It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019

Lawmakers say they have a deal to avoid another shutdown, but will Donald Trump sign it?
24:35 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019
Good morning I'm time. Now I'm getting already had a top five things you know this Tuesday number one breaking news overnight from Washington a tenant and deal to avoid a government shutdown. Democrats and Republicans have agreed in principle. To provide nearly one point four billion dollars for border barriers including 55 miles of new fencing. But a fall short of the five point seven billion dollars president trump was demanding for a steel and concrete wall stretching 200 miles. The deal came together just as president from from potential presidential candidate federal Rourke told dueling rallies and El Paso, Texas. Number two a massive winter storm bearing down much of the country right now. Just in time for the morning commute 120 million Americans are affected but sleet and freezing rain expected from Chicago to Detroit. And the major cities of the northeast could see a few inches of snow and ice today the same system is also affecting Saint Louis where firefighters were responding to. Responding to an accident when their vehicle skidded off the road to ditch the ambulance and pushed the Gurney. A mile to the hospital and thanks to a different storm system lots of people in Seattle aren't going anywhere today. More than 400 flights were canceled yesterday at least a hundred are off the books today. On to number 3 new details this morning about the rolling measles outbreak which has now spread to do these ten states more than a hundred cases have been confirmed. And many states parents can legally opt out of back saving their children for philosophical reasons but now some kids. Are fighting back one team in Ohio is stirring the debate on line. After he posted about his decision to get vaccinated when he turned eighteen despite his parents urging him not to you. We had to Chicago affordable for new details about the allies attack on TV actor Jesse small Latin. Two weeks after he reported being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack small lab has turned over some of its own record. But overnight Chicago police said the phone records which are heavily redacted do not meet the burden for a criminal investigation and police say. They have not found any surveillance video of the attack. And I finally number five on mom in Maryland is now wanted a college campus because she's been looking for love. For her son's house in university put out a security alert for the woman's. He she's barely been showing a picture of a man she says is her son to limit on campus asking them. If they want to feed him so far she's made the rounds at the school's library and art center. University police aren't treating this case is criminal they just want mom to stop bothering people. We've got much more to talk about including that one right there coming your way. And morning America. You sit onetime you got it down because they did because your mom is on campus and you are right. I never said that no I thought I got my own. Gates everybody. Tom what's the most embarrassing thing your mother. Done to you as young adult. They had nothing like trying to that would. Hot hot hot I think that is not done that in there isn't mean isn't lord is like being really silly with my friends around we're images like. Stop and that she would make my friend but they those lawyers and public stop encouraging. Here. My mother. Was perfect so. She's his mug on the and you. On the date tube for God's commandment. To look up see that he would elect its morning in America but from the courts could I got it all. It's morning in America it's clear. We ask you got to get we have. Do we do is gonna pay about a watching them we've been reporting on all morning about that breaking news overnight at tentative deal toward another government shut down. Democrats Republicans come in they gather apparently they reached an agreement on border security. Which is good because only a couple more days to that deadline of course we saw the longest government shut down. And US history come to an end just a couple weeks ago so so many you know hundreds of thousands federal workers. Possibly remote not wanting to see this happen again ABC's Mota costar Abbie. Has the this is still not a done deal. Yet genetic key word here is Tenet dead right now. Congressional negotiators have their staff hashing out the minor deet tails but this still has to be agreed upon by the president was long said. No wall no deal and guess what. There is no wall money not one dollar going toward the president's Walters one point. For nearly one point four million going toward border the carrier enhancements that the Democrats have agreed to but this deals essentially the same one. That put this in the shutdown earlier like you sad this is something that people do not want to repeat we don't want another partial government shutdown. But three days Al and it doesn't look like the president's gonna greeted us deal. And you know Mona really we can get about the in all of this are we getting any inkling at all from the White House if how the president is gonna lean on this. While and the pass he sad that. No while no deal I mentioned that cell he's not budging there he contemplated declaring a national emergency. Diverting funds from elsewhere to build his wall. And at. Recently he's been saying and even set at last night in that rally in El Paso that there already building the wall the wall gonna get built regardless cell. Eight it seems maybe he might greeted his deal if he feels that he can find another way or again that emirate declaring a national emergency is not off the table so. That's