It’s Morning, America: Friday, Nov. 22, 2019

Republicans prepare for Senate impeachment trial, professor who sent “racist” tweet won’t be fired, Prince Andrew firestorm grows and more.
20:58 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Nov. 22, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin Martin and today Norman had a tough I think that's Friday number one house Democrats are one step closer to impeaching president come after wrapping up public hearings. They expect to draft articles of impeachment ample vote by Christmas and Republicans are working on their next move a strategy that may include a two week impeachment trial in the senate. Number two the military is investigating the deadly crash of two fighter jets and Oklahoma one of the train jets landed upside down here are runway at saint. Vance air force base airman killed it's a second crash involving back kind of training jet in Oklahoma and lost fifteen months. In the previous crash the pilot was able to attack and talk on to number three now former boxing college student accused of encouraging her boyfriend to take his life. Other turned to the US for arraignment today Massachusetts prosecutors say in young view it sent 47000. Text messages over two month period Alexander. Who telling him he should kill himself and you've gotten. And that's what he'd get on infatuation paid the district attorney spoke about the charges. This you made demands and threats. With the understanding that she had complete and total control over mr. or tool a both mentally and emotionally. Newly released text messages suggest that you can ride to stop them in the moments before his death. She's charged with involuntary manslaughter in a report Tesla has unveiled its latest electric vehicle a pick up truck the so called cyber truck was revealed at a loss in about it at a price. 40000 dollars the estimated battery range between 250 and 500 miles. It's expected to be available in plate when he won unfortunately this armored truck may not be as durable as Elon Musk one at its armored glass cracked. When it comes with a runner through a metal ball at the windows. And finally number five the band Coldplay is calling it quits when it comes to collect on to work. They say they want to protect the plan to reduce their carbon footprint there are cutting back on travel and that. Okay streaming there. Coming concerts online for all their fans they say they're not touring again until they can find a way to make their travel not a sustainable. But beneficial. The contents on colorfully. Through grapple yes. It is morning America let's get right to that big story possible new timeline for the impeachment investigation after. Two weeks of testimony on capitol. Well bill as Democrats move forward ABC news has learned talks are underway concerning a likely impeachment trial in the senate. The last scheduled hearing of the house feature blunt accounts from two career diplomats who were frustrated by the administration's campaign to pressure Ukraine. One of them delivered a stark warning Iran Russia and how it's already targeting the 20/20 election let's bring in. ABC's Elizabeth her with a new. Kenneth engine a good morning yes after nearly forty hours of public hearings Democrats say they are prepared to move forward and Republicans are conceding. A trial cannot be avoided and so day. Are getting ready. House Democrats raping two weeks of public impeachment hearings convinced there's testimony they heard are approved president trump abused his power. This president believes he has above the law beyond accountability. And I would just say. To people watching here at home and around the world. In the words migrate calling. We are better than that. Adjourned. This scheduled public hearings ending Thursday with former top National Security Council official doctor Fiona hill. Quoting former national security advisor John Bolton as calling the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani hand grenade who's going to blow everybody yup. It you understand what you meant by that that he was clearly pushing fall woods. Issues and ideas that would you know public come back to Hong terrorism and fox I think that that's where we ought to but Republicans called the Democrats pushed to impeach the president a political hit job. The Democrats promised they would be different if promised they would govern. But we found out from the very first day of swearing in at a true goal here. Let's impeach the press I do not see. Any indication at least right now of any defections on the Republican side not in the senate and not in the house on the question of impeachment. Even still ABC news learning the White House is now bracing for an impeachment trial with senior administration officials meeting to talk strategy. And president trump hosting a lunch with eight GOP senators including two of his critics. