Multiple Officers Shot in Baton Rouge Shooting

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reports the latest news emerging out of Louisiana.
4:55 | 07/17/16

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Transcript for Multiple Officers Shot in Baton Rouge Shooting
This is an ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. And we are breaking in now with the news of a police shooting a another police shooting this time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In total shortly after 9 AM bad news time this morning about a mile from the police station earlier reports are that. It is to police may have been killed four shot or restrict the mayor of Baton Rouge kip Holden is joining us now. My phone that mr. mayor what can you tell us what's happened near that police station this morning. Well it was a situation where about how officers responded there's shots being fired. And when those officers responded apparently the gunman started shooting. At the offices themselves. We have a report now that they are two day at there are others who are injured to some degree serious and you've maybe some minor injuries. They have been taken to a local hospital. But everybody is still active and fluid scene right now so we try to put all of the pieces together. I'll put all of the investigative work together and try this make sense out of what's over the that was this morning. So mr. mayor to police officers dead according to your information you know how many have been injured in what can you tell us about. How many suspects there are and whether or not they've been contained. Well I can't tell you exactly how many have been injured bears double that of that it information about getting but they haven't made a body count on the injured. I could tell you this is that when you held up police officers responding from two agencies. Debt becomes a pretty major. Issued that they're focusing on right now build those all departments were pretty much then. As many offices as they can't everything else but it's not bad cop parties and so therefore they are a lot of offices of both agencies include in the state police for all of the scene now and also at the hospital to make sure they can get. Their information correct and then make a determination as to how we need to precede. So this is still an active situation the suspects are still on the loose. No doubt not to say they on the loose acted maze that declined to be if it appear active area because they're trying to gather all of their evidence an audit to proceed as to what will happen in this or get to know that who were the players and that's what was the motive for what they fear Hamid offices that they are they gonna have to get statements from those offices source of body as they tell me. What happened when you've got fifty double what you saw is going to be a thorough examination of all of the facts of all time. See you don't have any any good information right now on the suspects and whether or not they've been neutralized or whether or not there's still on the loose but you can't say. That at least two police officers have been killed. Very tough situation mr. mayor we're thinking of you right now let you go back to that work right now want to bring in a Pierre Thomas our senior just correspondence also. On the phone Pierre this comes at a time we know that police. Have been on guard ever since those shootings one in Baton Rouge abound sterling back in July 5 off is a follow on situation in Minneapolis. Yes sewers in this is a year were officer related shooting deaths are up 44%. And because of what happened in bad roost. There's a few weeks ago woman think they'll have to look at. That word beat officers targeted the typically it's not like they were responding. Is some kind of instant but it's clear that the suspect started shooting at them. And it felt like it will probably go uniformed off those those. Officers but the very dangerous situation we're trying to gather more from Macon but right now the dangers time. Milan which. And Jon Cohn former police officer for member of the National Counterterrorism Center as well Joseph we know this comes at a time when there have been some militant groups. Calling for purges or rages against the police in Baton Rouge. That's right choice just last week the FBI. Warned law enforcement across the country for calls post on social media by militant groups. She heard door rage against police particularly police in the area baton yen in New Orleans. About those issues just uncovered a plot last week that we had hopeless or that. But you know it a dangerous time for police in part because of these threats in part because people are more willing to resist police when they had encounters. I'm in part because there's a growing false narrative around this country that is being locked onto by people so are police are rate that's all police abuse. Other people of color now just simply a contract. Thank you general weird of course reporting if include more police are prepared for possible violence of this convention. Is well again the sum up there is says somewhat of an active situation police have been shot baton rouge Louisiana at least two police have been killed according to the mayor several. He usually stay on top of this woeful reports all day and or wrap up tonight. On world news for now I'm sure sept mobs in Cleveland after a regular program. This has been a special. From EB.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reports the latest news emerging out of Louisiana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40647235","title":"Multiple Officers Shot in Baton Rouge Shooting","url":"/US/video/multiple-officers-shot-baton-rouge-shooting-40647235"}