It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Sources say President Donald Trump ordered the border closed, but staff pushed back; truck terror attack foiled, and more.
25:21 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot. Acting or bring your top vikings this Tuesday number one president trump is reportedly thinking about going back to the controversial failing separation policy. As migrants cross the border in record numbers sources say the president believes the separation of children is an effective deterrent. One measure under consideration would give migrant pairs of binary choice voluntarily let your kids be separated. A wave their children's rights. Can be detained together conditions similar to jail and the administration just had another legal setback judge blocked its efforts to seek. To force asylum seekers to wait and Mexico. Other cases are processed number two federal officials say they for the terror plot just outside Washington DC. Would have used a truck as a weapon for any year old Rondell Henry allegedly planned to drive a truck into a crowded national harbor. That's a large shopping and entertainment area less than ten miles from. Capitol building. Court documents say he was inspired by a crisis so far he's only charged with driving a stolen vehicle across state lines. Prosecutors may file additional charges that today's detention hearing now on to number three we're hearing from the Doctor Who is removal from a united flight sparked massive. Outreach two years ago today doctor David Dallas forcibly taken off a plane up refusing to give up his seat to united employees. He talked ABC's Andy Roebuck about the moment security officers first approached him. Were you expecting it to get physical. At any point in the whole whole milk. Not when it became physical when they. Went to grab you. What went through your mind in that moment they pull me out to see if I hate them they could not bombed sinned and I don't know anything until they wake up. And hospital where they've tried to kick the reservation. In my mouth and nose. Probably remember this ended outside a question of those. Loss scooped. In the accident we have to Minneapolis for number four were Virginia beat out Texas Tech and a heart stopping March Madness finale a year after becoming the first top seeded men's team tell. Lose to a number sixteen. The Virginia Cavaliers captured their first ever men's college basketball. National championship it was the first title game haggling over time since 2008. What's Virginia Tech the lead they never looked back the team will make a triumphant return to stroke to Charlottesville campus today the school will hold a big celebration. But the team and its football stadium on Saturday they were going wild card. And up finally and number 53 year old got the ultimate revenge gotten his dad was a journalist he lots is iPad. For 47. Years at a. Notes notes the writer for the New York hurt we did this photo of business they disabled tablet. Displaying the methods try again and 25536000. 442. Minutes well it's not enter the wrong pass code one to me just once just constantly wanting me. I'm mark talked about coming your way its board an American born and. I had gone from a in your son did this and opting not to that extent but I have to he has locked my phone for like fifteen minutes onetime that's so long I did not you and your phone. And I was like. Never again you when Ed yeah. App keep the fondly from kids. And I'll get that big story president truck reportedly planning to bring back a controversial mainly separation policy at the border as migrants flocked to the US and. Record numbers he comes as he cleans house of the Department of Homeland Security with another top official now following secretary pictures and Nelson. Out the door we've learned the president recently ordered he'll send to shut down part of the southern border. But only 24 hours notice. ABC's Norah costar Abbie has all the details from Washington Mona good morning. And good morning today good morning Tenet. Homeland Security secretary Krista Nielsen's forced resignation created a ripple effect that has led to the complete overhaul of the entire agency. Sweeping changes at the Department of Homeland Security to shake up started with the forced resignation. Of DHS secretary Kirsten Nielsen I just I think the president again for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country and I share the president's goal of securing the border. Hours later the president also fired the director of the Secret Service and sources tell ABC news more than half of those running agencies within the Department of Homeland Security. Could be gone by the end of the week. Can't take anymore of Surrey kidnappers are turnaround. That's the way it is. The systemic purge comes as the president grows increasingly frustrated with the increase of Central American asylum seekers that the US Mexico border. ABC news has learned that two weeks ago a tense Oval Office meeting and it would the president ordering Neal said. And secretary of state Mike Pompeo to shut down a portion of the border. But was dissuaded by aides at the last minute according to the New York Times the push for a hardline immigration policy. It's coming from one of the president's closest advisors on the issue. Stephen Miller they're also urging trump to revisit the idea of family separation. The times reports the new buying Gary choice policy would force migrants to choose between quote. Voluntarily allowing their children to be separated from them. Or to wave their child's humanitarian protections. So the family can be detained together. And drugs immigration policies have been challenged by the other two branches of government last month congress passed a bipartisan bill. Blocking the president's declaration of a national emergency at the border and just yesterday a judge blocked the administration's efforts. Do you look for some migrants silent seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases are being processed today tacked right Mona thank you so much Mona. Here in Washington. All Maryland resident is under