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. Now if the house votes to impeach and that's when the process moves to the senate it takes two thirds of the senate to convict and remove the president from office trying to. All right Elizabeth before you go one key argument we've heard from the Republicans is that president trump wanted to get to the heart. Of this theory that Ukraine was responsible for mentally in the twenty succeed election but. Fiona hill really pushed back on that. And that's right Kenneth you know feel a hell called it a fictional narrative and that Russia was benefiting from president trump and congressional Republicans. Pushing this idea that it with Ukraine not Russia that try to interfere in the 26. An election. Based on questions and stay inside because some of you on this committee appeared to believe. That Russia and its security services did not conduct come pen against our country and the power hops somehow for some reason Ukraine days. This is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves. The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016. This is the public conclusion of our intelligence agencies confirmed in by Koch is on congressional polyps. It's is beyond dispute even if some of the underlying details must amend classifies. Hill went on to say that Russia's attack on US democracy was ongoing and that we are quote running out of time to stop them from interfering in the 20/20 election. Kenneth. I'm Elizabeth her think you. And before yesterday's impeachment hearing out started president trump. Pleaded about a potential release of his financial records it's that quote when I released my financial statement sometime prior to the election it will only show one thing. I'm him that I am much richer than people even thought the president also placed in September to release what he call. Extremely complete financial records but offered new details he also said he would release his tax returns before the 26 the election. We all know that never happened the president cited an audit. Your travel for close ally of president trump Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on bribery and fraud charges. He's gaze taking gifts for political favors Netanyahu claims he's a victim of a coup attempt. The case absent local chaos in Israel where the opposition leader recently fails to form a coalition government. And president troubles on hand last night at Dover Air Force Base to receive the remains of two soldiers killed Wednesday in Afghanistan. Chief warrant officers David Natal of Texas and hurt who chipped. Hamid junior from Hawaii died in the helicopter crash they were providing support for troops on the ground both were stationed at Fort Hood Texas. And would you turn now to the college professor under fire for messages he posted online. He's being called racist and sexist but this morning despite the outrage to university where he works says he will not be fired. This morning a professor at Indiana University igniting controversy. Accused of sharing racist sexist and homophobic messages on social media buying noticed. A lot of replies to a tweet tied me a week or so for. And in. Those were mounting earlier this month business professor Eric Rasmussen shared an article on Twitter with the headline are women destroying academia. Probably. He then quoted a line that read geniuses are overwhelmingly male the university was then inundated with demands that he be removed. In a scathing letter to schools Provo says Rasmussen has pushed bigoted views on social media for years. Including that women don't belong in the workplace. That gay men shouldn't be in the classrooms because they are promiscuous. And that black students are academically inferior to white students. But she says the professor will not be fired because he's protected by the First Amendment. By all as I find them we're a public institution. And unlike private. Employers we're bound by the First Amendment of the constitution. Rasmussen has been teaching at the school since 1992. And has tenure. He says his critics are overreacting. Oh that's a knee jerk reaction. People's people don't understand academia anyway. And so then they know that in business some businesses people get fired for having conservative views and they figure if they complained that he here. It might fire me to. And but it's possible might happen but I have tenure so it would be against the law. To do it. The university is now providing alternative classes for students if they don't want to take Rasmussen is classes. And to guard against any bias from now on when he's rating assignments Rasmussen will no longer be able to see the names of the students he's greeting. Well authority the Brazilians say they are working through nearly threw it relieves and their manhunt for marine Michael Brown is accused of murdering his vote boyfriends November 9. Evidence seen since the following day at a gas station an RV belonging to brown was discovered last week 101000 dollar reward being offered for information leading to his arrest. A New Jersey based food company is recalling more than 75000. Pound the salad products that contain meat or. Poultry because what it's may be contaminated with E. Coli the centers for disease control and Ritson. To seventy people from eight states have reported E. Coli infections in check ABC news website for complete list of the recall. Products. Until major scare for passengers on a flight from Los Angeles they just left LA actually saw flames shooting from an engine in heard what they described sounded like gunshots. Burst of fire coming from the right engine on the Philippine Airlines jet where his middle name from the ground. There's especially tense on board were a little girls ought to play controversy. Her father caught it on camera. Annabel Munoz of our Halley station has that story. The heavy triple