It's Morning, America: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Massive college admissions bribery scandal snags celebs, pressure mounts on airlines to ground Boeing's Max 8 jets and more.
24:19 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke and I do they already are the top I think Singh know this Wednesday number one that college admissions bribery scandal that is. Blocking the country's two well known TV stars are among those charged with taking part in the massive college admissions scam. Lori Laughlin is expected to turn herself in this morning Felicity Huffman with the rest it. But it's free on 250000. Dollar spot number two in the severe weather expected today a tornado has already destroyed at least ten homes in southeastern Mexico and several injuries are reported. And the radar shows that storm is on the move blizzard conditions are expected later today and parts of Colorado Wyoming. Temper could see five to eight inches of snow. And heavy rain could cause flooding from the eastern Kansas to Wisconsin Wisconsin number three US aviation officials are asking to examined the black boxes. From that Boeing jet that crashed in East Africa and they want to examine them here and he west oppressing heat you've been investigators to turn over the boxes immediately and if that happens it could be at least. Another day before the boxes are examined meanwhile a Canadian airline has now grant grounded the 737 Max eight to the first Canadian carrier to do so number for consumer alert affecting women's beauty products Claire's Stores is recalling remake our products because of possible. Asbestos contamination. They include compact powder contour palace an eye shadow the company says FDA testing showed possible asbestos fibers in some examples no illnesses. Have been reported and Ali number five we have a medical headline this morning for people. Not for people but for pets a new survey finds more than half of all hats and you laugh are overweight or obese. Including 60%. Of cats 56% docked the survey found most owners are overwhelmed by the number of food choices for their pets. And by conflicting nutritional parts. We have gotten so much more to talk about it it is all coming your way it's morning Americans. We measure the fat cats. You re right now I wonder how many people like into this sort of thing what people don't know that their pets are overweight they're just like all these big bowl. The big bird didn't benefit that a former Cutley yet. That's exactly it Davidson and field. Well a lot gets you this morning and we're gonna start up big story. Prosecutors are calling it the largest college admissions fraud scandal in US history so many people are talking about. They are they've dubbed it operation varsity blues fifty people are being charged in new details are coming to light this morning the yearlong sting operation. As resulted in the arrest of Hollywood actresses top business executives. As well as college coaches. They're accused of taking part in a scam that paid millions of dollars in bribes to make sure that children of wealthy parents got this summer even those elite schools in the country. This morning actress Felicity Huffman seen here leaving court last night with her back turned told reporters is free after posting 200. 50000 dollars bond. Investigators say the desperate housewife star is one of 33 parents who paid up to six million dollars to college consultant William singer to guarantee their children's admission to top colleges and universities. The FBI uncovered what we believe is a rigged system. Robbing students all over the country of their right at a fair shot to getting into some of the most elite universities in this country. Also freezing felony charges if we may have. Well he may have had embellished. Lot they are apt. Full house star Laurie Locke let. Her fashion designer husband has already been arrested. And many cases prosecutors say singer paid off as a T in ECT proctor the money was allegedly funneled tax free through singers fake charity. We're not talking about needing a building. So that a school's more likely to take your son or daughter. We're talking about deception and fraud singer is also accused of bribing individual college coaches. Prosecutors say one family paid singer one point two million dollars. And he in turn ride to the women's soccer coach at Yale to recruit their daughter. Even though their daughter never played soccer in return for bribes these coaches agreed to pretend that certain applicants. Were recruited competitive athletes. When in fact the applicants were not. Prosecutors say a wiretaps revealed one dad teamed up with senior to tricked US seat. Into thinking it's Sam was a football player because it would increase the suns odds of getting into the university. According to the indictment the father told singer quote that's totally hilarious because his son's high school doesn't have a football team. In another instance prosecutors say a parent sent in this photo showing their daughter plain water polo in high school. But in fact the photo was another student senior his associates you stock photos that they pulled off the Internet. Some times photo shopping the face of the child. On suit the picture of the athlete. Singer has pleaded guilty to multiple charges including racketeering and conspiracy to defraud. His book getting in published in 2014. Claims to be full of so called secrets to gaining at mission to your school of choice among the parents facing charges. Real estate moguls wind vineyard owners an entrepreneur lures like tie Blake. Who treated his excitement over his daughter's admission to USC last year treating it very excited my daughter will be attending USC next year. Bite on Trojan gambling. And this morning new fallout on the campuses of several prestigious universities Stanford has fired its ailing coach. USC has let go