Multiple NFL Teams Reportedly Interested in Ray Rice

Where will the star running back play next now that he is eligible to return to the league?
3:57 | 11/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Multiple NFL Teams Reportedly Interested in Ray Rice
Gloria and Dan Harris ABC news world headquarters in New York this is an ABC news digital report. Developing right now the big question about Ray Rice on this football Sunday the tarnished NFL star. Is allowed back in the game after his suspension for. Punching his then fiancee in a hotel elevator he's been spotted working out staying in game shape but will any team sign him. Or is he simply Carrington with baggage ABC's Ryan Smith has the very latest from Washington this morning right good morning. Good morning Dan while some think that Ray Rice may face an uphill battle to return to the field one person firmly in his quarter is white today saying she's standing by her man. And she and some of his former teammates believe. He deserves a second chance. And this morning according to his wife newly reinstated Ray Rice is ready to play football. Just hours after winning his battle to overturn an indefinite suspension by the league. Today rice tells ESPN's Jim L hill the couple has put their infamous elevator altercation behind them. She's very excited. About the future that he can have an NFL for him getting the opportunity to kind of regain from a playing standpoint some of the things he used the loss. In her conversation with hill today questioned. Why he was cut in the first place I was extremely surprised and angry that the ravens released him they were our family. While former teammates also seemed ready to forgive. Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith tweeting my boy will do the right things. And lineman Bryan McKinney saying I'm glad my friend Ray Rice was given a second chance. Analysts are split whether an NFL team would want to take a chance on someone some see as a PR night. Bear the NFL is not in the business of a morality at the Asian of the data you can player you care what Ray Rice did was shameful it was awful. What there are players who bounced back from equally shameful and awful things as well. Rights can be added to an NFL team at any time and so far four teams have reportedly showed interest. But a fantasy footballers have anything to say he would be back immediately he's been added to hundreds of thousands of fantasy football teams. Since being reinstated Dan. So interesting and NFL respondents rice's reinstatement overnight releasing a memo addressed to the league's owners. Saying in part quote no part of judge jones' decision questions the commissioners honesty or integrity. Appearing to defend commissioner Roger Goodell is handling of the situation but is that really an accurate reading of the judge's decision and my reading was that she did question his version of events. And sided with a rice. That's correct and I think that's one thing that's really important to point out in this Roger Goodell seemed to indicate. That Ray Rice told him that he slapped his that his then fiancee and that Ray Rice said that he. Hit his fiancee but that's a the small distinction for a lot of people who believe that whether it slapped or hit or whatever you saw those videos even the aftermath. And that should've told you a lot about what happened that elevator I think what this memo really is is a bit of a PR campaign for Roger Goodell saying that. Hey she didn't necessarily say that he was dishonest. She just said that she did agree with his version of events may be a small nuance there but. Roger Goodell the key is he's hired and fired by the thirty some owners that own NFL teams so he have to put up there's something that says look. I wasn't untruthful and she didn't say that I didn't do my job right that's the message he wants to send to NFL owners complicated situation still develop. Thing and we know and we'll stay on it Ryan as you have since the count thank you there. And be sure to stay tuned would throughout the day for up to the minute information on this and other top stories and this evening Ryan we'll have the latest. On world news tonight thank you for watching this ABC news did a report on Dan Harris. Have a great Sunday.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Where will the star running back play next now that he is eligible to return to the league?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27261196","title":"Multiple NFL Teams Reportedly Interested in Ray Rice","url":"/US/video/multiple-nfl-teams-reportedly-interested-ray-rice-27261196"}