It’s Morning, America: Monday, Dec. 16, 2019

Impeachment vote days away, Hallmark reverses decision on same-sex wedding commercial and more.
27:06 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Dec. 16, 2019
Obama cannot vote and Donald miles here at the top five things you need you know this Monday number one. The impeachment showdown in Washington clock is ticking for president fox impeachment but you before the house votes this week Democrats have now released a list of possible witnesses or. Products weapons that. They want former national security advisor John Bolton as well as the acting White House chief of staff that will pay 82 testified during the trial. Meanwhile one Democrat who opposes impeachment. It's expected switch parties and become a Republican. Number two a deli storm it's expected to arrive in the northeast around noon today it's now moving slowly out of the midwest with snow falling this morning from Missouri to the Ohio valley. The storm has already cost hundreds of crashes and briefly shut down some major highways. And there's potential today for tornadoes from the Louisiana Alabama ought to number three a change of heart. By hallmark just days after its decision to pull commercial showing a same sex couple kissing. The cable network now says that make the wrong decision and will reinstate the the change of heart comes after swift. Backlash from celebrities and how did he teach you advocacy groups on to number for a special moment at the Kennedy Center honors that aired last night involving time he reprise his role of Forrest Gump to honor Sally Field who of course played its mom in the classic movie. And Momo. Meanwhile last night earth wind and fire became the first black we'll ever inducted. Other honorees were Linda Ronstadt Sesame Street and conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and ballot number five the raiders party it all over in Oakland yeah. I was so I'm glad we're looking good against the jaguars and their final game holiday video coliseum but then it Jacksonville's for the parties point to touch down. And the last five minutes of the game Oakland's notorious fans booed quarterback your car and crash them go after the game. We have lost twenty to sixteen. They're moving the Las Vegas next. And meanwhile the buffalo bells are heading to the playoffs. After beating the Steelers seventeen to ten last night this is the first time the bills have won ten games in the season since 1999. And so they were overdue and a stunning upset Sunday the falcons beat the 49ers replay confirmed the sketch by Julio Jones with -- second slapped with a touchdown. I mean San Francisco drops down to the while our position. In the plea offerings. Morning everyone happy Monday and look where I got sitting next to me. This is the door oh miles. And people in New York City they know this woman very well. But across the country. I got Italian awe that this is the one right here at the didn't like the main journal as I look up to who is like. Veteran journalist who knows first stop. Working here WABC so thank you for joining us and being Philly man here on this morning America. I mean anything for you can have thought we got back she would you go back Carolina to about where they were gathering at different you that the good they said. Dhabi TV DA BC of course it was a great station and you know what you're just try to look at where you aren't you an unseen we're gonna stop. That's right and Leavitt look who is great to have you here on this morning America let's get right to that picks or this morning the looming impeachment of president from now this. Dave the way Democrats looking ahead to the trial in the senate are hoping to hear from at least four key witnesses including former. National security advisor John Bolton. Meanwhile one Democrat in congress opposes impeachment. He is now expected to jump ship and become a Republican ABC the mess they locker Tara has that you. Good morning Kenneth and our allies the impeachment process and not house wraps up lawmakers are now turning their focus to the impending senate trial. Debating the terms for what will likely be conned the next partisan battleground. With the full house set to vote this week to impeach president John lawmakers in the senate are looking ahead and all but certain set a trial. In a letter Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer outlining his party's offer for what he calls a fair bipartisan process. Pushing for testimony from White House officials who have direct knowledge of what happened in Ukraine. Make Maldini John Bolton Michael Duffy and Robert Blair who all refused to participate in the house investigation. I am clearly made Obama and I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have disdain for. The accusations in the process so I don't need any witnesses. Democrats slamming Republicans for saying they are in total coordination with the White House. And arguing senators are supposed to render impartial justice. By hope that the senators will insist. On getting the documents on hearing from the witnesses on making up their own mind. Meanwhile a group of freshman house Democrats are encouraging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to appoint independent congressman just a mosh as an impeachment manager. To help argued democrats' case in the senate. Hoping the libertarian Bullock feels good broader portion of the public. Asked for president trump he's venting about