. Had found him to be an obstacle and said that Easterbrook was part of the problem. And so their response to this was well the culture's been corrupt right from the top and and so there certainly glad to see him go and hopefully. They believe they can have a better shot. We've that would new leadership felt as all of these fast food chain struggled in this economy now are right Aaron to thirsty with the latest there thank you so much of.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook was removed from his position after admitting to a consensual relationship that violates company policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66742310","title":"McDonald's CEO fired for relationship with employee","url":"/US/video/mcdonalds-ceo-fired-relationship-employee-66742310"}