It's Morning, America: Monday, Feb. 25, 2019

"Green Book," Olivia Colman surprise at the Oscars, Trump set to meet with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam and more.
25:32 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, Feb. 25, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot move. I'm Stephanie Ramos here are the top five things to know this Monday number one. A stunning night of upsets of the Oscars with unexpected winners in each two of the biggest categories it was Olivea Coleman. Not Glenn Close who won best actress while the best picture award went to green book. The film follows up like pianist and his wife shook her traveling through the segregated south green book. And criticizes outdated until wouldn't racial stereotypes. When Levys some in Greece might glean whose film black Klansman was also up for the ward reportedly almost stormed out of the theater after the announcement. Number two a major winter storm is now hitting a quarter of the country would damaging winds if follows heavy snow and rain in the midwest. And in the south there are cleaning up after deadly tornadoes this weekend especially hard hit was Columbus, Mississippi about 100 miles west of Birmingham. At least one person there is dead and a dozen injured. Schools are closed today show real Tennessee because of extreme flooding. On to number three vice president Mike Pence is traveling to Colombia today to meet what men as well as the opposition leader. This follows a weekend of deadly violence and Venezuela's military blocked humanitarian aid. From entering the country heads is expected to announced new actions to address the crisis. Which could eventually include sanctions to increased financial pressure on president Nicholas my hero. We had to Texas for number four where investigators are at the scene of a deadly cargo plane crashed in Houston. Say finding the jet's flight recorder is among their. Top priorities the Boeing 767 fell out of the sky over the weekend killing all three crew members on board. Two of their bodies have been found the chairman of the NTSB says the pilot net first sent a distress call. There was rain in the area when the 26 year old jet went down but no word if athlete available to you and finally number five. Hello kitty. Need to raise and it Mountain Lion came all right up to a home in California. The 100 pound cougar was first seen on a security camera faring very is right outside his house in Sacramento. Some residents armed themselves with a baseball bat single case it got too close. Animal control workers were able to bring the big cat down with a tranquilizer. Dart and release them back into the wild. We've gotten lots more to talk about coming your way this morning America and. Good morning her broom line. You know he has Stephanie Rahman our name and that. House obvious to be here you guys give originality that worst. Today disagreement over the weekend she has had a weekend on the red carpet in Hollywood are hovering at the 91 Academy Awards an eight X. And to make kicked off our Oscar's. Coverage. And actually was jerking with or not they are eager to win the pre pre pre show. About like to him Mets with a little bit yeah and now but she kicked off our process covers it lets. Amazing job she seemed looked amazing is who the starter. Om and so. And what else there's well Hummer. It was surprising it was dramatic it. We're crazy had all of the moments they mean it was but what little more than three hours long and every minute was worth watching it really wise. So much talk about we are breaking it down breathe. We warning will break it down more about the Oscars and men of a first. Other big story it's in Washington where president trump lease for Vietnam today for second summit would North Korean leader Kim Jung Hoon. The president saying he as a quote special feeling about the summit overnight we learned more about the expectations and the history of could be made it. And he sees Mona costar on. Good morning Stephanie good morning Ken at president trump has been touting his relationship wit. North Korean leader Kim Jung own leading up to this summit even saying the country could be a great economic power. They just gave up its nuclear weapons. The stakes are high but expectations low ahead of president drums meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon. We're going to have. I think a very interesting two and a half days. In Vietnam. This historic summit the second in less than a year between the two leaders which is once again expected to center around. North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons and peace in the Korean Peninsula. I think it's gonna lead to something very good and maybe not. Ahead of this second summit in Hanoi Vietnam president trump striking a more realistic tone. Tweeting that the two leaders quote expect a continuation of progress then simply add and the word. Denuclearization. With a question mark. As long as there's no testing. We're happy. The US intelligence officials have said they believed that it is unlikely North Korea would give up its weapons completely its leaders ultimately view. Nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival yet former US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson says without steps to denuclearization. This meetings means nothing. I don't believe it would be a successful summit unless you had. Some kind of commitment on North Korea sparred on denuclearization. Dismantling. Inspections for missiles and nuclear detonations. