Metro-North Passenger Train Derails in New York

The seven-car Hudson Line commuter train derailed in the Bronx traveling to Grand Central Station.
3:00 | 12/01/13

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Transcript for Metro-North Passenger Train Derails in New York
From channel seven. -- -- -- -- Editor -- Sunday morning on -- Sunday after Thanksgiving I'm building along with -- have often been watching the breaking news all morning eyewitness -- A terrible train accident. In the blocks metro north's Hudson line southbound new Grand Central you see what happened. Four trains derailed two of them flipping over at least four people are dead 63 people hurt. We're total -- of those people in for area hospitals are in critical condition this train. Heading south as we said on the Hudson line. That the nation's. One of the nation's busiest rail lines to out of every three commuters here in this. Area ride the rails this -- special edition of Eyewitness News as we have continuing coverage for those -- turning into This Week with George Stephanopoulos. It will obviously not run because this breaking news we are figuring out a way for -- to get this program at some point during the -- and we'll bring it to you. Some. Time we find out generalizing about 700 -- -- feel anything. -- they had been covering this all morning. We'll -- to viewers or if viewers -- just just tuning in -- been covering this -- you know two hours now episodes of palisades and independence that despite -- electric section of the Bronx. -- rice is giving us pictures from news news -- seven you can see how violent. This derailment was and just how close that first car. Came to going into the water we spoke to men get. Bill who was in that first car. He didn't even know himself how close it was he was able to get out on his -- he had -- head neck injury so he was a little bit shocked when I heard -- -- did he -- is definitely days and he got to the he you know he got to -- hospital he's in he's doing all right but now unfortunately -- can give us the pictures he was earlier on because there are. As we know now four fatalities and there -- some carpet covered bodies there that we don't want to show you see and receive insurance picture you shot signal -- all morning Phil and Dan. The -- came so close to the -- -- but it's the edge of an -- seems to be in the water. -- this normally these trains. Packed with people of this about a week -- -- -- people that are so many people ahead. To other trains to make it for the end of this Thanksgiving weekend -- -- students try to get back to school people getting away from family down leaving for the long holiday weekend. Normally this -- would have been very. -- you know bill that's a very good point during the week obviously -- -- Far worse than what we're seeing right now that people -- -- -- -- into the city does this was a southbound train so this would have people coming back into the city at in the long holiday weekend. Now our pilot Arthur Andersen just with the helicopters and come back in. And show you the scene so that we don't show you some of the pictures we don't want -- to -- But obviously when you're looking at here is that lead car the first car the -- that would be heading towards principal terminal. And that's what -- headed -- closest of the Harlem river. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We did see the NYPD divers in the water -- -- what they may have moved on and got back into the era zodiac. But we do see if we did see them searched the water obviously what the you have to be careful of -- -- where the victims would have been thrown at. Of this crash and they're searching every possibility that we've been talking about. This -- car came so close of going into the Harlem river it appears the mud that rushed keeping it from entering the waterway itself we'll bring -- figure out a little bit. The legitimacy -- -- second third car behind it. Both of those cars headed up on their sides -- assault -- is -- popped up against those two cars. They had to get the victims -- about -- the -- on the -- there because people that we get into that vehicle. Is to go on the side of what would probably -- the side of the vehicle and answered the door is that -- people. Out of the car being -- to with the help of the that they would have been -- back out. For the fourth cars that one. Almost perpendicular to the tracks that won the last one -- the railroad bed you can see either end of that car. You can see wooden planes that are trying to hold it up. From keeping it public over completely. As firefighters were adamant that area of course -- the -- -- -- of this train all three of them. -- the tracks because of the -- we're taking them out to salute avoids over the scene down there. At the end -- -- these weak cars you see a little blue he's the -- there in those woods. That's the locomotive. But that would have been pushing those cars down towards Grand Central Terminal all of those cards -- the locomotive. Left attracts about one has been left on -- it was -- tracks that area. A lot of railroad bed damage that's going to be a big problem for tomorrow morning's commute. Right now the Big Brother -- -- is trying to investigate. -- what happened down here the greatest -- it was going and a torso what would have caused any of those -- forget about all those cars to leave the railroad bed and had dubbed. Where they didn't get as far for the -- -- in. And -- -- resiliency this week the George Stephanopoulos we are going that obviously because of his breaking news we'll have information when you can see it later gadget that. Well usually -- the governor I believe right now taking a tour. I'm as well what his -- when we get a shot later tell us exactly where this is a -- battle. Amtrak trains just of the west about the split right and the where this -- was doing was the Grand Central. -- That's right the Hudson line is shared by -- -- and metro north and with the freight trains as well and right behind the apartment building right here again because of -- program -- exactly. Right behind that building the tracks for Amtrak metro north's little. I Amtrak tracks -- the ones that go along the river the Hudson River. Those gold -- despite the hybrids of those strains would normally be heading for Pennsylvania station in New York City so that's very attractive to split up there in the metro north trains. They barrel -- to what we -- -- eleven mile southbound. They ripped off the left they get to you want them aggressively terminal despite -- station's orbit from north Vietnam walkway right there. That's -- a train would be going through now it's -- -- whether that was stopped in the station. We're just going through that area much of the local express train. What -- Twitter followers Guillermo Flores -- found that perhaps. The district was not stopping -- -- -- schedules -- -- next -- -- boast of being. Residents are also still unclear as whether train stopped at station -- would be continuing -- -- -- -- terminal. It did you can save you can see where it's -- -- one card goes one way and the rest go the other way obviously you know with the horrific for people on the trail want to get out to judge -- Because justice conducted an interview it's simple thing to hear from Josh. Yeah hey hey. Guys were here just above the tracks and -- are you from this vantage point what we're looking at at this point as we move on -- -- -- -- heard from the governor's people that he is expecting. Come up and talk to us at this point may be and a half an hour may be as long as an hour from now he is still down there. -- pouring that the scene the wreckage we can show you video as he first arrived here this is probably about. 45 minutes to an hour ago now when he first arrived here right by this might -- of a train station. And we are hearing. It now actually they are getting ready to he's not here yet we have a few minutes warning about the governor's people are now Lott telling us he is coming to my location will be here in the next. Few minutes.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The seven-car Hudson Line commuter train derailed in the Bronx traveling to Grand Central Station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21061383","title":"Metro-North Passenger Train Derails in New York","url":"/US/video/metro-north-passenger-train-derails-york-21061383"}