arrest for allegedly planning a terror attack officials say his target. Was just outside of Washington DC less than ten miles from the capitol building a very popular area at national harbor. He says he was allegedly inspired by crisis BC's mark Gonzales has those details. This is the stolen U haul authorities say a would be terrorists planned to use to commit mass murderer. The Justice Department saying officials stopped 28 year old Juan del Henry just in the nick of time. Hours maybe even minutes before the alleged ice a sympathizer was prepared to die for his cause. We end the agents were able to piece this together. And understand that this was not simply a person in its own vehicle was posed a greater threat. According to the criminal complaint on March 26 Henry stole this truck with the intent of plowing through a crowd full of people. Allegedly driving it around Washington DC looking for possible targets. But deciding not to strike the next morning authorities say Henry drove the van to Dulles airport but didn't find as many people outside as he hoped. He allegedly told investigators that he walked into the terminal trying to find a way through security to harm dis believers but gave up. Authorities say he then drove the U Walton national harbor in Maryland a tourist area with restaurants and a Ferris wheel. Investigators say Henry told them he wanted to create panic and chaos. I was just going to keep driving and driving and driving he said I wasn't going to stop. You don't really have to have a lot of planning to drive over people won't sidewalk and that's what's scary about this crime is right out of the ice is playbook. Low tech he's you to do. Lone actor. But he told investigators the crowds were thin so he broke and you'll boat and hid their overnight. But he tried to return to the U haul the next morning police were waiting for him all of those entities together have prevented pointless violence. Henry faces a maximum of ten years in prison if convicted of Marcy Gonzales ABC news Washington. Right up to the race for the white house with yet another Democrat entering a crowded field congressman Eric Small well California announces bid on the late show with Steve Inco beer making him candidate number 5678. And the rate for 20/20 actually he's number eighteen host Laura Welch says the country needs. A leader who can tape on foreign threats and issues like gun violence to meet the life better here at home. People old in the solutions we offer into good in the way that we govern. I'm ready to solve these problems I'm running for president United States. Okay. Fresh. The defense. Swallow I was 38 and has been called the snap Jack Keane of congress for connecting with the young constituents through. Social media actually that interesting to see which shows the candidate shall choose to go on to the view co bear you know one of the late night mayor. The drug administration is ending a deal between Major League Baseball and Cuba. That deals negotiated under the previous administration it ease the pap for Cuban ballplayers to sign contracts with Major League organizations without defecting from their country. The administration says the deal amounts to a violation of trade laws in their form must end. A Major League Baseball statement said we stand by the goal of the agreement which is to end the human trafficking a baseball. Buyers from Cuba. A federal prosecutors say the FBI is still looking into whether the moral aug oh intruder as a spy officials said at a hearing they found a way it may be espionage. Equipment in Eugene has changed a hotel room along with thousands of dollars in cash prosecutor says the Chinese nationalist serious flight risk because quote. She lies to everyone she meets. The CDC is reporting a surge in the number of people coming down with measles across the country nearly eighty new cases in just one week brings the total number of cases reported this year to 465. Most of those patients are not vaccinated. Health officials here in New York are threatening to close schools that allow unvaccinated kids to a tent so getting from New York to London in less than an hour is closer to being a reality. The rush hour traffic here's what I walked in wrapped British company says it has salt in engine temperature problem in developing hypersonic travel. That technology would allow plays to travel at five times the speed. Of sound so does that mean like a really when your in the air you don't hear the engine I guess works or because you're going that fast to. Yeah I was here scientists in my past life you're traveling that fast. I mean. This is rocket science actually. Britain and actual rocket science will this victory ignored them brown and the major news this morning Brahma beyoncé Doug playing an area about. Point B is hot pick premiering I'm Netflix next week and we use the sneak peek. At homecoming. While he already. He's creating is that the rest of this morning America we'll just be yesterday and you'll get Suter a crime expert continue to play good lawyers and I think there are significant now gone. I can't even hear it and make it easy I think we'll charge yeah Antioch there I've paid enough for your content. I mean yes again not giving enough here but that puts describes homecoming as an intimate look at beyond that this sort between eighteen Coachella performance. Opinion on this Americans historically black colleges and universities and. Documentary drops at midnight on the seventeenth circle it on your counters it's a Wednesday. Netflix is promising viewers they are promising. That its servers will not crash they say we got you that was literally the tweet we got you we got through we will all of them to it because. We will be watching and so guys if what its release interferes with the show right. We got things. That we both like who will cancel all shows for a beside him that I warning it out are holiday. But who's the boss is the airline and out our guard out. We will have a shows and level all breaking news break down yet. Beyoncé and I really alliance against Hingis it's yes AM taking to its merits bless them that's her. I was gonna