still the possibility to hill Republicans and Democrats alike have expressed that that is not something and that they want even his key supporters. Who have try to get in funding for the border all have said that and declaring a national emergency may not be the right path but. Heat the deadline is Friday at midnight and if he doesn't sign on it this deal that they've come up with then again there's no border while money there. Then he's. Last would very few options and rule probably be here over the president today nosy and meeting with his cabinet later this morning that if we don't. Read tweet before then Boehner thank you so much this morning and look you know he's to Syria where the final push against crisis is underway. Kurdish forces backed by US airpower battling to take back the last crisis but hold the country where hundreds of Islamic state by there's a whole lot. And militants are hitting back with suicide car bombs and sniper fire ABC's John James Wong man has more from the region. Ice this is waging its face this battle in months the terror group called it but fighting to the bitter end against US backed Kurdish forces. Meeting a landscape in ruins and desperate residents fleeing is thought about 500 holdouts remain in the tiny town of argues all that's left of the so called how to fake. It was once about the size of Indiana president trump wants US troops out of tea as soon as possible. But danger remains. Many jihadist escaped by posing as civilians in the defense the bomb and says prices can still count thousands of militants across this region. Waiting for another chumps to fight. Gentlemen ABC news in Iraq. Our thanks to James and our thanks to James and indeed and we move on because back here at home another presidential. Hopeful senator Kabul Harris is discussing her support for legal marijuana. Apparently she's trying not to pull a candidate Bill Clinton here she is being very open about her past experience with the drug. Have you smoked. Oak or anti agenda and hail I didn't I didn't handle it. It was a long time ago but an illicit I think that he is a lot of people July and we like. Yeah. And I'm not. Rents in Syria and breakfast but I don't mind answering that question at all times have changed had the not easy out. Former VP Biden there because all eyes are also on hand he's expected to announce soon whether or not. He plans to launch what would be his third it did and for president. Watching Matt did show. New controversy in the NFL former Kansas City Chiefs are cream hunt has signed a new deal months after video surfaced showing hunt assaulting a woman. Cleveland Browns signed him to a one year deal that she's cut him back in November after this video came to light. Hunt says he's sorry for this attack captured on video and the browns say they believe them. We can conclusion. You know what. I'm willing to help a man on the circumstance moving forward to be a better person. For now hunt still faces possible suspension from the NFL the league's investigation into the attack. Expected to wrap up soon interesting that the browns decided to sign them even though that investigation craft. A little weather because we got some storms this lot of last we've been talking about this morning. Some incredible scenes including missile right here near Lake Tahoe California they're trying to. Dig out from several feet of snow this whole martyr right there is working to gently and that's the snow overcame game. And then this happened and coming down from his roof he finally sent that crashing down. Into his yard we slowed it down forty it really wasn't that slow. And their guests. And it indefinitely and not a snow Uday. And this high school pupil Denver we're they need checkers drive air route cities and they've got pretty ride me. Big kid and standing thing in play music dancing in the hallways over the student. Enjoying the teachers on the picket lines negotiation center resumed today as a strike enters day two teachers there never want better pay. With less emphasis on bonuses this is the teachers first strike in 25 years Tom that video of the kids jumping around. I have a funny and I school it dead wrong if on a high school would also reminds me of how educators need to be respected but also the substitute teachers. They've got subs and there why kids respect those jobs. Because you'll have to deal of them for that day I'm not advocating for not respecting substitute teachers all cars. It authority should be respected her mom hey there Levy and gotten all play like amnesty does it bailouts were a lagging. Free today but a movie had a movie and yet. We'll movie did you guys is the Watson with the sub's things are taken. I will watch the movie sand lot. I watched a lot. Probably about 25 bell is gone and school why they had like burger rules back then in the ninety's. And it. The night is what I remember yes. That's what I remember the ninety's fine but a lot of great view things happening in schools I'm sure are not happening now that I I give our learned a lot more yet. I did okay it's an always got my educational. Yet the shocking though it. But police say a man looking for relaxing places smoke. Until it. And tiger. Yeah. So let's go across the pot now to ABC news London bureau where Julian Harlan is keeping an eye on those big international. News stories you're what you want to this morning. Morning guys three stories for you this morning that fast they I just wanted to OT about Venezuela's we've been reporting few guys. On that got age that is being stuck on the board the between Venezuela and Colombia it's not been allowed then. By the military and old entry points a lot of it's being stockpiled. And White House's but don't sit around the board that now yesterday the opposition leader of one glide data. He made