Mourners struggle as COVID-19 overwhelms funeral homes

ABC's David Wright reports on the strain coronavirus has placed on mourners around the world due to social distancing standards, and how it's overwhelmed funeral homes.
5:18 | 04/10/20

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Transcript for Mourners struggle as COVID-19 overwhelms funeral homes
For those who passed away during this pandemic there is this double whammy so to speak you have to deal the loss of the loved 11 and foremost but they have to. Grieve often privately and without the close contact comfort of family and friends. Across the globe still many sacred and precious moments of console in reading and paying tribute have been lost to social distancing. Our David Wright has this report. Or is commissioners. The finish line funerals served two vital functions to honor the dead are. And to console the living over at nineteen he's disrupting boat. At least it can want to read you two keep share richer because we are even though. Of pneumonia. Her children and grandchildren. Unable to give her one last hug. Because of strict social distancing. New theory. This. It's got kicked a. Fur mama Terry's funeral. Sparsely attended as well. Only tenant family members were allowed to pay their final respects they all had to Wear masks and sit in separate. Street east old boy. It was only I'm usual hour. And across the country the bodies keep tumbling they won't break up the room crowd and how often on the block Wal-Mart. I didn't watch. But I don't have that I don't know how big congregation yes right now. Pat marvelous funeral home in Brooklyn is already at capacity thought wont to say. The path we should 16%. And that means more ColdFusion. Same goes for just about every funeral parlor in Brooklyn. It's really easy ain't. I'm did not how any are generally operates and it's kinda. Our goals is we we really can't. Letting love go girls. Kendall Lindsay has been forced to turn dozens of families away in all her years she's never seen it like this. Was it. Days original and arrogant it's okay to date or. Expressed how crazy it is. Being a body collector during the black death has long been thought has one of the most thankless jobs in human history. Modern funeral directors now have new empathy for them. It's not easy out here. You know bomb on the on the B in this car no smooth it's anywhere between eight while I was sitting. Their work like that of the health care workers involves significant risks come treating everybody today that they have the virus I have to. The sheer numbers. Especially this week in New York. Have rob death of its rituals cultural values. Another casualty to corona virus did this virus. Took religion out of the equation. My poor families and Christian friends can't go to church the Muslim families can't go to mosque. The Jewish families can't go to start the chapel. Think you have a people GAAP. In Brooklyn where covad nineteen has ravaged the orthodox Jewish community. Many Hasidic Jews defied stay at home borders to more and a prominent rabbi Yossi drawing district rebuke from the government. I understand religious gatherings I'm just don't stand the orthodox community. A Jewish orthodox community I'm very close to them and I have been for many many years but now it's not time for large. Religious gathers. The family of a man known as the dean of the civil rights movement Joseph Lowery was also recently forced to host a much smaller funeral than they ever envisioned. Instead of a public gathering just a small private ceremony. Covert nineteen has changed the way we honor veterans to. In small but significant ways. A new addition to the uniform for all the participants. As of Monday masks are required even at Arlington national cemetery. In Lexington. Attacking army veteran Robert Coleman's family set up an iPad to stream his pedestal we do want to. Good risk my kids that we use public funds to live stream and say a prayer can be. What it is for the moment you know John Coleman says she didn't mind the empty chairs the immediate family was all there are concluding his mom. But what upset. Couldn't have a ton of people here's my dad would have cared anyway it is more or less the immediate that was here. And we were all able to make its made it released here. Honoring the dead. Comforting food clothing vital service. Now more than ever we're all of us struggling to find. Closure and David Wright ABC news New York. Struggling to find closures and those open wounds lingering. A little bit longer.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC's David Wright reports on the strain coronavirus has placed on mourners around the world due to social distancing standards, and how it's overwhelmed funeral homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70074608","title":"Mourners struggle as COVID-19 overwhelms funeral homes","url":"/US/video/mourners-struggle-covid-19-overwhelms-funeral-homes-70074608"}