impeachment on Twitter. Calling Pelosi crazy and writing her teeth were falling out of her mouth during a press conference. And the house that is expected to be held on Wednesday impeachment is expected to pass along party lines but not all Democrats are on board. There are some lawmakers who are running for reelection in red district who find themselves in a tricky position and at least one of them congressman Jeff van drew for New Jersey he is speaking out against impeachment he's even considering switching parties causing. Five of his staffers to resign Kenneth and Carla. All right and that's think you we appreciate it you got as an eye and as mentioned dangers switching sides likely will not affect democrats' ability to pass the articles of impeachment. But it could shake the confidence here's ABC's Brett now with the late. And it's right as of right now the date to circle on your calendar is this Wednesday that is their earliest potential house impeachment vote might go down. You'd think the president trump would be dreading right well some Democrats might be dreading it 20. Assuming no Republicans cross over and so far not appear to Democrats appear to be able to lose up to seventeen votes and still win a majority but. There's a lot of pressure on those in trump districts so much so that Democrats might see more than half a dozen defections. Over that we can we learn Democrat Jeff van drew who is spoken out in the past against impeachment. Might even switch parties over this are to ABC's political director reclining says this does not shake up the map. But it could shake confidence. This is a democratic member of freshman Democrat from New Jersey who up frankly is worried about a primary challenge because he might vote. Against impeachment and he is widely expected to go and become a Republican and it's no small irony if the only. Party casualty out of this is that a democratic becomes Republican this whole. Ago the whole political argument for impeachment and Brad and additions all the policy reasons to do is that this would put pressure on Republicans try to defend what Democrats that was indefensible. On now as we stand close to a very likely impeachment to have a party switch go deal are is really striking. Annual those in the senate are certainly get their game plans together for a potential trial. Never help Republicans in the house wanted to cult hunter bind to testify. Well now minority leader Chuck Schumer says he's got some witnesses he would like to call including Mick mull Laney and John Bolton to key officials who actually blocked from testifying. By the White House we'll see how that shakes out we'll have a lot wants start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts or if ever podcasting app tennis starlet. All right Brad think you. US military statement from Afghanistan says no orders have been received. About reducing troop levels there however the truck administration is reportedly getting ready to announce age brought down a thousands of Americans. There's no word when any US withdrawal could begin currently there are between twelve and thirteen thousand US troops in Afghanistan. Any reduction in American force levels would likely take months to accomplish and following. The deadly shootings at the naval air station in Pensacola four of the navy is under pressure to increase security. Dozens of navy pilots have reportedly written a letter demanding they be allowed to carry guns fall there on base. The attack is being treated as terrorism and the FBI is seeking the Saudi government's motive three people were killed in that it. The military has launched an investigation into hand gestures. In the stands at Saturday's army navy football game in Philadelphia. At least force it is from West Point and the Naval Academy were spotted making hand signs that could be associated with white power. It happened on live TV during a pregame interview on ESP yen the Naval Academy says based on findings of the investigation those involved will be. Desperate search is under way in Texas for a mother who vanished with her two week old baby. Editorial Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter were last seen Thursday she dropped off her son a school in Austin but never came back to pick them up. Police believe Broussard and a baby returned home before they went missing. Now her fiance is pleading for their safe return. She would never disappears she is and he's mom. She was should never we have a six year old son and solace beautiful kidded. She would never leave him and this one room save. The Zogby here is dropper of somewhere safe. Jane Carey says and nothing was missing from their home and there was no sign. I struggle presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is being forced to deal with allegations that he may lose and sexist comments and the pass among the accusations that he mill employee. Claimed in a lawsuit that Bloomberg told her to kill it. Response to her pregnancy announcement Bloomberg denied that allegation is campaigns has Bloomberg now realizes some of what he has said it's disrespectful and wrong. At least seventy women have taken legal action against Bloomberg's company three named him specifically not of the cases made it to trial three remain. Active dozens of women who accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct are re acting with anger. After Weinstein spoke to the New York Post. The former movie mogul says he feels like a forgotten man