NCAA Tournament 2015: Survival of the Fittest

Winners and losers from the opening round games of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament.
4:10 | 03/23/15

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Transcript for NCAA Tournament 2015: Survival of the Fittest
They don't call March Madness for nothing. Amid a wild weekend in Italy men's basketball tournament with a number of upsets in fact. The east region losing both its number one and Villanova and number two seed Virginia. The sweet sixteen is set though but a number of questions still need to be answered in the coming days it when I'm Dan Butler in New York. Here with more on the wild opening rounds Geoff Eisenberg whose questions on this Monday Jeff listen. The fans were incorrect or roller coaster ride in the first two rounds a what was your take on the weekend. Well I thought for yet nobody we get that didn't produce really any Cinderella sending the adult bullets that seed that still still maternity is saying UCLA were the most national titles of any team in the country. I still we got a number of surprises. This weekend that. You know like you mentioned we got a number one seed going down in Villanova and number tube going down in Virginia. We Cy Young dark horse national title contender now I would state losing. In really the first game of the terminated its that this weekend so. Yellow shirt for a weekend that didn't produce the whole lot of you don't magical Florida Gulf Coast like stories. Axel but there was a lot of surprises and what acts. The allies of president lot of heartbreak going along with some of those surprises well so what did you think that what we're your teens are most surprised that make it the sweet sixteen. Lie to you think UCLA have to be the end the biggest surprise out of any team in the sweet sixteen. You know week or two ago at this time we didn't think that they would even be in that field at all you know let alone still playing a week into the turn itself. Prevents you the wind get a controversial goaltending call against SMU in order to it being that around one and then take advantage but. You know really fortunate break getting number fourteen seeded Alabama Birmingham that the cause Iowa State Indiana the second round. You know a lot of look at fourteen going UCLA's way maybe you're the Bruins should be buying a lottery tickets this week. But it's been credited by maybe. Some financial investment that what a talk about the big one the big upset how NC state tossed out Villanova I mean with the huge stunned. Does definitely surprise. Although I will say you look at history of both of those two teams. Maybe not act bigger surprise that the seeds would suggest that. You know NC State's really erratic. You know they had been at it scratching losses this season but they also want to be wins think beat duke beat north Caroline Kennedy beat movable. So it was clearly a dangerous drop for Villanova. And then they'll know oval with a one seed and had an incredibly seasons here. I just historically and struggled. At times and turn it so not huge shock to see them go out early next. The recap from the we have a now what are you looking forward to as a sweet sixteen gets underway. Why. I think the the biggest thing if that because we don't have those Cinderella that it makes for kind of a more on second we can determine it bears. You know a lot of power cop Christine zero watt evenly matched teams here I think it'll be fungus. See if anyone can challenged and eaten certainly still the it clears juggernaut favor it. In this turnip and I also think the west region in particular and that used to be really into sing it we were getting a rematch between now Wisconsin and not. Air zoning and that regional final probably to the three or four top challengers to Kentucky. In this turning and I acting that could be one of the better games of the week. Aren't keeping an eye on that tip Eisenberg from Yahoo! sports' Jeff thank you so much we appreciate it. No probably I'm. Art keep out today with the story real time Dauman in the ABC news that star in the story for updates on the go. I'm Dan Cutler New York.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Winners and losers from the opening round games of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29851002","title":"NCAA Tournament 2015: Survival of the Fittest","url":"/US/video/ncaa-tournament-2015-survival-fittest-29851002"}