It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019

Poll shows 71% of Americans say President Trump should allow top aides to testify, Iran protests death toll rises, heiress jewelry heist and more.
26:18 | 12/17/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019
A Warner cannot pandora miles had a top five things you need to know this Tuesday. Number watch it deadly storm. Stretching across 2000 mine on the radar right now you see ice and snow with the big threat in the northeast and central Pennsylvania into southern New England. Snow and a glaze of ice is making travel treacherous. Boston is bracing for snow today. A new York city of Philadelphia get rain for the morning commute. Meanwhile at least three people have been killed after a string of possible tornadoes ripped across the south from Louisiana Alabama. Dozens of homes have been damaged or destroyed. Having a child was left in critical condition covertly they have major showdown coming to ahead with a history making vote set for tomorrow. Moderate Democrats in districts won by president truck got an earful at town calls from constituents on both sides of the issue. Maybe those lawmakers say they'll open pits president. Even if it means losing their seats in congress meanwhile senate Democrats are not backing down from their demand for key witnesses to testify about why aid to Ukraine what's been held. Senate Republicans or call shops. Add on to number three at terrifying crash in the Seattle area. Eleven people were injured when a van crashed through the window but discount store three people allowed to critical condition including on poplar. Police say the van was being used as a getaway vehicle for shoplifter at the store. The driver and suspected shoplifter are under arrest number four decision by Boeing to suspend production of its 737 Max jet is expected to ripple through the US economy. Boeing says it does not expect any layoffs but analysts say the 900 companies that make parts for the plane. We'll likely. They stopped cuts of 737 Max has been grounded since March after two deadly crashes. And it's taking longer than expected to get FAA approval for the plane to fly again. What industry analysts sense that caught police off guard. What's really changed hitters at the FA finally. Big hit Boeing upside the head with a two by four and sent stock making predictions here we're gonna do this summer time line. Boeing has been making changes so flight control system linked to those who got a crashes which kill nearly 350 people. And finally number five Mariah Carey's Holliday hit all I want for Christmas has now hit number one for the very first time. Which is 25 years after the song's release. It's sort of the top of the billboard hot 100 with a little help from a savvy PR campaign this year Carey kicked off the holiday season earlier than ever posting an answer Graham video. Right after Halloween. Also helped that a new cut of the music video was released with this never before seen what. In other words that we know that it's back and are ahead yeah. Are you won't ever forget the song. And also you should forgive ABC news after. All the trending stories. Morning welcome to its way America great Astaro bounce back. WABC. Street that's songs that you're head still stuck in my head I don't know I have. That's a look at earlier this week's big tactic not only borrowers now. It really it will make. We look is silly. But the company secretary Edward Ehrlich is ridiculous looking let. Silly it's what keeps me employed purity BC it's. Hours right. All right get to that picks or impeach Richard out of Washington coming to a head with a history making vote set for tomorrow. Moderate Democrats in districts won by president trump got an earful at town halls from people on both sides of the issue. They say they won't vault to impeach the president even if it means losing their seats in congress meanwhile over in the senate Democrats are doubling down on their demand for key witnesses let's bring in ABC. And asked Iraq for car right there on Capitol Hill with the latest good morning and that's. Good morning cannons and our line lawmakers on the house rules committee are meeting this morning to figure out how long the floor debate should be before the full house votes on impeachment. And as the process in the house wraps up lawmakers are now turning their focus to that impending senate trial. This morning the house rules committee meeting for a marathon session to set the ground rules for this week's final full house vote on impeachment pursue this as many moderate Democrats from trump districts face backlash from both sides. As they announced how they plan to vote. Okay. Congress from places like in getting good cheered and Buddhist secret parents' plans to vote yes I would be voting yes on obstruction of congress. In New Jersey congressman Jeff van drew will oppose impeachment he's even planning to switch parties and become a Republican. Causing most of his staff to resign with impeachment expected to pass the house on Wednesday the focus is now turning to a senate trial. Democrats doubling down on their demand to hear from four witnesses the White House had blocked from testifying. Including acting chief of staff signal blini and former national security advisor John Bolton. These people know better than anybody else the facts there is no reason on God's