and says he's made more movies directed by women and about women and any other filmmaker in history. The interview comes just after a 47 million dollar civil settlement that made headlines. The lawyer for Weiss his accusers released a statement saying Weinsteins latest public relations stunt. On the eve of his criminal trial provides even more motivation to continue to prosecute the claims they'll expose him for. We if and in sports the New England Patriots producer responsible for the controversial idea of the Cincinnati Bengals sideline has reportedly been suspended. He says the video was intended only for documentary not for the football staff. Fox sports here's some of the footage Sunday the league is expected to penalize the patriots for reporting and video. Well coming up the latest from North Korea why the US is dismissing can jump from its end of year deadline. But the breaking news overnight of big reversal by the Hallmark Channel after dropping a commercial that shows two women hits. After that. Welcome back we now turn to the breaking news overnight about the Hallmark Channel the cable network now admits it made the wrong decision when it refused to run aspect feature two women kissing will Gaines explains why hallmark. Has changed its mind. This morning a change of heart from the network that calls itself the heart and TV we're here to help you have the best Christmas ever after the Hallmark Channel pulled this sad featuring a same sex couple kissing on their wedding day. We do own a conservative group one million moms took issue with the ad campaign and more than 40000 people signed this petition telling hallmark the didn't align with the networks quote. Family friendly contact hallmarks decision to pull the ad prompting social media backlash. Ellen DeGeneres tweeting is and it almost 20/20. What are you thinking and presidential candidate mayor Pete Buddha judge saying being family friendly means honoring loved not censoring difference. The company behind that still lie a popular wedding website service telling ABC news they had an agreement with Wal-Mart to air six commercials including this one to you sing solo currently planning your perfect wedding easier. Initially hallmarks parent company stood by their decision saying in a statement the ads were. Distracting from the purpose of our network which is to provide entertainment value but this morning they change their mind and will reinstate the commercial. Hallmark CEO Mike Perry saying in a statement to ABC. Our mission is rooted in helping all people connect celebrate traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives. We are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused. The network working with glad the LG BTQ rights group to make their decision. Our thanks to will Zola saying in a statement overnight they are quote too relieved to see that decision was reversed. We are humbled by everyone he showed support not only for Zola but for all LG BTQ couples and families who expressed her love on their wedding day. And different eyes turned to. North Korea demanding major relief from sanctions and setting up that line. Of the end before the end of the year of the US dismissed that outline says the north should come back to the bargaining table. Let's go across the pond now to our foreign correspondent to a McFarland and the London bureau Julie and also let me introduce you to. Dollar miles who is a legend here in the states. Don hay is plumbing to aggregate of allowed to mean people from the dubbed the ABC and such an amazing station you guys always. And been so friendly to mean when I was in New York everyone at the WABC ABC team. Was so warm and friendly and welcoming saved me though whacking with it likewise I've seen your cover several. Rome the royal family itself is so beautiful he likes the royal like I'm joy plus there are pretty sad thank you Julianne as Smart as well obviously yeah. Artists sharing them yes a lot of love here so Julie what are you now here. He does Sony just need by the contacts all of and so this and have you deadline what's been happening is on North Korea they've stepped up. That weapons testing recently in particular be last week they won the US to concede. Until release some of those sanctions. By the and of the yet now they have warned that if the US does not do that they won't quite go. Another way adopting new way and how the US can expect. A Christmas gift but it does not comply a very on this warning that. From the north Koreans not the US envoy to North Korea Stephen bacon he arrived in Seoul. A yesterday of the weekend. And he has issued a cool to Pyongyang to come for tools he says that we are hit let's get this done. Let me speak directly to walk count parts North Korea it's time for us to do odd jobs. You know how to reach us now has been in a deadline on this because he leaves to get a ten K tomorrow. He's taping that he might be able to speak to some represents us from North Korea. To try and hash out some kind of agreement. Because of course all this heightened rhetoric about this and India ominous deadline issued by Tanya and also Julia let's check in the aftermath of the big election there in the UK prime minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party winning a landslide of support what does that lead the opposition. Right cents a day a very happy prime minister Boris Johnson is getting ready to welcome a 109. New conservative MPs. To parliament that gonna get ready