you know an ideal way you're here that are now I don't do it head lewd. Yes whip it now has active board yeah faulty. Should that brings us a question of the day what do you want to know most about beyond today's homecoming. What are you wanna see. How many times who IV will be teaching the dancers and romance are I'll always seem roomy insert. I'm also will be the new music drop dream or how to relieve documentary my good demand. We really ready for direct cash just Thomas and spent moment police seek out the clinging behind the scenes with Jay-Z yes. This is going to be get a look at what royal baby comes that same day whole what royal BB. We hate thinking that we live our royalty yet they've admitted that American royalty tell us what you want to see we don't have the answers always wondered. I GAAP are coming up the northern lights and get even more lives you read that I didn't see what NASA is following he you're exhibit. After this. Let's go across the pot now to the London bureau a gradual incline is keeping an eye on the biggest international's. News' good morning Julie yes let's start in Sudan where the thousands of protesters have been demonstrated for days now and sometimes we undertake clashing with security forces. Obsess over the basis what exactly are they protesting. Good morning guys yeah this is revenge thing happening in C Don right now this is the feds say up contestants are taking part in a sent ten. They outside an army compound vessels say headquarters of the security forces and some of the political apparatus. They've been sitting outside for several days not a bad demanding the resignation of a long time president a mobbed by ship. He has been winning Su Don since 19189. I'm these protests originated started off as protests against the highest rising costs of living but band not the Monday and that the president sat down the sons found not have been scenes of tape gas. And reports of casualties. Among some of the protest as by the security forces but what's really interesting as got members of the military is soldiers. Have been scenes have been protecting some of the civilian protests says they've been giving some of them a shelter inside an army compound. But dresses are appealing to the military. To abandon Omar Bashir and to side with the protest as a security forces are about protecting the government. So I think this is really where the instinct ticketing given what we've been seeing recently in Algeria similar situation. Thousands of tests is protesting against dot president. I'm an outstanding C flick is against. Another long long running president. NC Don. Wallace is really a lot to watch there also today we are closely watching. The election in Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing a tough challenge. As well as possible corruption charges we know that this is. Already being called a divisive election he is running for record fifth term. And security is a top concern for voters what are voters saying today as they're already heading to the polls. Exactly deny this really exciting ready in this election because we actually don't know and you might end up until this is overrated closely fought election. Benjamin Netanyahu to as gain for historic fifth time in office as you say that would put him ahead. All of the founder of the state David Ben Gurion if he wins a fifth time now he's up against Benny got as he is a military veteran. I'm NASA now here we've just seen a few minutes ago actually costing his base. He has not always made himself out as missed the securities and he is facing a formidable challenge. Against any downs on several senior for the military leaders and has alliance. Now ABC's Joseph Donovan has been in Tel Aviv and she's been speaking to -- as there is a huge block of undecided make is that could. Swing the election either way let's stick lick at his she's been talking to. Why do you think it's so hard this year view to decide. Because there are no good option. And of the current outstanding season I think most people just fund to replace our current news. So. Find out and is Andre. But if you think that its employees to vote tonight in if you don't know. Since I read and being convinced. Hillary and bill hold. And the selection like they're playing solidarity and I'm thinking the of those people were supposed to run our country. I'm just hoping that they'll be a bit more honor. People four of them Marla girl and wolf. Appreciate what Israel has become as well. And of course Tel Aviv is a liberal cities so vacant that may sway toward centrist parties whereas in Jerusalem as a lot more conservative. Kind of days bases will be do Benjamin Netanyahu. Will be gang full he has been aggressively pushing a lot more right wing policies in the last days of the campaign he's been talking a lot about Israeli settlement expansion and they sort of things. We should be getting the fast exit post shortly although they are notoriously unreliable. I think we'll have to wait until the end of the day to see who comes out on top. And of course as soon as we have those results we will have them on all our ABC news platforms including ABC news alive. So we saw other video from Australia about a politician any attack egg by a teenager but apparently on that's all back in the news again because. We'll either of them Bates consequences we're learning about not. Yeah this is some diamonds I was sent around the wound. It no reaction to a seventeen year old boy. Two egg an Australian senate has now this happened because dot senate's us under the Fraser panning. In the wake of the New Zealand's terror attacks he made some massive big controversial remarks when he at Pitt to place the blame. All of the terror attacks upon. Mus Lim migration. To the country had not been received. If this backlash or lead the wild. And shortly off that he made those Collins at a press conference. Teenage boy who is nicknamed. By the Internet and boy if he's not consider his press conference and smacked mag until Vince had not what happened next is that the senator Taina Rodney punched the boy. A couple of times and some of his his Kleiza