green earth. Why they shouldn't be cold and testify unless you're afraid of what they might say. That Republicans are promising total coordination with the White House. I am clearly made Obama and I'm not trying to hide the fact that I had to staying for the accusations in the process I don't needy witnesses. And humor is now set to meet with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to figure out the terms of that senate trial serious said he would like the trial to start on the week of January 6 and free to go. For about three weeks or more but ultimately McConnell will have the final say and he's indicated he would like a speedy senate trial. Darling Kenneth. The Republicans definitely got the power there in the senate and as thank you appreciated and a new ABC news poll out this morning just 71% of Americans say president trump should allow. His top aides to testify in the senate impeachment trial Democrats want to hear from acting White House tubes that make more brainy. And former national security of other John Bolton among others but Republican senators have said they may not call any witnesses. The poll also shows more than half of Americans 55%. Say president truck was treated fairly. House intelligence and Judiciary Committee hearings but only 17%. Of Republicans thought he was treated fairly. The question of whether president trump should be impeached and removed from office is largely unchanged since late October Americans split forty hour percent in favor of impeachment. And removal. The job administration is reportedly planning to send asylum seekers to Honduras. Even if they're from another country it's a move that would end their chances for applying. For asylum hearing hearing today LA times is reporting that Honduras signed an agreement with the Homeland Security Department sent to the deals reached with Guatemala and El Salvador. Aimed at restricting migrants at the southern border. One congresswoman says the administration is jeopardizing lives by shipping asylum seekers the same danger zones their flee. Rather metropolis threatening to boycott B official presidential debates next fall he's criticizing the nonpartisan commission that sponsors the debates. Saying he has several other options including. During the debates directly he did not elaborate on what during the debates directly wouldn't help. Congress is considering a measure to raise the age to purchase tobacco to twenty want. It's part of an effort to keep baking products at the hands of young. America the bipartisan legislation would be included a massive government spending bill expected to pass this week if approved it would make it illegal for anyone under 21 to Biden eight product. Growing concerns about health risk. If you miss the deadline to enroll in obamacare health coverage. You're getting some extra time the government is extending the deadline to 3 AM eastern time Wednesday morning. The extension is because of problems with the web site one estimate says as many as 100000. People. May have had trouble with the site. Now to a holiday shipping alert one week before Christmas eat Amazon is now banning third party sellers from using FedEx for ground shipping. Many are concerned their packages will not get delivered in time but experts say this is actually a good move good thing for consumers. This morning digital speed bump for your holiday package deliveries. Be getting this week Amazon is temporarily blocking third party sellers from using FedEx ground for prime customers citing a drop in delivery performance. Amazon says it fears orders will not arrive in time for Christmas based. On the recent performance of FedEx ground FedEx says the decision in packs only a small number shippers but to limit the options for the small businesses. And some of the highest demand shipping days in history I think. The biggest thing that Amazon's interest sitting here is coming up with their own. Shipping service I really think Amazon is emerging as a competitor of sorts. To FedEx and UPS and the Postal Service a competitive market though is good for consumers because it drives prices down and improve service. Meanwhile this morning a close call for UPS the company is back up and running after a system outage in Houston. With only one week to go until Christmas Eve. Experts say it's not too late to get free delivery but the deadlines are quickly approaching to arrive Christmas orders at Wal-Mart. Target and best buy. Must be placed by Friday. Macy's by new Saturday Amazon Nordstrom my son. If you're willing to pay a lot extra you could presumably ship something as late as the Tony third and get it in time for Christmas. That's gonna cost you more though and you do run the risk of un four seen delays including whether. And for procrastinators acts like shipped opera free two week trial for members it gives you free same day delivery Christmas. A North Carolina sheriff's deputy seen on camera Simon a middle school. Schooler to the ground has been fired the study if that happened Thursday the deputy was working as a resource officer advance middle school in Henderson. State investigators are determining whether to file criminal charges the county sheriff says she's no justification. For the deputies action. And this right here at that is liftoff for space X falcon nine rocket blasting off from Cape Canaveral. On Monday successful wants