It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Record rain and flash flooding in Washington, D.C., Jeffrey Epstein charged with sex trafficking, World Cup champs return home and more.
23:08 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna and hitting over here iTunes. Is number one extreme weather a possible tropical storm is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico could impact millions of Americans later this week with heavy rainfall comes after a record storms slammed the DC area. Monday went nearly one month's rain in just. 1 morning. Water level in the treatment Virginia rose by eleven feet injustice and how work. Elsewhere this morning flash flooding that's reported in parts of Nebraska and the Dakotas covered you president trump says he will no longer deal with the British ambassador to US after finding out that the ambassador called him an act and didn't hear ambassador Kim Garrett. Was disinvited from a dinner with the president last night and memos leaked to the press Eric also warned that president come may be indebted to the Russian as the sun newspaper reports the British government is investigating whether Russia hacked into him passers them. Spot to number three another possible candidate running for president California billionaire Tom sire is expected to announce his campaign for the White House today. Months after saying he would not run. Dyer has spent spent millions of dollars on the present Thompson each. Meanwhile we barn Elizabeth Warren raised more than nineteen million dollars in the second quarter of this year she beat. Bernie Sanders who rates eighteen million and trailed only he but the judge. And Joseph Biden warned Mike Sanders accepts money from only small donors number four now definitely men who died after consuming too much caffeine is warning others. Rockland foot died at his home and Australia last year the day before his 22 birthday he added one teaspoon of caffeine powder to us from teaching. A quarter report recently concluded that he died from caffeine toxicity that one peacefully. They say it was equal to between 25 and fifty cups of coffee. Plus caffeine powder are fans in the US let's failing wants Australia to insane. About number five if you feel like slacking off at work Netflix have a sneaky new option you give beds. Your favorite shows while pretending to work that was get rite Catholics hangouts is an extension on Google Chrome. That lets you watch shows what makes it look like a conference call. Wherever you're watching appears to be a four person conference call for one of the causes actually a program on the streaming service. We've got so much mark talked about coming your way stream us we'll give you about a talk about here this morning America. Hello let's get hit record flooding that slammed into the mid Atlantic cleanup is just beginning this morning the Washington DC area that sock. And got so for nearly one month's worth of rain in 1 morning but rainfall breaking. A 148. Year old record meanwhile the next big concern is a possible tropical storm that's brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. It could impact millions of Americans this week ABC's temporal beacons are covered Trevor good morning. Good morning today in Kenneth I don't do you guys know just how bad DC's traffic notoriously is but yesterday morning you legitimately would have needed a boats to get through some of these roads. This morning the DC metro area trying to dry off after nearly a month's worth of rain in 1 morning never seen nothing like. The torch of rainfall washing out roads around Virginia and Maryland dozens of water rescues called in for strained to drivers some of them forced to climb on top of their cars to avoid the rushing waters below. I was up at that late. West came through it was like a credit we've been. The rain pummeling the area as thousands were on their way to work Monday commuters caught in the middle in Arlington Virginia a tree forced to plow through a waterfall coming down through the ceiling of the DC metro station. In what appears to be a raging river swamping this parking garage. Even the White House among those seeing signs of flooding. Electrical outages also reported at the National Archives building officials saying the declaration of independence and the constitution are safe. Others not so lucky a mud slide in Potomac Maryland collapsing the wall of this house. In in Virginia off hardware store owner trying in vain to protect your business. By the time I left that this nice manner it was probably Christmas order rates. The floodwaters now receding as a new weather system takes shape a possible tropical depression developing in the golf over the next five days likely leading to heavy rainfall from Texas to the Florida Panhandle. Officials continue to release more information about just how dangerous and chaotic this flash flooding was so far a total more than 75 water rescues have been reported in DC Maryland and Virginia. We also know that about 101000 customers lost power yesterday morning including National Archives most people have power back. The National Archives do not they're gonna have to be closed today they try to get the electricity back up. Today Kenneth Trevor you have to. Show us how was your commute and after we saw all the rain there around canal road as you know. I'm still DC based. Over I hope for being a threat but you you made it in safely actually. I I needed it safely today I had a bad commute home yesterday not because I got stranded but. Because I got made fun of by my -- driver for not walking in the rain. I got into the car and it I only I usually walk there live like ten blocks away it is like oh can handle the rain on its historic the last. When that Hoover driver is about