an announcement he's said today we delivered the fascination. But noticeable step because the border is still blocked. For the time being here's pays thing with piles of this aid he didn't ebony that he didn't give any and information on wet but they did come from. Where it was being delivered to this aid has become a flashpoint in the tussle between him and president Madeira. Remember that Kwan whether the a position it he's been and he's been sort of approved by the entire community that recognize him. As he eyes the legitimate interim president. The the government in Venezuela has attacked this as being a pot of American backed affix its G tech news. In Venezuela but just one of told you just quickly about how important this aid is. As the reports that inflation hyperinflation but as well as reaching. Two point seven million to well I think it could be as high ten million of its Elliott relate to the yeah. The prices of food venezuelans is skyrocketing it's becoming a really really desperate situation so this ain't. Is critical for people in the country a lot of it still being blocked. On the boards. Another story that we're looking into just want to take you over to Russia because this is a ready really interesting story now. As part of that than war gaming strategy. The Russians are tying up to exercise or a test what the day his layup briefly unplugging. From the incident that's now that doing this to Tryon calculate whether they. Can withstand. Any kind of cyber attack from the outside law that will attempt to take the Russians. Off lines that what they're gonna try and do. Is a gonna try and take. They're gonna turn reroute all Russian traffic and he within the country this is ready many fascinating because. In Internet slowdowns and anything that disrupts the and sent a country cost the economy. Millions of dollars. In and sometimes and when this happens and say we can kinda get a sense of how the Russians are. Prioritizing best cyber defenses. Not this is part of legislation which they drafted lost the which sets out and is an initiative for the Russians try and withstand. Any kind of external attack if you've if you got head of the great firewall of China. The Russians trying to do something quite similar to that so I think really really interest staying. Development in the holes of cyber war fact as geopolitics at what full ingredient in story that without limiting thank you not a guy that Julia. But added I just wanna before me guy just want to bring you the story which he'll retire in a loving this morning on this is that you guys I think we've got video to show you. Not India's railway minutes. He's been mocked but sharing a video of a train that's been awesome Chris. So kiss me oh my god is still BC sped up its solaris and you is that he tweeted that. He said. It's some but it's Maine what's in his but sunny high speed train thousands of them made in India initiative. Dealing parts. At lightning speed. And now it seems. And either life in. Has failed savings that's often not actually the original video. Says he happens. He's clarified that he knew his best guess we'll need to have what's got to become bots you know an increase in accuracy is immune but I just think that's just a wonderful. Could put one of a little kick of story you guys it's. That is and I never India had big trip trains obviously that there is sometimes it really crowded. That way and I don't know how many bulletin if they really have there's so. GAAP. Well I think that's still 100 and a walk in real life and I want to and ended epidemic. All right Gloria thank you so much live in London this morning we appreciate you we'll see you tomorrow. It's my ballot a look at our notification that it's on the but easiest stories trending online right now. Started on a search for a missing monkey that's underway in Florida detectives believe the Cali Lewis stolen from the Palm Beach you over the weekend. She's twelve years old and really needs her Madison police say there are surveillance cameras in her area but it not commented on any potential. Studios who hoping to get Cali returned them quickly. That animal missing but another has been found and Houston a pretty big one from people who went to an abandoned home. To smoke some rare JaJuan well they actually found this. Tiger here yeah in the abandoned home. Stumble upon that wild animal we aren't sure how the tiger ended up to peace and alone in the home the tire tiger all the families that well fed. Probably chomping on whatever. Thing was during him and how insulin Erica. Yeah. An animal sanctuary actually is taking the tiger in today. The rescue folks they call the tiger Tyson because of course the movie got anger over in the movie that hang recital warranty within three. Oh really all of them all well and very down give myself tattoo. Mike Powell please don't get it right there. So rent in New York City if you don't live here you Natalie hi. If pac is hot it's expensive it costs a laugh cemetery rag to down in South Carolina. A whole bunch but if that worked at sixteen under anti AA is firmly in New York City while pulling gay EO. This hallway of a closet. Wait I can literally this calm their act. Apartment door in November battleground stretch out your arms 16100 dollars year your sink and they're toilet doubles as a sink. I got that's under our than other cities. From Houston like Houston and look at what you can get there you get a user for sixteen all whole bunch. Oh that's pretty nice single family home absolutely. Are. That's a beautiful score a huge difference he had no kidding bad. Nice listing their look that good. If you think it yourself some barbecued. Not the dale went subways. Deal with all the craziness in New York City. Yet you can read lag analogy there have to leave that apartment 