Michael Cohen: The Extended Cut

Michael Cohen speaks exclusively to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos
12:21 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Michael Cohen: The Extended Cut
Cairo and George Stephanopoulos hearing your queries sat down for an exclusive in there with Michael Cohen of course his present terms longtime lawyer and fixed her. But now he's pled guilty this is one day after his sentencing to three years in prison. You from throwing time I was around you many many years ago we seem to be having fun there was a lot of fun going wanted to Trump Organization where it went down trump I enjoyed working with my colleagues fares well when didn't change. You know I -- you view a specific time. That it. Went from point a to point B it was just a change I will tell you that the gentleman that is sitting now. In the Oval Office 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue is not the Donald Trump. That I remember from trump tower he's very he's a very different individual. What's happened. I think the pressure of the job. He's much more than what he thought it was going to be it's not like Trump Organization. Where he would bark out orders. And people would blindly follow. What he wanted done. There's a system here he doesn't understand the system. And it's sad because the country. Has never been more divisive. And one of the hopes. That I have Howard. The punishment that I've received as well as the cooperation. That I have given. I will be. Remembered in history as hoping to bring this country back together. Special counsel did say that you are doing their best to tell the truth about everything related to their investigation everything related to Russia. Do you think president for this time the truth about that no. It's a big statement. If you were sitting in this chair right analgesic and layoffs Twitter. Run the country. The way that we all fought that you would. Be able to take the Democrats Republicans bring them together. And bring the country together instead of dividing the country. Begins here's to hear them. No. I don't think so. Yesterday the hardest to the electors had gone to hold to an understatement. Yet you feel you've turned a quarter quite annoy half. And when you look back. At the Michael cone who spent ten years when Donald Trump. Borges and him on that first day. What we think it. You knew by there you know better how does this and for Donald Trump. That's sort of gets into the hole. Investigation right now between. Special counsel's office the attorney general's office you'll salve the southern district of New York. I don't want to. Jeopardize any of their investigation is cooperating. If they want me. I'm here. And I'm willing to answer whatever additional questions that they may have formed right they it is so you're saying there's certain areas that you can't get into. Because you still cooperating with them. Correct. And out of respect for process. Why do you think. President trump is lashing out against you in such a personal way. Daly on must now calling you weak calling you a liar is he afraid. Seems like it. That's what he does. That's what he goes. Are you afraid of him. It's never good to be on the wrong side of the president of the United States of America. But somehow or another. This. Tests has now fallen onto my shoulders and as I also stated. That I will spend the rest of my life in order to fix the mistake that I made. How you can do that. Don't know when data time. Emotional day in court. Yesterday and and I was struck by that line you had. C thank you had your freedom back yes has a feel today like I have my freedom back. They'll have to be honest it's been very rough. To. Be before. The court. With my family. In attendance my mother my father my wife my children sisters my brother my niece cousins friends. It was some. So very rough day in the Newington today and the presence tweeting from very early. In the morning several different things we what struck me most. Is his claim that. You do you agree to this plea deal for industries he said this treasure just agreed to him by him in order to embarrass the president and get a much reduced prison sentence. I notion which you talking about. First Willis absolutely not true. I do not do would to embarrass the president. He know who's. To truth. I know the truth. Many people know the truth under no circumstances do I want to embarrass the president of the United States of America. The truth is I told to truth I took responsibility. For my actions. And instead of him taking responsibility for his actions what does he do. He attacks my family. An F two yesterday. Again being. Before the court and taking the responsibility. And receiving a sentence of 36 months. The only thing he can do. Is to tweet about my family he said in the trees he you've repeated interview here on the basically he says. His claim. You were lying. About him. Protect your way to protect your father inaccurate he knows the truth I know the truth. Others know the truth. And here is truth. He people of the United States of America people the world don't believe what he say. The man doesn't tell the truth and it said that I should take responsibility for his dirty deeds. You lie for him for a long time. More than ten years why. Out of loyalty. Out of loyalty