saving you yeah. Now and wanted to get off and that. I gave you one star as well. Were the road where you could anywhere from earlier the DC bureau in downtown DC. Were you seeing much huddling are flooding around that area. It not a ton of both flooding itself but it was just it was coming down like crazy and I got the notification on my phone in my office and I like. Dismissed the flash flooding I just thought it was like one of those regular election if but yet it was coming down. But all that much harder than I've seen it for. Or a line a year somewhat new to the DC area but if you go along canal which you. Needed a boat to. OK we like to see you live from their next time is that dry inside the DC bureau. But they had out of the via a idea satellite fed into your audience out. We're pretty much there with a Hoover driver did to you as well as Abu packaging knew little but they are less spectacular ever heard during good to be with you. I think governor. New York has signed a lot of could give key members of congress axis of president trumps state tax returns those taxes. Could reveal many of the same details found in the president's federal tax returns which he's refuse to release Republicans are vowing to challenge the new York law. House period to Pelosi is blasting president drove over his right to act as citizenship question to the 20/20 cents is think he wants to make America white again for comment. Came on the same day attorney general William Barr said he sees a legal way to ask respondents if they are citizens and plans to take action soon. That's despite a Supreme Court ruling blocking the question that follows the and others say would result in. Under county migrants. You know his hat make America white again they want to make sure that people certain people aren't counted. Experts say low participation in the census from immigrants what shift money and political power away from democratic led cities to wire rule areas dominated by. Public its. Raising their lay hidden minimum waged a fifteen dollar to some Democrats are proposing would have pluses and minuses for workers and nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the increase would boost the income. Of about 27 million people. One point three million would be lifted out of poverty but the CBO also says an equal number of jobs one point three million might be lost. President compress declared a state of emergency for California after those two larger earthquakes the declaration frees up disaster relief money. A local bank is also offering short term low interest loans so people can replace food and medical supplies. Some people are still sleeping outside fearing another strong aftershock. ABC's mark is more is in the quake zone. Many people in this part of Southern California are rattled as they indoor aftershocks and try to recover from two powerful earthquakes including the want to happen on Friday. And that severe shaking star of the landscape look at this bear of the crack that stretches through the desert course for the I can see. Wow meanwhile some encouraging news the hospital near the epicenter of last week's quake. Is now fully operational. Now to them now to the case against multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein who has previous sites present trump and former President Bill Clinton have seen us pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges. Prosecutors say they found hundreds of suggestive photos of girls at his mansion and now his alleged victims. After Phil Hughes one of his private jets and his two private islands in the Caribbean to escape charges. This morning prosecutors are fighting to keep politically connected finance year Jeffrey Epstein behind bars. They see he sexually assaulted dozens of young girls at its homes in new York and Florida that we think he has every incentive. To try and flee the jurisdiction and when you have two planes. And you live much of the year abroad. You know we think that's a very real risk. Agents raided 77 million dollar Manhattan mansion one of the largest private homes in New York. They say they found hundreds of them. Well perhaps some how to run it's the alleged behavior shocks the conscience the indictment claims Epstein recruited girls to engage in sex acts with him. After which he would give the victims hundreds of dollars and catch. ABC's from the Imus spoke to two of Epstein alleged Florida victims when you saw him if he'd just brought back bad memories. Yes that brought back the last time I saw him which was. Right that that massage table and it just. Started making me feel uneasy narron says. Courtney wild says she was assaulted in Epstein told when she was fourteen. Spoke to a out of court Monday just to hear that there are standing up for the victims you know what I mean. It's just like so overwhelmingly. On. In the past due in 2007 Epstein face similar charges in Florida put struck a controversial plea deal serving only thirteen months in jail his political connections now once again in the spotlight. N a 2002 profile in New York magazine before any allegation surfaced Donald Trump is quoted as saying this about Epstein. It's even said that he likes beautiful women as much is ideal and many of them are on the younger side no doubt about it. Jeffrey enjoys his social life and a spokesman for former President Bill Clinton released this statement last night saying the former president knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida. Or those with which he is that a recently charged in New York. A judge will decide next week whether I've seen his release on bail meanwhile the alleged victim's lawyer saying this indictment has been a long time. The only reason that I can think of that it took so long to bring this indictment. Is