out there and Central Florida apart county deplored a new satellite that's expected to bring Internet connection. Too isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean the rocket's booster was able to land safely back on earth but attempts to recapture the nose cone. Upon re entry. Fails. Come on guys it's not rocket science oh wait it is rocket actually. Is its rocket science. Well coming up more than sixty million dollars in jewels stolen from the home on London's billionaire's row right at Kensington Palace. Was this tell but first the waves of trash going viral where those video of this horrible disgusting some. Warnings that video was taken. What can be done after this. Let's turn out to Iran where a protest over gas prices. Rock the nation announced Amnesty International that's at least 300 people were killed in clashes with security forces. Let's go across the pond to our foreign correspondent doing McFarlin in the London bureau Julie good morning so this theft whole. It significantly higher than was previously reported so why is this just coming out now. Exactly Kenneth morning bulls say T dot say Amnesty International previously. Estimated that the death told. In this few days of protests last month in Iran was around 200 in just over 200. I say this is not significantly. Much higher than not amnesty now saying at least 300 inform people. What killed let's backtrack a little of that was a week of protests in Iran last month after a sudden hike. In the gas subsidies cool as the price of fuel to spike significantly. People started protesting across Iran in a number of times. And cities and then if Ortiz suddenly and without warning pulled off the Internet and that failing. Days reception they were trying to prevent people from sharing information and also. Possibly organizing. Protests so while the country was. In a quite a significant blackout a number of ads that monitoring agency said at one point lesson 5% of the entire country. Was on line say groups like. Amnesty International a number of UN bodies as well we're trying to offend people trying to get some kind of sends. As to what was happening and so it's a bit as being a bit of detective whacked trying to piece together how many protestors. Have been killed the authorities in techcrunch have nots given. Veteran statistics for what happened though there a couple of weeks ago they did acknowledge that security forces had shot and killed some protest as they described. As rises but guys I want to put you to some an amnesty us saying in particular they say them the majority of deaths. In these protests work was by fatal shots to the heads the hearts and other vital organs. They also mention that a fifteen year old boy in the city of Shiraz a was shot and killed. When he was costing protests when his way hand from school. Well thank you. Should I ask you about this video as well it's been going viral on social media it's in Durban South Africa you can see tons of plastic waste surfing the waves. And we talked about problems of pollution in the ocean for but. Obviously this is just disturbing takes your breath. Yeah it's really really upsetting C is meant DeVon is gosh just looking ahead does now it really takes about the way. DeVon is South Africa's the largest city and is on the south African coastline. As you can Davis but it hundreds of plastic bottles from the seas swelling around in the ways as they get to the beach that. That they email at this basic two. What would they quit the present a check. This footage. And he said that this is the result he's got cold. In Jan and he said this is a result of Bob big summer rains. Flushing out all the commission that had built top on ratifying Sunday abroad dry season which is went this happens time and time again an all government. On not dealing with that. With as the crisis. Not it is. I was just looking into this they're in and out there in the yen. In April. That was a huge a deluge of plastic that comment DeVon in particular the ports of DeVon and they are some incredible faith days. Ships and base docked at the port and you cannot actually see the see guys because it is just a solid months. Of plastic debris. And it CA I just gay gives us a sense of of the scale. Of the problem the cards washing up an awful lot of plastic on days ports and in those areas. In southern now of course the nation covers wooden teeth suds. All of our planet and it's not just climate change. I'm banker and their contribution to rising global temperatures it's also things like incredible amounts of marine pollution which are also quizzing. The Asians to become. Even more acidic and guys that had such a huge huge impact. On day cringe as an analyst got a lift. In the nation's on the Carl huge impact not one human life as well. Jordan will remove aren't right quick is there are possible even solution that they're offering in that area to clean that mess up. Yes so when it or this was really really in the spotlight in April because there are a huge number of fans circulating around the ports on the sea lions aren't there are lots of people he shed images opposition media. I'm hundreds of bone and his offense to get on pickup by Honda lot of the plastic bottles a lot of community action. What was where is spot as a result of these face hands on social media. I'm guys on summing that I see is well. Or as an indie music those