Kevin there's an emergency within. An engine out. A frightening flight for passengers headed for the Philippines. India departure during an emergency invest some hold out yourself them as flames were shooting out of an engine shortly after take off. I could see like flash the light I thought it was some kind of just from the sunlight. And then I just started hearing. Like boom boom Pullman and I looked out of the window and that is all the fired the shooting out of engine passengers and their rights angry like. I think making some are packing up yet so. And then they were saying that but speaking fire I think after a few minutes I think so that's what happened and they turned around. And witnesses on the ground spotted the flames before the Philippine Airlines plane made an emergency landing at heavily acts. Adam Taylor was filming his two year old daughter is they began their trip which quickly turned into a ski area fry. Revenue there and I hear boom boom ST some flash of them might just kind of in shock at what is that you know. And I theater kind of get confused. And before you know it had peep out and deceive flames flames flames in the landed. They leave their land it was a Little Rock. How we busted some tires. But the pilot but he tried his very best. Are things Annabel there has which into the bay Carolina and NFL this season is over for Cleveland smiles Garrett who lost the appeal of his indefinite suspension for clubbing. Pittsburgh's Mason Rudolph in the head with Rudolph's own home it. According to ESPN gear claimed Rudolph had used a racial slur Rudolph deny that and the leak says it didn't find any evidence supporting the claim. Are you tall woman is fighting possible prison time because of steps over his or her topless and her home. 27 year old filly Buchanan wants a judge to toss out charges of lewdness involving a child. Can't says she and her husband took off their shirts because they were dirty after paying drywall and at three kids ages nine just thirteen walked it. She told them seeing her bare chest should be any different than seeing their father. Check out the grinch who stole frosty the quickest car remain off with a six foot tall inflatable snowman near Dayton Ohio. Mad about a case of sabotage of a grab different house that's when the local Christmas lights contest five years and a road. Well coming up a reporter sick day message goes viral he was co workers did to make them feel better plus an update on baby the panda after the long flight. Homes are trying to. We turn out to the growing scandal involving Prince Andrew in its ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Miss Sander has already septa cyber if royal duties but this morning in new Epstein accuser has come forward demanding the press speak to investigators. This morning Rifkind responded in public for the first. As stepping down from his royal duties because of his association with Jeffrey Epstein the convicted sex offender who die by suicide while on trial for six trafficking. The sighting came hours or for new accused of Epstein came board demanding Prince Andrew speak to the FBI about what he knows about Epstein. There's no need to wait for a gold engraved. Invitation. It should be done without delay. App seems new accuser to Hewitt Davies says texting sexually assaulted her when she was seventeen. She showed a picture of them and a helicopter over the Virgin Islands. Around the time of the alleged abuses I was a little girl. It took me a long time to break free from his mind control and abuse. Her attorney Gloria Allred says Davies met with several high profile people while she was with Epstein all red did not say whether Prince Andrew was one of his people. During that time she met a number of celebrities but we're not going to disclose. The names of those well known people at this time. Also speaking out about the president's decision to step aside Virginia Roberts you frame who says she was one of apps seems teenage sex slaves order to have sex with Prince Andrew. Something the press denies. In a news statement Roberts you Frey says pres Andrew basing his decision to step away from his duties. Due to his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is only a half truth. He clearly had a long term association with human Maxwell who we maintain with Epstein is co conspirator in played a central role in devastating the lives of countless women. Axel denies any involvement in Epps thinks crimes she's not been seen publicly and months all right we're going to switch gears completely in check out our patients. Start with an update on baby the panda he's got a new home in China the four year old panda landed in Asia yesterday after a sixteen hour flight it was taken to a conservation where. A row all to welcome him to the country handlers released him into what will be his temporary home where baby got comfortable by eating thirteen pounds of bamboo. For practice so. Welcome to China Abu. And a woman. New world record in the making a Chicago woman. Tending to break the record for the longest marathon who have group session. They're on fire and hours and she is still going dying now rank every hour good luck with that one and a sick day for Kansas City traffic reporter managed to take over the Internet. An email announcing that the process was under the weather accidentally went out to the entire next army a group