a director of its athletic program and the water polo coach and at Wake Forest ahead volleyball coach also fired. So far no students have been charged but their fate remains unclear prosecutors say many of them were unaware of what their parents did. Coming up in a few minutes we'll take a closer look at the case against Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin and the punishment they could face if convicted. You know when it comes that story in that one of the big reasons so when you were talking about is because that's the prosecutors said. For every wealth the a leak person who got into a school because of that brought you earlier allegedly fraudulently. There's somebody dessert and did not get into who's hard working did not get so it ironic a lot of people yep definitely. Whether Rick story this morning Boeing is now facing even more pressure to ground its 737 Max eight jets. Or that deadly crash East Africa all of the European Union has now grounded the plane. And the man in charge of New York city's three local airports is now speaking out urging the FA aid to take action. ABC's Stephanie Roberts has the latest this morning something good morning. Good morning we may get some answers later today the anti SP FAA and Boeing officials. Are expected to meet with EPO but of Ethiopian officials about where those plot boxes from the plane that crashed will be well. It's likely Ethiopians may not have the capacity to extract the data from those plot boxes so that may have to happen in another country. Today the FAA continues to face major criticism for not grounding Boeing 737. NASA jet. After the Ethiopian airlines crash and months after a different crash in Indonesia this past October. But other countries not taking cues from the FAA instead they've already grounded the aircraft lawmakers are calling for the FAA to act. I think it makes sense to to ground the aircraft until we have better information. The chief of New York airports enter New York's governor Andrew Cuomo also calling on the FAA to strongly consider grounding the fleet. Flight 302 took off Sunday morning carrying 157. People and just six minutes later that plane slammed into this field. The black boxes has been found but the lead investigator says they won't even begin to examine the black boxes until they can clear the debris field. If there's a problem with the airplane the world needs to know now in the US there are only 72 masses out of thousands of planes and at least two US pilots have complained about them in the past. Reporting that an automated system seemed to cause their Boeing 737 Max planes to tilt down suddenly. They recovered after disconnecting auto pilot. The FAA in any statement says there's no basis to order a grounding. These travelers going from Houston to Orlando not feeling so confident. Go to try to go on to play. Here in Washington the White House says the president has spoken with Boeing's CEO who says he is. Absolutely confident in the safety of his airplanes guys. So many in the aviation safety community are urging. For the examination of those black boxes and regularly step in Iran must thank you we appreciate it. Visit other headlines we're watching this morning a former advisor Pope Francis has been sentenced to six years in prison. Australian cardinal George pal was convicted of sexually abusing two choir boys he's the most senior member of the church convicted in the abuse scandal. We're following breaking news from California governor is imposing a moratorium on the death penalty there the state. Which has the largest number of people on death row has not XEQ did anyone since 2006. Governor Gavin Newsom will be explained the moratorium. During interviews this morning. The Pentagon has announced its new rules on transgender troops dual roles require individuals to serve in their birth gender. And bar phone service those who require treatment for gender just for re up the rules fall short. We all out ban order by president company will take effect next month. And if Venezuela where it US relations whipped the country are hitting a new low as Venezuela. That black out there it says that today's seven desperate people many of them out unable to find clean water food or Castro protests thing. President Nicholas in the Durham claims without evidence that the US sabotaged. Power grid ABC's top. Yarmouth who's on the ground in Venezuela tells us the US is firing back. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has responded. To president would do roasting the US played no role in the power problems here in Venezuela he's blaming but the rules quote incompetence. But the US is taking no chances they are pulling out all US personnel seen the conditions here. Are just deteriorating and we have seen that everywhere we've gone from seeing people beta and that river filth the scene mothers caring. Large jugs of brown water with their small children to the hospital and to the airport but they were still no power. I think the Tom their vigorous government also blames opposition you don't want white dove for the blackouts. US is now threatening to impose new sanctions on the receipt incredible images batons knives seeing their. Well forget it forget full knicks have a new patrons say a flight from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia made an emergency return to the airport after one passenger forgot. Her baby her baby the mom told a cabin crew she left her child. The boarding air air traffic controllers were so stunned they have to check out the proper protocol as you can imagine Wright doesn't happen very -- in the pilot. Was applauded for considering it and now from emergency. That he turned the plane around could you imagine if they just kept going and did what with the cat. And they will meld the kid to you have before a joke about this that child is okay yes but this is crazy and absolutely mess that got you go through them. The safety all the announcements to get a hand there on the plane waiting along the on the tarmac and that they are hiding your light. All lower court forgot capping. My crazy at this as well coming up the new viral dance. Praise the Internet kids. Good enough and neither police PR attempt but we come back. Back we have more now. NASA and college admissions damn and that's who Hollywood actresses charged in the case. Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin are accused of conspiracy to commit fraud to help their daughters get into a -- colleges. This morning to Hollywood stars know facing possible Joseph Klein in the college admissions cheating scandal rocking the country. Prosecutors say Felicity Huffman 151000. Dollars to ensure that are Procter would improve her daughter's test scores. According to the indictment Hoffman's daughter scored 400 points higher compared to her preliminary SAT score. We're talking about deception and fraud. Fake test scores shake athletic credentials she photographs. Rides college officials Huffman an Emmy winner and an Academy Award nominee is known for playing Lynette Scotto on Desperate Housewives. Asking for Bryant. She faced a federal judge while her husband actor William H Macy's sat front row in the courtroom Macy is not named in the complaint. Also embroiled in the scandal Laurie Locke clan the actress who rose to fame on full house playing the kind hearted role model Becky. Gary Hart huge success. Block Gwen and her fashion designer husband behind the brand mossy broke are accused of paying 500000 dollars in bribes to get their two daughters considered as recruits for the crew team. Even though the girls had never road before the couple even reportedly took pictures of their children on rowing machines. Carry out school. Portland daughter Olivia jade is a popular influence on social media with more than a million followers where she can be seen talking about college life. Libya faced backlash for this beauty are she posted last year. I do want to experience up like game day partying she later apologized and called school privilege. In a Tony seventeen interview rochlin sat next to her other daughter Isabella was asked about sending her off to college. Or gotten an incomplete denial I really am because when I think about it too much it it will make me crash site yeah I got stuck. Legal experts say the punishments for the two actor says. If they're convicted could be quite different. Locke clan is accused of the spending 500000. Dollars. And doing it twice Hoffman accused of 151000 dollars and doing it wants. There's a big difference legally in terms of a possible sentence between those two. The danger for both of them though is it this is a sort of celebrity justice you don't want if you're celebrity. Because a judge is gonna want to send a very firm message to both of them and to the country. Now Hoffman M Locklear is adult children have not commented on the charges many people are now asking. If the system is rigged but I don't know why they're asking are we already know and wish we'd we did not prize right. Now we just have our permission of the evidence you paired the numbers the figures. The amounts of money that were paid to make this happen and does that you feel bad I feel bad for some of the kids who allegedly didn't know what their parents allegedly did. Think that they did great on the SAT and an earned their way into the school to find out knowing you did this forming right. Even though I would find it strange if because some of the cases apparently prosecutors say that. They had up. Procter somebody don't win and take the taxes from the kids know the way I never took the FCC ES cells that's. This whole thing. Some does make me angry and obviously they will have their chance in court and we showed that famous faces. To highlight this but obviously fits Sony top executives of wealthy pero wealth and write 33 wealthy parents are included in this and so. And more arrests could happen as well. So watch channel close link. Other across the pond now to the London bureau our friend Renault rover is keeping an eye and the biggest international news good morning Bruno that big vote in parliament yesterday. Dingle Alford Teresa may what does this mean for Gregg bit with a lean deadline approaching at the end of the month. Dog that this is just a nightmare that never ands Bre X it's good lord I'm tired talking about it. Our I don't really honestly it's it's just tonight may 88 its endeavor that was this an example of politicians. Screwing things up this is an it. Anyway but what happened a veteran of the parliament voted down to reason i.'s latest dale. She says this is the last final deal so what's gonna happen today. Is going to be a another vote about taking no did off the table and a sense handing. Control of the negotiations to parliament itself with still happens but this just goes on and on and they just kick the can down the road side many times. Eight's. It's excruciating. It is them I mean obviously Brett wrecks it watch continues in if you think out the politicians bear. Are scurrying out here and you the US on capitol the other thing hold my beer. We got up and show you. I'm so we're also we were about that battle against ice is considered a US backed forces closing in on the final fighters there in serious what's the latest there. Well it's a just saying I mean. The defeat is inevitable and I think it's fat to say that arises down to a tiny small pocket. All of all of area and by dues and east in Syria Fed's. We don't even know that only a few hundred left the bit defiant and they've just released a video and audio message. To that to them. To have follows around the world calling for land. To tie it to attack the infidels and it's interesting that kind of acknowledge that day. Are going to be beads and that but