huge huge community effort and volunteering affixed and in Indonesia which is one of the world's biggest marine plastic police's. OK so let's move on to Singapore where former President Obama making headlines he -- powerful message praising women saying quote. If every nation on earth was run by women that's. A horrible impression of Fernando about but he fed Linda back to Kevin he fed that you if you have significant improvement across the board. What else that the former president have to say Julia. I may Kenneth I this is for the pretty cents a book I don't know why it's closing headlines I have to group month. And I say yes so you speaking at a private event. On that leadership. And this is what he had to say said that he while he was an office he had mused about what it was run by women would look like he's at now women. I just want need to know. Suspect the what I can say pretty in dispute debates. Is ideal better than oss. Well he's been argued have a not one. He said that I'm not sitting confident about fifteen years of every nation on that was run by women you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything living stunned as. And outcomes if you look at the well the look at the problems it's usually older people usually old man not guessing out. All the way he's adds. So yeah any business I didn't this topic of women in need to ship but it is quite tiny wee was speaking any last week about Finland's about. How would now did the was youngest prime minister is. Just to study five years abate. I'm and she runs a government 05 political parties all run by women's say you let's take a look at them tendency Finland by the way is always in the top five of and quality. Of life table. Around the ones and let's see how they do with a minute how he asked me I think. But you won't see how many more women will Wheeler and think your gear for that quote I really didn't capture the essence of it because you didn't you have Barack Obama donations. Today yeah. Yes it particularly I thank you so much we appreciate it. Thanks guys are here let's check notification is now starting wet new front runner and I. Best ugly Christmas sweater contest has little or hear her mop. Really went all out and have that hat. Ugly sweater made it literally have very interactive. Hi tech I think sweater ugly sweater with Santa coming down it chimney and fireplace there. Good job mom. Great job. Next to more Christmas spirit these diners were surprising there waitress they surprised her with. A huge yeah at that I hop there are 12100. Dollars. Here in New York. The massive New Jersey a patent on the river again across the way there. I hate this thing this is so improbable the see this as festive and holiday season she wanted to actually give the money back. She was surprised she said Whitman how does just that like no this is that really was aren't doing some very yesterday that we reported yesterday. At a Bob Evans an Ohio where they gave 14100 dollars and so I think we're gonna see more of this. I would love to see more this Saturday not a problem we'll do that every day one except check out this video of a bike race and belt and Wear dark. Started chasing the cycle last closing those dogs get a good on the race courses and causing a little bit about pavlik but. That's right here and then everybody in the dollar property quickly. He's having fun you know he's having a good idea that I away now if that's what the times when he got I don't look at of that belief that he's dragging. And I got a letter so we want to. Back with these guys are not a runt. The with the right rather get an airing after that notes dobbs got one run with you guys. Hey and it's up a heartwarming news this morning watch this a men's skating on a frozen lake. Comes across. A stranded here not as wide but that it was actually 3-D. Year. Here's this this year is Adam's case the only thing like the fact that he was on a lake himself right to me that's already wine. Issue yeah he was just hang out outlay outlay but it is ice skating at a I want it out all that coming out of fear that people who I like to think the people who are in these areas where the lakes freeze or buys water freeze over they know. Where they can state where they key half. And that he was gave you saw the deer. Ever wrote. Topple him to safety there. They didn't get to hear on the yeah the total of 3COM. And he did he got the first one he goes you know what. There's not efficient enough time wise how many get the two and one. Well you know what time is like sensitive when you're on ice like bats out. I'm really glad they're there have been rescued as dear. Our rights are now on that multimillion dollar heist police are looking for three burglars who swiped George from the home they've Formula One. Racing heiress now this is just hours after she left for vacation. Yet they're looking into whether her social media pros played a role and the high school dance that's the latest. Tomorrow Ecclestone heiress to the Formula One fortune shares a lot on Inkster Graham nights out movie premieres but this morning police are wondering if this photo showing -- stone's daughter on the steps of a private plane tipped off would be thieves that ethical stone and her family we're going out of town for the holidays. Allowing the intruders to carry out a heist in her London home on Friday night. Making off with 65 