that prompted a huge email chain from a sex our colleagues which was eventually stopped. So they started a Twitter hash tag prayers for neck his coworker my good friend Jonathan call may have had the best response that's him. Praying in front picture of bossa surrounded by can't also be a better neck. Yours and I Florida dog learned new trick. Driving residents in port saint Lucie saw cars circling their cul-de-sac ever verse. After closer look they realize it was a dog behind the wheel back car hit a mailbox and a few garbage cans before police managed to get the dot out safely. Is it human driver had walked away after accidentally leaving the car and rivers. We're moving on now to investigate in Texas trying to unravel the mystery behind the discovery of a missing navy veteran who's just been discovered in his apartment dead. The medical examiner says he been dead for three years here's ABC's Marcy Gonzales. A baffling and to a three year long mystery. Ronald Dewayne White and navy veteran who traveled the world as a defense contractor vanished in 2016. Myself what Kyle me at least twice a month. Even coming into the income of in the Philippines but those phone calls to his family suddenly stopped as search of his last known address turned up nothing. His mother living in New York didn't know he'd moved to a new building near Dallas. That is where the long awaited explanation for his disappearance finally came last week an employee at this apartment complex went into this unit to find out why attendant apparently wasn't using any water. And found white's body on the kitchen floor the medical examiner believes he Ben Mayer for the past three years. The way he was he was found the way the apartment was. Arranged and so forth. There is zero indication of foul play. Lab being pushed his hat. In the were cut my son have been. Police explain the apartments are well insulated and white had a month to month lease with the rent. Automatically withdrawn from his bank account but the family demanding answers questions hell no notice that his truck parked in the complexes garage covered in dust and leaflets. Was never moved. I can't hold on the Coke would need to be unsweetened about one rounding them up good. I'm at packing on the deal with it. A spokesperson for the apartment company says they are cool while operating with police as they investigate. Marcy Gonzales ABC news Los Angeles. Thanks to mercy for ample play let's watch out for today but solved the by the your holiday spending like turkeys are cheaper for Christmas trees are more expensive this year. After this. Fears of watch out for today president trump is scheduled to participate in the NCAA collegiate national champions day celebration. And then at ten a listening fashion on youth between and the electronic cigarette epidemic. There's ban on political advertising goes into effect today. The social media platform is taking the opposite position a FaceBook which says it will continue to allow even potentially false political ads despite criticism. Citing free speech. And we're a week away from Black Friday but retailers are already ramping up as holiday deals Amazon is kicking off this Black Friday deals we. Where you can get beat at goat show five from more than 40% off at Lowe's you can see fewer than fifty dollars. And high on iRobot room by at a best buy the apple wants series for is marked down 300 dollars. Starting these giving days. Many of the deals will also be available online if they're looking for it always does discounts come closer to Chris. So I still get into the debrief for an update our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown. The latest headlines and politics our question of the day what's your Black Friday strategy shop online about early. For just ignore it altogether thousand comments to is ABC news five that is now yup. And free it to Christmas there is Thanksgiving and right is going to restart checking off that holiday shopping list. They have an edge in grocery store first if you haven't already fat Thanksgiving Turkey you. You might even want to pick up a bird. Even if you're not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year the US farm bureau is reporting that Turkey prices are at their lowest level in nine years. Price of Turkey is down 31% averaging a buck 27 per pound that in turn is offsetting the rising price of everything else for the traditional Thanksgiving feast for ten people. This year Thanksgiving dinner with all the Texans will cost an average of 48 dollars and 91 cents a total one cent more than last year. And after you've tucked away all that Turkey and stuffing you might want to take care picking up. This year's Christmas tree. Unfortunately. No savings there this year and in fact thanks to tighter supplies. Mean even expect higher prices for that tree this year. Thanks a hot weather heavy rains and a cut back on planting new trees during the recession of 2008. Industry watchers say we can expect to see B average price of a live Christmas tree this year to be about. 78 dollars. Move your pay that much make sure strapped real well to the top of the patterns. Very true adelphia to water your tree that's a lot of tips and tricks that I'm pretty sure we're gonna reporting on the next few you're probably right. That's it for us have a great weekend.

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