to take that seat saved had training and that we can they've been. Addition on the committee rams preparing for this now a lot of days new MPs they have come. From the opposition left wing labor posse and old through the last couple days and listens. The results of that of the election loss means there has been. A huge fallout in the labor Ponte an a lot of bits and fighting. About what to do now it's a match that Jeremy Corbin hear what has been historically unpopular. At least of the labor Ponte a lot of bases on the doorstep and then polls. Have cited him with the reason why they changed the debate debate for the conservatives. And I shift to an inch the guys because. The US sudden it's just a paid a lot of attention to the results of the election a lot of people wondering. If it Jeremy Corbin a huge fan Leah has any lessons to be lands for the Democrats and here they should. Choose as that candidate for president and I just want to pull out this quit from Stephen Braun and in the New York Times have a look at those. But exit and from what inextricably linked in 2016. And they are inextricably linked today Jones send four shot days a big trunk when. What can cause people let's hide of that basses in New York London Brussels telling them how to live on what to do. Corbin his socialist program not cooled in the mine got crushed if Democrats stand take a lesson trump is headed for a Reagan like. The 1984. Victory guys. Could be something to learn they are George before you got it here you mention anything about lord bucket head. Yeah I mean of course he may be a leader because of departed but he was also in the election premise of us Johnson fighting for his and seat. In Uxbridge. And he faced some stiff competition that as you see heads. Have his opposition candidates that he's God's lord bucket head counts been faced. And Elmo and he did I sleep Boris Johnson he did rough back to his. Candidates as a matter of traditional British cut scene when he won his seat he said I signed my fellow candidates an old lead glory load bucket has Elmo. Forgive me if I didn't identify them or not if this is. Such a wonderful cook compared to the Wuxi anyone he wants designed for parliament. Can they have to give a deposit of to stay the 600. And fifty dole is. They insist on those sold it costs two run out of the parliament and of course if you get less than 5% of the -- need New Zealand deposits. But there has been this funny tradition. Albeit not on Carrick has stunning against the incumbent prime minister in recent elect. And outlets and call that alma bootleg Elmo because that was not Elmo right there you know reminding me the Times Square characters that we have right now are right now I've got to say to you guys have any of these people out there are running again in Times Square there in Times Square but they're not like in front of congress and at that that's very true they're not running for office and outrage like that for 600 dollar duly thank you so much we appreciate it good to see you. Thanks guys. Our senate ratification is now the starting with one office worker's cubicle transformed into a gingerbread house. For the holidays this video was crazy was that up police department in San Diego area and you question earlier like did this woman like build this herself. I mean for me file for a manager like I would when and if you that on company time right right and it would give the company. Apply. S and well. What are you yeah yeah had a ball though because he we don't know you bring food. It's wrapped in the race and what we're have you ever when he hit so that's made inevitable there. Let's have that she now that office conversation goes with her boss about actually. OK Shannon may be checking out a new gift delivery system giving a reindeer break and parachuting onto a beach in Florida. Now. Oh yeah that video. That video right there Susan Harris you writing merit to Florida beach. Where is this reindeer are wears his sleigh. You know there are lot of questions about the static lines retired. The questions. You know it's very hot and that's when he or she. Now. Let's the united entity here against. That's about the slightly reindeer SLI and the gift. I can't begin making their living. OK so it's not a secret that not every couple will find your happily ever after on the bachelor. So what happens although the Neil Lane engagement ring back. Or alarm back coupe front. Recently revealed on up hot cast that producers of the show have a quote. In gauging that rained graveyard where they keep all the bullying from failed relationships. Or does really sad actually average according to everything that the bass circuit T see them of the bachelorette. There could be about seven dean rains and Mac graveyard so my first thought about that is what do you know was to care free care. Latin out of there a platinum yellow gold why gold you know. What. These brings a bullying and one draw more do you wish. Auction them off and give the money to charity a 100% or me. This is on the company hot option for shore you can get raises we're all the Disney ABC family. Given badly in you know I don't know yet many spokesperson from this front on Saturday that. And if you've had trouble with up porch fires feared pro war a New York man has devised a new invention to stop these and eighteen their act it's. Packages call them top box this man is in Brooklyn. New Yorkers. New Yorkers always go for that's why I love this but. I thought the bullet