million dollars worth of jewelry. Like the ring on her hand in this photo or the watches and bracelets in this one both from her public answer Graham account deeds reportedly in the mansion which is just blocks from Kensington Palace where prince William and his family live. For just under an hour. The suspects three men making their way through the homes 57 rooms cracking at least two states. Before being discovered by on site security by the time the police were even called the suspects were gone a spokesperson for the Ecclestone Finley saying in a statement. Mara and Stanley are well but obviously angry and shaken by the incident. And this morning tomorrow is back on ins to Graham. Posting a Bible verse that appears to be a response to the robbery for there's nothing hidden that will not be disclosed in nothing concealed that will not be known. Are brought out into the open. Thank you will and asked for her father former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone. He said just yesterday considering all the security at the house and around the neighborhood he thinks the robbery was an inside job. We know they went through 57 rooms and under an hour. So if someone had to know exactly where they were going through because I think we'll also meant they had 57 states in the home yet and it's expected seven rooms rather. And they found two safe so just think of one room. That's a lot of territory to cover you have thing it. Interest in case map brings us to the question of the day do you post vacation photos immediately. Or do you wait until you get home. I what do you do. I absolutely never 100% of the time. Post a joint house. I will admit that year the years the years ago I did post and so when a musical talents like somebody can go it like burglarized her home now on how black we have here today. I think that's a thing just being in the news this is we are always issuing these warnings so based they're top of mind from. So I've never ever ever. Onetime typos that like on vacation accident don't go to my house because the big dark get into the electric fence then. Should network yeah you know that really work left arm myself with our Afghan. Our at all let us know what you I think what that question of the day tweet us comments section ABC news Bob you know the drill are coming up. We'll tell you what to watch out for on this Tuesday December 17. What the Heisman winner street already making a big difference in his hometown. Joseph borrow inspired a wave of giving. Activists. Here's what to watch apple today the house rules committee is set to meet what is expected to be a marathon session to set the parameters for. Wednesdays and peace for debate in the full house represented us meanwhile president trumpet First Lady Galati if proper scheduled. To welcome the president and first lady of Guatemala to the White House for meetings before participating. How they reception. Prosecutors are expected in court seeking to revoke the bail of Rudy Giuliani associate left August saying he poses an extreme flight risk. The claim harness misled authorities about its finances failing to point out he received one million dollars in September. Count originating from Russia but don't forget it's an activity break for an update our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and a politics. And five Hamas on this Tuesday morning when in the Heisman Trophy put the spotlight on LSU's Joseph burrow. And borrowed his stature is shining a light on hunger the Ohio native talked about poverty in his home state. When he was named college football's top player. On Saturday sixth said multiple fundraisers have collected more than 300000. Dollars for a food pantry. In his home county up Athens which is the poorest county. You know high. There's so many people there that they don't have a lot and I'm up here for all of those all those kids in Athens and in Athens counting the no go home there. Not a lot of food on the table. Hungry after school. And you guessed can be up here to. The head of the happens county food bank says the facility has been overwhelmed. With the financial support. This brother so thinking about its community still doing a lot he knows that. He's in a good position has a good platform and he's using it. He is and you know he even was very emotionally talked about kids going home from school and not having any food. When they come home so. Clearly he was affected by it these affected by his. You know residents neighbors there so I think it's gotta go along way I think this is just the beginning of the great things he's got to do since winning the Heisman. The food pantry has helped a lot of families and it's gonna help a lot more because. They're getting a lot of need not just round the state but firm outside of Ohio have as the world's. Good job well done by him always wins yeah where enticement. And it went for her hair and we've had a win here at it it's more America with having Darryl miles here the past couple days sing great to have you front. It's been great to be here you know to have you back I look forward to coming back you got it taking great care very. And you give immediate tricks of the trade and how to get some rest aren't yes but we're here get some rest right now so thank you for joining us. Have a great day we'll see you later they.

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