that the times have changed people care more now and the victim blaming his is somewhat of a thing of the past. I've seen his attorneys argue these charges feel like double jeopardy but prosecutors say the previous immunity deal was only for Florida. Not for New York. A Massachusetts judge could soon dismissed the sexual assault case against actor Kevin Spacey the young man accusing space he'll groping them on a bar invoke the Fifth Amendment Monday when asked whether he deleted messages from his phone. The judge appear to. Agree with defense attorneys that the case should be dismissed but he did not make a ruling accusers parents also testified about its phone. I deleted a few things I think if it way too many questions that goes to listen you keep this up on W contempt. He accuses mother's sister she did not delete any text messages relevant to the night in question but that phone. It's still missing prosecutors asked the judge for a least a week to decide whether to proceed with the case. Mr. Graham is cracking down on online bullying with two new features one of the tools ask those about to post offense of comments. To think twice before hitting send the other allows users to automatically hide messages from people they don't want posting them. Well coming up Coco go off to run at Wimbledon is over but two more American women are facing off in this morning's court finals. Welcome back. Iran has breach of playing fifteen nuclear deal exceeding limits on uranium enrichment as the sentence that's going with the Washington Iran is coming up the pressure on your to find a way around. Crippling US sanctions for now from ABC's Brett milky. I guess that's right he rotted warned this was coming but now they've gone ahead and done it. International observers say that he brought has broken the rules limit nuclear agreement the US backed out of a year ago. In this is something Europe desperately wanted to avoid because. The countries are still in that agreement but he said that is not enough it wants the full economic relief it was promised. But here's the thing we talk about into enriched uranium all the time what does that actually mean I asked ABC's Connor Finnegan at the State Department how worrisome is actually yes. Uranium test being reached at a high enough level in order to produce enough nuclear material to create of nuclear bomb. And so would Iran has done in the last 24 hours. Is reached the caps on the level of enrichment three point 67%. The now going up to four point 5%. They said they may go as high as 20%. But it is still far short of that over 90% needed. To create a nuclear bomb what's also important is the amount of nuclear fuel the amount of in rich uranium. Last week Iran reached the limits on its stockpile of enriched material but they still need triple of the amount that they have an auditor created nuclear weapon. He does state make no mistake this is not about nuclear power plants this is a buddy Ron trying to freak out Europe enough. To the point where it's strange their relationship with the US and as we've seen in recent diplomatic spats. It could very well get their wish of a lot more on your money in game plan on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts we figured podcasting app Jennings Kenneth. Our thanks to brother for that break down now to Hong Kong where mass protests have been heating up over the past month and now the city's leader says the controversial bill that started it all. Is dead let's go across the pond now to dinner for apple stand and the London bureau for more good morning Jennifer. Hey good morning guys this is breaking overnight a follow up to yesterday's story. And out of Hong Kong its leader Carrie Lam. Says the controversial extradition bill is dead and calls are government's efforts to amend it after massive protests a complete failure. We've been watching critics of that bill and massive cross Hong Kong over the last month. As many as two million voicing their anger some even storming a legislature and violently clashing with police. The bottom line of their anger and their fear well that's the extradition law a rep for jet represents Beijing's creeping authority. Into the semi autonomous state with its democracy imperiled that's the fear. But today's scrapping of the deal is one of the demands from civil rights groups and protesters there would also like to see Carrie Lam stepped down. Some are casting doubts on whether she's truly killing the bill or setting it aside for calmer times so lots of mistrust at this stage. And Jennifer from Hong Kong to Spain now are the annual running of the bulls is going on this week. We know already several people happen gore but that's not the only concern tell us about that. Yes something different the northern Spanish city a compliment this week opens its famous running of the bulls festivals where thousands. Of tourists descend upon the town to watch people died bull's tail caring through these tiny streets. It could be a dangerous exercise that case in point easy mentioned with an American was gored by a bull this weekend. But the festivals also been plagued the plan assaults on women. And not by the bulls so this year's organizers are taking measures few better safeguard women doing the nine day event. After Ceres and sexual assaults during pass to festivals. Police say they're upping the surveillance setting up booths with resource is dedicated to abuse. And launching a cell phone app for women to report those abuses. Credible there and back there in London will wilderness and to go quarterfinals and fifteen year old phenom Coco go off has been eliminated but American women are stolen the spotlight asked Serena Williams and house and risk. Face off this morning. Janice Wright was a humble waved goodbye from the court at Wimbledon. But this last week Coco got has introduced herself to the world with her massive grids. And come back experience. I hope they learn to about me that terrified and down every can above. And I hope they learn firm needs I mean anything is possible if you work hard and just continue to dream date I mean. Like I said some may told me this maybe three weeks ago I probably wouldn't believe it. When a crowd who. Roared with delight at the end of the match yesterday it was pretty clear they were applauding the Victor but also the fifteen year old from Florida who captured hearts. And many many more fans of Tarrant tennis. Nice he said Serena Williams also survived terror around and so did another American player. 