Mikva Challenge Students Arrive in Iowa

Hundreds of students gather in Des Moines for a weekend of campaigning and political dialogue.
7:39 | 01/16/16

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Transcript for Mikva Challenge Students Arrive in Iowa
Hi man in the annaly and I'm asking airtime guys go from Chicago Illinois and today we're here in Iowa would. Today they admitted to thousands Ohio contest. Yes that Saddam sixteen Iowa caucus has several students and across state and more and for more and colleges like 400 I was standing today and we return it to these guys we'll. From different states. What they would like to experienced Spanish and. Now this good day I am my hands on they haven't I was going high schools Chicago and I senior apparently. Everything from England today and we you posted here is window as I'm home home for me but today I'm hoping. Right here yeah future action live Chris. Does see a difference you know. College buddy is important to Iowa. Illnesses and city and I want to get out and back foot as its voting is important definitely your voice we'll make them on different. And can you tell ruining bus about three. Months. But it may eat like a group like yeah. I EE. Here. Yeah really familiar area Natalie hello you blame game you always very across. Thank you because it's okay you're all like to thank you and what's you name and where you from I'm guessing it's. Plus this think you can let me. I don't want to be oversight not to cushion occurred the Coachella valley. Come from could show about high school and I came here so I can hopefully learn how to make a difference campaign. Gain on there was politics hurt Dutch PT people burned for those of the different praise for those who have. We'll along for freedom of religion for everything. Because we need to be out the reasons behind his own politics is what we can actually get out of it. And let inches EPA's phone call was necessary the dissolve are basically. Everything that deals with people I want to. Stop this from he's it was to concede community I want. Part of freedom of religion tonight really its soul. It's not back goes for Argentina because they usually do is escape. And I also want to raise its innocuous to matter you buy one it's just be. I want to be common one on politics and when you lose guys you get something out of the government. Pain and retain minority from the stairs. Licenses and be nice and easy yeah. And what do you think about it challenge well I think. Everything's Harris is a great way for you don't see. It's a wrap up dramatically from different states this thing. Did it again experiences from different people in the game experience under her campaign and helping to have a voice changed. The United States or pain just change at all city. And what's your name Laurie two oh. Turned a loss of countless pieces. And what you hope your head into. The issue is what it's all wheel out campaign for Bernie Sanders oh like. He says we've produces is now displaced Iraqis for everybody. Machines that still exist one group. And few days not any event that will be dignity and another will be hoping campaign most of candidates so I'm hoping history. And other people are helping other ten. Tech lead story. Basically any kind of stuff right. Can you we will differently or yeah. Summit. I. Gauging and I will be. Face like the committee of you then they'll be staying are what we think about the issue. I'm the blessings. I'm space. Things he's Smart. And LB campaigning for Margaret Beale and Levine. Knocking on doors making phone calls making flyers and doing everything to help him and other heavy and and others didn't. Help get things Fred frank candidates. And we have our student. And we came away from mom Zachary M from Chicago and what do you hope to get permission. I hope you get and letters and so when I can do to help violent. I ever line do you have. I don't help but again. There. And when he's innocent your friends when he gets back I'll district. Boy that's pretty awesome taxicab that's politics and trying to make a difference might even just campaign can be very. Candy. Despite its. Own reference to. It's okay have a voice in the days and is located Lincoln differences can answer it one day things will be different things can be green. He went. Yeah. Better late tonight and just make at least. The Canadiens. You just gotten accomplished either you write the reason this view literally sat through. And I burying us young people involved in politics today. Or maybe you've. Fast you want their governments that take action. For their rights were everyone's rates because we are you generation that is becoming action more. Active in politics and especially with the new media that we have myself a ipads and its broadcast so much more than. So what do you think he could do to get younger people entomology. It's. Something is irrelevant themselves there are some groups that work fine race tomorrow and or. LG BTT embrace or even freedom of religion or even guns. Anything there's something out. Maybe one. No one is person without purpose we are here it's actually my first. OK. Anybody else. I think our sales doesn't mobile who has had intended. That there's exploits rapidly. And then if you have a choice of going there are some visibility remains to be able to get it will be handed big concert. And so these are sever all other kids and there is more in a hum which Alice Elliott. He'll do. Most romantic. Love isn't like most. People that I its campaign. Oh yeah. And we will be and campaign like that yeah they have enough then. And so what I hope to get his experience isn't knowledge in politics. And ways that we can encourage younger people. M. Many of Indiana Lima things for watching. If you want to follow more of our kids need headlines weather and holiday battalions and Thomas Kelly case.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Hundreds of students gather in Des Moines for a weekend of campaigning and political dialogue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36327273","title":"Mikva Challenge Students Arrive in Iowa ","url":"/US/video/mikva-challenge-students-arrive-iowa-36327273"}