support his then wrestled him to the ground impediments has called the what's happened today is up police. Have ruled that he was acting in self defense no will be made charges again instead. Did the teenager and boys his name he's received a police cushion but he is also and not gonna face any charges. Police caution all right got it and before you go Giuliani. We heard Osama beyoncé earlier homecoming April 17 you got that Netflix over there right. To get Netflix yet. I mean I'm going to be at let's tell you why you mentioned the royal baby they have by the way coming from here in London for someone to say what royal baby cribs. My name unholy war. And that's not what moment I would you be looking out for what are you wanna see in this homecoming documentary. I mean I could start beyoncé just like drinking tea with biscuits like I'm baffled the and biscuits Juliet you are. I don't want it I really beyond really this is that I really am I could tell us. Either they visit they like she takes after me biscuits and T eaten. Your kids I don't remember a thing she could be doing anything Monday and I just feel it and say I am a queen bee loyalists out very talented yes we salute you for a baton regulate it isn't much for joining us beehive is very the let's check out our patience is C what's trending on social media analyst nor there aren't light something a little different the life. Learn. And getting information. Getting information. They were trying a little brighter looking a little different NASA is doing this experiment. They were they were checking something in the U like icon is fear nationalism has some. There and they get out as big like Michelle yet they can tell us any Israel bird and NASA says eleven Neely is the winner and a loser I have gone actually late. This woman she did and look what happened. Yeah. Yep she was on that acts and it bounced right off the robber and went right for her head and her photographer on. The reaction back and got ash and a power the other guy wit and you leave that little area because you don't know cartman. An issue that we knew birds could mimic humans. Act pockets you. Market like. I hadn't abuse that would its war on why. Like it but rather how one Iowa the Dalai and then I finally felt the dog got it earlier not yet know that car fanatic. And she's about these dogs are here's them footage of me trying to decorate. You're just ready to Ron Burgundy that you put into Procter Kenneth has got to reach. The ice that may but I'd like them not my temporary and it's right here. Then look that way afraid at a guy. At the subway train right halted and let him let him load up. The person recorded it says this city whether the stage. There is it that it met the so lightweight he's got what plan though there we can say yes. That would be tall concrete jungle the conductor before revived hey man I doubt he's. This jungle out here need to get a building at go to my apartment so hot new integrated view of the New York city's New York City and here is that. Nominee for the Nobel prize in science. And invaded inventions. You see on a snack at the new talent just but it. Who would you tell the an off leading fan yep. An area have to use your hands Smart. Well coming up the latest from the college of bribery scandal act. It's what they Huffman pleads guilty. When she could be facing after this. Welcome back some things look out for today news 20/20 presidential hopeful here Falwell kicked off its campaign with a town hall. On gun violence with a group of students and families for Tyson Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. In Portland sort of as attorney general William Barlow past five or House Budget Committee where he will likely face questions out special counsel Robert Muller reports. When he will release it and how much of it Bellini public plus don't forget deteriorated to the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a break down. Latest headlines and politics. That college admissions bribery scandal actress felicity Hoffman breaking her silence she and thirteen other defendants. Now agreed to plead guilty Hoffman is apologizing think she takes responsibility. But it doesn't mean shall avoid prison ABC's Maggie really has more. Actress Felicity Huffman has agreed to plead guilty on mail fraud charges in connection with that massive college admissions scandal at generous donation. Ensure our kids feed. How generous. 151000. The Desperate Housewives star saying she will plead guilty to paying 151000. Dollars to have an SAT Procter correct her daughter's test answers. In a statement upn says I am in full acceptance of my guilt. And with deep regret and shame over what I have done adding especially I want to apologize to the students who work hard every day to get into college. Into their parents' who made tremendous sacrifices to support their children and do so honestly. She also spoke directly about her daughter rating. My daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions in my misguided and profoundly wrong way I have betrayed her. This transgression toward her in the public I will Kerry for the rest of my life. How many as one of thirteen parents now a greeting to plead guilty in the operation varsity blues case in all they paid out more than a million dollars. In bribe money nest for actress Lori Laughlin and her husband both accused of bribing their daughters waiting USC they have not yet entered a plea. Maggie early ABC news Los Angeles. Are things that Maggie if they are Felicity Huffman plea agreement prosecutors say they'll recommend the low end of the sentencing range. Which could mean for months in prison but it's up to the judge you on Netflix is analysis delaying the release of an upcoming movie starring Hoffman. Romantic comedy. Other hood was due out April 26 and Angela Bassett is like what. And I do gap that I attract candidates. Well. That's what my check. They hear about it. Are all of that at fort today don't forget to tweet us and tell us what you want to know he can't wait to see about clean B. And that's not every album ride.

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