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also calling for a concrete plan tweeting act trump quote. Execute a serious diplomatic plan that can lead to full denuclearization. For North Korea. And South Korean officials hope that this will lead to a declaration of the end of the Korean War. But it's Kenneth and Stephanie experts warn what acting means for the U west with out a denuclearization. Plan. And Mona we know that the president hasn't been a fan of how being US troops in South Korea. Has that been discussed we expect seeing that to be on the table pulling troops all US troops out of the peninsula and times and we'll that is one thing that that president has specifically stated he clearly said. That that would not be on the table the discussion. Of pulling US troops out of South Korea but that is exactly what. Foreign policy experts are worried about they're worried that if there is the and of war declaration before a planned to dean nuclear I. North Korea that there will be subsequent calls to pull troops out of South Korea and out right now that is not strategic. Or beneficial to the United States all right Matt thank you so much for that some other headlines were watching this morning president trump is delaying an increase on tariffs of Chinese goods. In the tweets that president said there had been substantial progress in trade talks this past week. If that continues mr. trump says the US with planning summit with China's president chief to conclude. A new agreement. It's and Democrats are threatening to subpoena special counsel Robert Muller if the full report on the Russian investigation. It's not made public house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff told ABC's this week. And he will take the top administration to court if necessary. Muller's report is expected soon on possible coordination between now rush the trump campaign and console possible obstruction by president trump. Attorney general William Barr has promised to be as transparent. As possible art. Literature Virginia and the lieutenant governor there's comparing himself to Jim Crow era lynching victims. As he fights the sex assault allegations just in Fairfax gave an unexpected speech yesterday. In front of the state senate he again denied the claims Virginia's GOP house majority leader call Fairfax has comments. The most disgusting type of rhetoric he could have invoked. And singer. Kelly spent the weekend in a Chicago jail after surrendering on Friday. He needs one a 100000 dollars to be set free his attorney claims Kelly is not wealthy despite years of hit songs due to financial mismanagement. A hearing is scheduled to this morning. And a man who spent decades in prison for a crime he did not connect well now receive a 21 million dollar settlement for. Carly this Naimi was convicted of murdering his ex girlfriend and her son at her home in Simi Valley, California 1978. He maintained his innocence while spending 39 years behind bars. Now the city's avoiding a court fight by pain Coley this settlement he claims. He was framed by a former detective Coley was released fifteen months ago after being pardon. Well up next we'll break down the big night at the Oscars including that intense moment with Bradley Cooper. If you got got. We'll be right back. We've been talking about the Oscars all. So go the Oscars look you know that little foot. That saw last night on NBC. And yet three hours twenty minutes long. It was hinted at so many moment save the show. I'm only seeing a bunch of rave reviews about it I mean some say was mixed there was will be were complaining you're probably a name but I saw people saying it with a good show. They watch it remote met and drama at controversy it had laughs at had a good music. They have little bit of everything it did not have a host. But it didn't seen Blake dean need one stimulus might not known at all let's go get it was. I Neitzel surprise especially in the best picture and best actress categories. But it was Lady Gaga I'm Bradley who. The show ABC not yet back get it then Hollywood with the highlights and that headline our friends. There are you on the red carpet Don. I am right outside the Dobie theater right now of course everyone is still buzzing. About the Oscars last night you know you guys were talking about it didn't have a host don't think he really needed but at least that's what Stephanie said. Kind of agree I think that everything went pretty smoothly by all accounts because people just didn't know how was gonna go without a host. But just look is there was no host it does not mean that there was no upsets or controversy. Sunday's Oscars host list for the first time in three decades. Good evening and welcome to the one million but Catalina wine. Despite of the memorable performances. In. The acting this star studded show at the both anticipated in hard to call category. And the Oscar could just to. Green took a green book the segregation era road trip drama crowned best picture last night. That unexpected award already getting pushed back some seeing the film is a still good throwback while others have criticized it as an outdated version of Driving Miss Daisy. One of the biggest surprises of the night. A good vehicle it's best actress win. Robbie ballots for trail of Freddie Mercury earning him the best actor prize. I think about what it would have been like to tell little Bubba Rami and that one day. This might happen to him and I think his curly haired little mind would be blown. Spike Lee what his first ever Academy Award for his Blackley it's been screenplay. And snake bit and me every time. Went drive and so my loose. If bill street could talks Regina king and winning best supporting actor it's mom. Money so. Bob rehearsal Ali tickled his second best supporting actor Oscar trying to capture doctor surely essence. Push me to mark my ins. Enrollment giving Netflix its most significant awards to date best foreign language film best director invested photography. And let's go back to that best picture category reports say that Spike Lee actually tried to storm out of the dolby theater once green book was announced he later said during an interview. That he thought he was courtside at the guard in. And at