16100 dollars and all right now they're he's a win at South Carolina coming out that's a little bit of Texas and South Carolina begin. RA all all right big news her and that's. 1980 eight's coming into America ready ready. She. You not. Oh. So the story the African press who moves to queens New York define this queen officially. It. It has three wall. Murphy is set to reprise his role as press I team. Good morning Friday blocked it with people all you undecided of the mets' lineup of I. You but I can't say it yes we can a year ago. I had no doubt whether you're an and you know the movie you know it is your right hit track anyway. I don't think well learning got a long lost. And let's adjourn to America had to meet the unlikely heir to the door and of them got them. Back them not. Mineta you'd I think I'm coming to America to. Ever released I guess what it's money. I wanna walk conduct an of the moon yes they're there neighboring countries in Africa. I've got it does come and that's caught the ball that you may eighth and we give them this idea we start it. Oh my gosh that's been done wound up on that got cut over the Augusta that would be federal all they're remodeling your care to be would you be a war here. Noble. I would be a print searching. And the hero of the movie UV everything I'm also McDowell so maybe. To return any and that it did it go out of business. You write or maybe I think they're gonna start it in the New York remember I we're Obama having to America I got we get there come an America that's more more secondly I think it's a big video mobile lab but. I don't know the important thing waiting for you remember win. This they would teams they mows the character obviously the the person that Eddie Murphy's character isn't yet being weapon bother and he might well look. Me at a McDonald's people we got a little misunderstanding and feed every dollar Lott I'm McDowell picked have a golden arches lot of effort and older are a you think they got the big Mac I got a big Eck. We broke got two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles and I have but they used sesame seed but. My bugs don't have sesame seeds. Kinney. And we. Okay now would you move on other government today Maryland isn't made his mother got vaccinated. How it turns the Internet for help what does mom is saying now illness. Welcome back coming up later on ABC news lite ice and border. Patrol officials will testify out Gailey separations of the border government watchdogs have said it's unclear how many families were separated in total. Because agencies did not keep good enough records and the jury is still deliberating the case of Joaquin out toppled Guzman. Let's kingpin of the notorious Mexican drug cartel. We'll bring you the breaking news when the jury reaches a bird. Plus don't forget to tune in chewed that debrief for an update on all of our top stories of the day at the briefing room for a break down. Of the latest political headlines a while you're watching there and in Washington. Northwest is in the middle of a historic and measles outbreak in health experts say vaccinations are the key to keeping your kids safe. But I fixing the State's parents can legally opt out of back saving their children and now in Ohio one of those children who just recently turned eighteen. Has the five his own mother take a look. The vaccination debate draws a deep divide between sides before one Ohio family that divide has created a rift between parents and children. Absolutely no I will not back saint my children from getting vaccinated and this is what I want to do. A tetanus shot after an accident as a child. His mother staunchly opposed to vaccinations opting out of the standard vaccination regiment for all overkill is due to health concerns. But for Ethan this decision didn't make sense so when he turned eighteen he turned to the Internet for help Ethan posting a read it ask you for advice on how to get vaccinated writing my parents think vaccines or some kind of government scheme. I've Actel is arguments over the topic but because of their beliefs I've never been vaccinated for anything. God knows how I'm still alive that post going viral with other teams posting already looking for similar answers raising the question about how kids can take their health. And to their own hands. I've had people contact me they are innocent war situation. Where they want person back stations and their parent or authority figure doesn't believe it's right law. Ebert says his decision to get vaccinated with the right choice for him his mother disagrees saying it was typical to accept. And hope that she can convince her other children to avoid the shots once they turn eighteen. I think it's great that he is taking it upon himself to research and find what he feels is best for ham. It is not what I agreement it is not how I feel. The vaccine debate continues a remember the vaccine has been proven to be saved the surgeon general and CDC remind people. It's not just a personal choice if you don't backs that your children are putting others at risk. So you think it's interesting it is great that that kid decided to take his health into his own hair it is interesting though because if you do look at the other side that if parents decided to backs make significant spike in. Felt the opposite way that you can't undo it. The good packet for. Even adults and now and vote no when he was in this pair's home. On a lighter note like my mother when your in this house you do and I think it. A him at least flirting via free thinker yes that is it for us it's morning America which means it's in our workday. Yeah that's right we're getting out of here but we'll see you right back your tomorrow. Thanks for watching ABC news log.

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