to him I follow the bad path. And here's how we started this conversation. I I I have my freedom. And I will not be the villain as I told you once before I will not be the villain of his story. He's saying very clearly. They never directed you to do anything wrong is that truthfully I don't think there's anybody that believes that personal nothing at the Trump Organization was ever done. Unless it was run through mr. trump. He directed me as I said to my out to ocean and I said his clothing the plea. He directed me to make the payments he directed me to become involved in these matters. Including the one with McDougal which is really between him. And David Pecker and then David Packers counsel I just reviewed the documents. In order to protect him I gave loyalty to someone. Who truthfully does not deserve what he was trying to hide where you were doing correct correct. And he knew it was wrong of course. And he was doing that to help his election he you have to remember at what point in time that this. Matter. Came about two weeks or so before the election pose to Billy bush. Comments so yes he was very concerned. About how this would affect the election. Help his campaign. To help him and the campaign. He mentioned dirty deeds in your allocation. Yesterday. When you think about it when you look back. Did you know which we do not an angry at myself. Because I knew what I was doing was wrong. I stood up before the world yesterday. And I accepted the responsibility. For my actions. The actions that I gave to a man who has I also sent my I would pollution I was loyal to. I should not be easy only one taking responsibility. For his actions. That he still line yes. Do you know why you were loyal to. No it was a blind loyalty so many guy I admired but. I do not know the answer to a them angry myself my family. Is disappointed. That. They've taught me my mother father. Right from wrong. And I didn't display good judgment. You colorblind night he had the prosecutors. Seem to suggest to us southern district prosecutors I think that. Seemed to suggest to recite your being driven by greed and ambition that's an accurate. But again I took responsibility for my actions but. I didn't make my money working for Donald Trump I'd made. A substantial amount of money. Years before working for Donald Trump. And anybody who knows me knows that the truth so what do you say to people and you know that a lot of people who would be watching. Who are you rethinking the way the second he lied for so long why should we believe and what's the answer that wouldn't lot. Lied about what have to Trump Organization to microcosm. Of even just in New York real estate market would we lie about. It's New York real estate yes it's the greatest product ever created. The satellite Philby who pleaded guilty to lying to congress. Yes. So were actually we now. Because the special counsel. Stated emphatically that the information that I gave to them as credible. And hopeful there's a substantial. Amount of information that they possess. That corroborates. The fact that I am telling the truth to done with the line I'm done with the lying and done being loyal. To president trump and my first loyalty belongs to my wife my daughter my son and this country. Then you see there right now yet to complete contradictions. Between that he saying about the payments. What president trumpets and but the payments I think the most important thing he said in that interview was theirs is substantial amount of information that they possessed meaning the prosecutors in the southern district of New York that corroborates the fact that I am telling the truth. That's the big question is what else do they half and when Michael Coen is saying they have a substantial amount of information that corroborates that he's telling the truth. That's got to make the trunk team very very nerve they have other cooperating agreements a sudden blow and that's the other thing that Iowa I think was one of the most important points from this interview was he saying. That they did deal to pay off Karen McDoogle. Was made directly. Between Donald Trump and effectively David Pecker from a lot. So now you have David Pecker NAM I cooperated. In this investigation. You've got Michael Cohen saying. I just reviewed the legal documents if that's true that means packed her could end up being a critical witness against president trump and again the question becomes. What other corroborating. Evidence to they have to support Packers account so. This is did a very dangerous. Commentary. Coming from Michael Coen if what he's saying can be verify. Let's bring in Jon Karl at the white house on this is what I'm just really come a death match now between the president Michael Collins. Ann and George you just cannot emphasize enough how. Much of a fierce defender Michael Cohen was of Donald Trump over the years and remember. His office was there on the 26 floor of trump tower about twenty feet from Donald Trump's office this is. As loyal. We we call the fixer but this is as loyal an individual is trump at ever had working for him. And the loyalty wasn't returned to now two to see this back and forth is just is just remarkable. I'm George Stephanopoulos in new York and you're watching ABC news lie he. Forward.

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