the rest. Made about content. He didn't Stephanie. The next one of those things have been happy. That they want he also won for best adapted the screenplay people calling him a sore loser. As that. Is that is that all right Dick explanation to what that really is diet because. I mean some would say that maybe he just builds like where he should have gotten this award a long time ago I mean. You're right I I definitely think that people are very valid and those Billington saying you know what do you maybe should have got this that we're a long time ago and that maybe is just being a sore loser who knows I'm sure Spike Lee will let us know. Does not know that not very vocal about his thoughts and feelings so we will find out exactly what he Mitt behind that now. I'm sure helped me is saying more about it today wolf your heart instead of the LA if he's not going to sleep tonight Donna you've been out there for. All while now what would say was one of your favorite moments either on the red carpet at or from the actual show. You know OK so I had to favorite moments and their from the actual show. I really enjoyed when Regina King won for best supporting actor as I'm gonna date myself here. I've been a fan of hers since she's assertive. Yeah. Yeah fat man he had and then of course I thought we have to talk about everyone's talking about Bradley who relating got out we were waiting for that. Performance and they did not disappoint their chemistry they had the way they started. It's bringing that piano into the State's been walking up together is in in. Societies have. Now there are so many rumors especially on social media. Historians love marry her and and there are Listerine their act. I agree and I think they are phenomenal actors maybe they got is the theory says that requirement. But it's what everyone's talking about it at one dragging death. Lincoln is no doubt in his right and have you seen Bradley Cooper significant other I think that she's not worried at. I got to see the Donner and I think we'll see if confident and their relationship. Absolutely and Leon I didn't pretty impressive that this song has been out for the last couple of months now and it's still. You know just as exciting to hear it to hear them sing that live and they did agree to. Die we know you got a lot of work to do today still ahead so we will let you get to that thank you our friend is so good to see you. And we are going to move on and let's go across the pond to ABC news London bureau where Bruno rover is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Morning burn REI know you've just got back from Venezuela where dozens have been killed and hundreds injured in violence. Around the border there what's the latest there. Yes it's gotta go I go back a few days ago and we sold this week hand in a sense of wrapping up a what's been going on for quite awhile which is. Humanitarian. Aid is a sort of point of precipitation for the opposition to that is right isn't. Venezuelan president Nicholas wood door being used as a sort of pivot point really what ever tried to do this weekend was to take eggs that have been stockpiled. On the other side of the border Brazil and in Colombia take of the cross the border. And they was stopped essentially by Venezuelan border security. They what tape gassed shot with shotguns to people unfortunately killed and 300 injured. That quite of quite a ramping up but I think quite a deliberate one of the. The same time. Incredible guy we know vice president Mike passes is headed to Columbia to speak with. The opposition but Venezuela's opposition leader do you think but that me. Kind of cleared the way a little bit of four or or or kind of calm the situation there and then as well out of. And the not to be I don't I haven't actually I think quite the opposite I think this is part of a deliberate strategy to ram pop Prussia all of the this than Nicklaus majora government. To try and peel away support internally and Cray and international consensus of countries that oppose and equipment Dora tried to use more more sanctions perhaps not what we've also seen a lot of sort of all honestly eyes what you can say is the sense that. I'm Mike I'm I'm vice president has said this a couple of days ago saying that all options are still a valuable. I'm does secretary of state month compared yesterday's sad that. Nicholas wood Doris and weighs one number Etsy way to get a sense that there is a strategy here to put pressure and try and peel away support within Venice might have itself but. From my experience in Colombia all the border what you really get a sense of us had desperately needed the humanitarian aid is within Venezuela. And that's I was gonna ask you are Bruno about what it felt like fear because I I do believe that this is. One of the biggest stories we've seen is has had that region for the world. And you set a New Hampshire those in desperation there and then I can't imagine what you saw and and also I can imagine how you're going to make this turn here. To this next story but you're journalists right now you can do it but from Venezuela to Megan and hairy I'm you've got some news about the Morocco trip. Yes well it's it's light relief let's let that let there cornerback. The duke and duchess of sauce is continuing that three day total broken that day. Finishing it today that visiting. And at quine therapies Santa. Where children with special needs and she's the Holtz is to help them. Cope with that conditions are also gonna go and visit pay. Restaurants up off underprivileged kids that enemies givens and cooking demonstrations by a top. Broken shaft and then that don't round off the trip but I think that a man at three. I'm exhibition of local arts and crops that are I think that's adds nice it's the going to be that last trip and before. That the duchess of sauces gets ready for the. All of child piano and people