that's the first but let us reminds me of like. Another bootleg. Reference bootleg got Mel box. Tonight let mailbox for the Postal Service he would see what here's that he's charging 200 dollars. And he has it. Owen a single why not a light so we Airgas on ABC right hopefully that's our question of the day what tips do you have. We're dealing with porch ours would you use the bop box if you pay between dollars. For that would invention. They let you back in very low tech that I guess you're supposed to Cheney to your fence but this is also New York who have not spaced out there your car. Tell us in the comments. Are we got that maybe his lot wanna hear from you when you actually I do miss world was crowned over the weekend a moment which marks a historic first yet our friend today Norman explains why this is part of a trend. This. 29 seen Tony. And seeing from Jamaica is waking up as the newest queen of the world. Seeing winning the 2019 miss world pageant after beating out over 100 other contestants over the last several weeks analysts. Take a moment to say they said to me and they said Jimmy lesson that means you lend that means. There with a cover girl was crowned another finalist Nigeria's Coxe Douglas couldn't contain it hurts like it. First time in history by black women reigned supreme Tony and L grounding out to his stores. Re set by the winners of the other four top beauty pageants making all five of 2019 major pageant queens. Black women ABC's Lindy Davis speaking to three of the queens after their crowding moments. There was a time when he literally could not win like literally the Miss America competition from bands black women from community. The miss universe organization did not count it lacked miss USA until 1990. When there was no space for us. Seeing now the 69 winner of the longest running international beauty pageant says unity was felt throughout the entire competition. Give me and I think even though they're closer than that representing different countries also means but my. This is intent. It's any that would put them on them. The college student who majors in women's studies and psychology at Florida State says her mother has facilitated her dream in every way possible. I have three now realize. Others to mr. today there are hot this this is really incredible when you see. Bodied black woman. Who are now that rainy and Patrick queens and they're you know obviously for their patents or whatever competitions. Is amazing to see. Well it as if you have read anything about them they really Smart they are yes you know. Lawyer is MBA holders and just you know fabulous. I know Al as I was smitten without midsize. Universe they're down is from South Africa. And I saw her skin regiment I need to do that good if that's quite. Flawless is solace yeah I mean and miss USA her curls are like our own money in the bank yep. Money in the dangling their beautiful mr. make no jamaicans are New York will be really proud of that yet rooting her on for quite some time. Are all coming up we'll check can on the threes when he candidates on the campaign trail plus the celebration uniting a town on the anniversary of the national tragedy. All of that after its. Here's what to watch our for today president trumpet scuttle to have lunch with vice president Mike Pence before participating around the house reaction. On a governor's initiative involving regulation and then the president and First Lady will host Christmas reception. At the White House Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail former vice president Joseph Biden is here New York. For fund raiser senator Elizabeth Warren is set to hold a town hall of Iowa. And senator Bernie Sanders will attend the opening of his campaign office in Tel us plus don't forget visited the debris for an out there all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown believe headlines and politics. I'm Coachella. And again I have lying and here's available today you've got to reach the masses you go where they. Abby I think there. Will face. Well saying we will have even though I'd never gonna Coachella I watch it religiously. Arm of the with a certain performance. Maybe like what like a year ago. No surprise there time that was our this is that it's inspirational story to really and that's on here on this morning America for that Monday. On Saturday Newtown Connecticut marked seven years since the sandy hook massacre left 26 people dead including twenty children. Saturday night beach on high school played for the State's football title and with three seconds after the game. It was a tie game and mind you Jack street launches a pass toward the end zone and then Riley wart Halstead. Newtown and then went to gain thirteen and seven and takes the first state title twins seven. Just when and 27 years. On bat day. When I heard about The Beatles over the weekend ages. Keep me chills you know anything that can brighten the smile and that community and for in perpetuity said as a matter how long it's been since it down tragedy that's what I see good things coming out of that positive thing we salute them and where. Always thinking about them as well absolutely yeah all right what that is their frost again great up dollop miles. He gets what's coming back tomorrow ports morning America about that that's right I'll be ready yeah rested you break out our. Have a great day in we will see you guys tomorrow. They care.

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