they say this is just part of the struggle and they will provide island that patience is required says it's an ominous full biding its other allows death spreads. Not a play by ice is to preserve some sense of fascinate but or it's an almost full body double also the become. To all to ice is in a world wide stage. And remember you also have a bizarre story today about no loans. Yes and I if if Rex it was old news Mets and this is the sugar that help site go down this is. A family Rhonda gnome production company in Germany code Philly green bell. It's full generation and the out there was saying they might have to close its no together and it's the end of gnomes as we know it. He's saying there's no one who can take over running the known production facilitates a make additional. Noam company. Are you that quite creepy but he insists that there actually were they. Of respect to that made in the traditional Tara calls a style and he's looking for someone to take over they company off to for generations of the same family running it. It's quite a sad day it's a no no look awfully. This is not handle my apocalypse. Somebody bring you know we need that we need more Noam. Finds I want more that we find him maybe they need a major in trades knoller something for the you know get these known makers. Yes well that yes they westside and the Chinese of the people who were put him out of business but I think that's just an excuse wow not right or not they use our criteria they are no more honest when he nineteen we appreciate it through. Oh let's get a check out our dedication she was turning up there and social media. There never peace Iraq isn't love this rival that this New York metro. Card rat both. After this brat. Got stuck in the change your receipt section of the what you buyer metro card can you imagine spending like a hundred bucks near metro card AC Iraq and then you're just like chocolate let's change did you go after that rat was in the league would have to there is still amounts. There is no amount take take everything kicked his habit take and I can have. Have a go buys except for Pete's or I will not last night stocks your little notorious. And don't we that we had the dad. And flossing. I would rule in oh and yeah. New day with a parade of the Netherlands the electric slide it's not have figured out for a good triangle they have put Davis people all. I a basic interim put in little yeah. My girlfriend in advance check it out look look a good thing Greta van apartment and yeah I'm. Back rent really got today. Yeah yeah. Today I'm John. Yeah and remains. Yeah. Death though the vertical plane it's an air born and raised. That's right let that Margate check out bag to the laser and the pyrotechnics. Sound they're coming from that point to remember you've seen and known here shows. Oh that's nice and out of them. East Scandinavian air. All Mary's Star Wars lives. And we got them. Some cats we've heard of T pain their reality kitty with the auto tuned and he's saying here today we're going crazy take away and in connection to. But that didn't break instead he very. Who in fact they are prefer. All right well coming up morning. Bridge a few smaller it appears in court what's next reactor at the center that allegedly staged a hate crime. After this. Later Sammy the bull is live former from campaign chairman Paul airport will be sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Metaphor was sentenced to under four years for separate financial crimes last week. I very substantially lessen prosecutors sought. He faces up to ten years in prison for an east charges by some forget pitchers to the debrief for an update on all our top stories. And the breathing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics actor Jesse smell what made a courtroom appearance yesterday in Chicago. It got just two days after earned just days after he was charged with sixteen felony counts related to his alleged staged attack back in January. We hope of arts Chicago decision to Rio last house the story. The former star vampire got plenty of attention going into the late criminal courthouse some fans shouting their support to the actor singer. Jesse small ad appeared in court for the presiding judge of Cook County criminal division. To rule on whether media would be allowed to cover smell it court hearing on Thursday. Paulette was indicted on sixteen felony counts for allegedly filing a false police report. That assault report tinged with homophobic and racial references had dozens of Chicago investigators looking for two suspects. Those men eventually told police it was small let's plan to fake the attack the let's attorney told the judge her client welcomed attention to. Evidence in the case there has been a lot of misinformation in this case that has been presented. Pass facts and evidence against mr. small ad which is demonstrably false. Eat welcome cameras in the courtroom so that the public and the media conceit. Actual evidence on and what we believe is actually going to be the lack of evidence against mr. small at. And we look forward to complete transparency and treat me. It's not did not comment after the judge granted media coverage of his Thursday court appearance tunnel that was waiting his Brothers and sister in long leaving court. As he is out on bond. Our thanks to Leah hope from our Chicago station W. Alas Locklear odds for their empire actually premieres tonight a lot of people we waiting to see. How does his role at plays into this news seas then. And when will they get him out when we make an exit because we knew we got cut from those final show's finale so. Well it is when they were halfway through the week America. And that means our work is. So we've been up all night dream a little rats. We appreciate you guys watching have a great day we'll see you tomorrow.

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