29 year old Alison risk she's playing Serena today so lots of great sport here in London for the next couple of days are back to you guys. But what yeah Abbott thank you for joining us fine arts let's check our notification is now starting with. Snowball the cockatoo with busting move showing off his choreography apparently. Researchers found that. This period learned on his or her own he how to date at snow and on the spirit. It knows how to do several steel didn't take types of audiences. Are ripping. Yeah. And we nice have a news. Wreck Barrett a soldier in Michigan claims he's done almost 4700. Herpes for charity from my sense that the world record he did it in twelve hours a test of lower. I can only be like ten minute time credible how guys are the Mets Mets watched this cap sneaking up on its owner of the wait for it. The way already cast just stared at play in the there. I was Mika Bonham. From around the corner. Hello how are hitting coach hopper. All right guys laying around again and where all right I'll be angry feelings can pads site. The scary movie or heard anything yet that that's scary things used to be closer. R&R rating and a paid along Florida's Gulf Coast saw something else ball who's gotten guys get a person. Water main story. Security video from a Fort Myers car dealership shows this man coming out and no air. Leaning other for the card issue goes flying his head hit targeting typical lots let something happen. Workers check the tape after showing up for work Monday and noticing a big old Denton the roof. It was his mayor of the dealerships FaceBook page with the words can't fix to The Who is just inflated come from. And that's a question of the day what do you think happened here. Ou quarterback head hitting it just fell out of the sky. Closer fearing the comments are treatise and ABC news five. A bird a plane up Florida man. Coming up team USA at home from France after winning the women's World Cup. Their message to fans of young girls about to them after this. Here's what's watch out for today president Tom welcome to be here of Carter to the White House for bilateral immediately lives. Faith leaders are holding a rally that pushed the top administration to avoid a war with Iran calling on lawmakers. Support the national defense authorization act to ensure no president can take military action without the support of congress. It's a federal appeals court will hear arguments in the case seeking to overturn obamacare if the three judge panel upholds the decision by Texas judge to invalidate the entire law OK lots of the individual mandate. It could impact millions of American citizens protections for preexisting conditions as other benefits. That decision is expected by the end of summer and the stars will be out tonight in Cleveland from Major League baseball's all star game. New York Mets star he Alonso won the home run derby last night putting green Argyle homework to eliminate hometown favorite parlor and plus don't forget to get into the debris for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics well that's the other all stars team USA's triumphant return home after their dramatic victory in the World Cup fine. They're gay she euros welcome home while sharing stories of their hard fought win. Chanting we are the champions the US women's soccer team touched down at Newark Airport in New Jersey. Finally home. West Hollywood so happy back. Getting ready for the ticker tape parade in New York City tomorrow team's star making a repeat no. Show fans a quota per back in 1999. When she was watching the women's World Cup from the stay ends dreaming of a moment like this. My friend ascendancy me. And and I am all the skin color of this morning I exporting as a home you museum and is my friends and evening. The hero the final game rueful bell. Gave thanks for the US spears who traveled to France. First except that think that this thing that they every single game. It was a case vehicle in front I think the fans really channel president of the confidently coming up over the field and they've. Rumors. This morning Sports Illustrated out with this cover calling the team world class unflappable and on it cool saying it was the most competitive women's World Cup yet the. Team for work determination. Of paying off now they say they're more hopeful than ever they can win their legal battle for equal pay in this war. Okay. But most important they say if the message they can send to all young girls. Go for it seemed Biggs. Go for everything it wanted. So team USA's in Times Square right now for exclusive interview on Good Morning America you can watch that later today. Right here on ABC news lives to make sure you tune in for the. Absolutely will be seeing a lot more then of course there's that ticker tape parade tomorrow here in new York and then the team will be at the as bait and outlays shall see a lot of then. And get to celebrate them a bunch can't wait for now. As it from us how to get one. Steve Moore.

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