were calling this what had a baby moon. Miles before the birth of their first child there's. Hard learned but a lot of feedback a lot of positive feedback about pregnancy he'd be less and very excited about it yeah I think there are few people I've been there are a lot of luck. If your player of all and we are way and yet the Brno I expect to see you outside that hospital. Seattle bringing that news US as well. Are my friend Brooke thank you so much we appreciate it so let's check some notification that see what's trending on social media. But size the Oscars we've got this video that's now going viral of a young man who found a new use for his family's security camera. Check out this little boy this have been in the house what Michigan just outside Lansing the little guy wanted to get his dad's attention because. Question. There. Yeah. Yeah I. Know. Are less agent agrees he wanted to know how do you turn on the kids' channel bad because models across the street. She sent them back or were across the street back home. And he did know how to turn it on so mom of the groceries things like Paul who had quite by data he knew that dad. Would be able to talk to him through that security system Deborah Brett of the camera Smart kid. He knew exactly what to do obviously they've talked about the security camera and that does on the other side watching and so he's and you know what I need to get ahold of somebody. I need this kid's channel data breach shots dad dad was there and you could hear dot laughing. There's other folks laughing in the background and probably let this go work. Katrina you know around an shipments grew to be yes I love that. And again what a night it was for the Oscars it was such a big night at we're going to break it down. By the numbers Korea. That's right stick around we'll we'll be right back after this. Our player today on ABC news live presidential departs for a second meeting. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam. We'll bring you back live. And of sexual assault and abuse allegations against him up from four big Dunn's. Three of home were under the age of seventeen plus more on that story and more on the debriefed. From our reporters on the ground and don't forget to tune in to the breeding ground for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. So you're an accident earlier three hours twenty minutes that was that bought all right time for this year's Academy Awards roughly. A half hour shorter than last year's extravaganza. And not I've won MRI. Little more didn't think minutes cook but right now bump for three hours twenty minutes that's not the only number that came out of Hollywood last night our cheap Oscars correspondent. For ABC news will begins crunched the numbers of members. I say there is an I'm prepared to speak for three hours and twenty minutes all right I know that just play by Paula and there yeah. Here all right final also booted out four and 91 Academy Awards had roughly. Zero hosts but according to this number one fan it was still a night for the books. Zero the amount of Merrill streets of this year's Oscars. Two major soccer's you tonight's top honor going to green glow and Olivia Coleman winning best actress. Glenn Close and he. You've been my idol to sit on the night I think you're amazing that he very much. Seventh the amount of times Glenn Close has been nominated for an Academy Award zero he about a time since one. At least 31 and I counted the number of Ravitz on Melissa McCarthy's costume when she presented the award for custom design. To the number of wires that lowered Keegan Michael key into the dolby from the sky allowed Mary Poppins. 128 point 54. Carats in the Tiffany diamond at gaga wore around her neck. Necklace was last worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1960 pupils she was promoting practiced at it. Four million the number of beads on Glenn closes threats. 42 pounds how heavy addresses three the number of people who should have hosted this year's Academy Awards. Tina Fey Amy Poehler and Mya Rudolph opening the show with jokes they would have used had deep enough votes. And 99. The number of people in a room who don't believe in Lady Gaga. One the number of people who do and that person is Bradley Cooper. When he for the amount of seconds left Bradley guy got warheads were touching during their performance of shallow. One the number of Academy Awards that Oscar winner at lady got took home. I can't tell you how much do a kids need to be able to say Oscar winner Lady Gaga. Stuff like Rudy got. You have wasted talent her favorite moments I know you had so many of them. Music perform minutes ago was got got fashion go. Biggest quarter controversial mom again. Lula. I guess but what it's like leaving yeah yet comets saddest moment. Glen. All I know they Olivia Colvin speech was so good it was a really good evening netted almost made up for her glands losing hurt seven. Our com. Do you think the mayor street was not there do you think she would like hey girl. I'm not going to be there this year you have your chance to go when why and yeah I'm gonna be there again next year's that you better win when this year and that's why. Now did happy one year. Here wasn't her here and you know it's okay could she got so much love from everyone oh my god. Yeah right so everyone still appreciates her work despite her not walking and she looked like an Oscar she's going this he had begged. Gold what's that forty your accountant drafts and we're right back still the biggest over the life of me Regina king and it started off this hour and it was a good ones yeah yeah are rightly so we did about after the all day long like. I'm sure you will Emilio probably hear hear about it. And everything about the day yet touching heads yeah. That's your due to at all OK we'll see you tomorrow.

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