New York Pastor to Raffle Off a Rifle

The Rev. John Koletas of the Grace Baptist Church in Troy supports gun ownership rights.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for New York Pastor to Raffle Off a Rifle
The pastor of grace Baptist Church is giving away a free AR fifteen very similar to this one that I'm holding in my hand. Right now he says it's to support the gun owners and his congregation. It to give only unlike any other at an area church. One being sponsored by the oak wood treating for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little pull one name out of the box and someone's gonna win and AR fifteen. You heard her right and free AR fifteen being given away by the grace Baptist Church its pastor John can -- -- says he wants to support the right to bear arms we believe. Illegal gun owners and hunters. Have didn't attacked viciously attacked them buying. Politicians and the media. But other pastors in our area -- Charlie mother who focus on getting. Say this is the wrong -- to draw attention to richer. He does not know what would motivate someone to do that especially a pastor my question to them is why do they have locks on the doors. Collegiate says they -- fifteen they're giving away on March 23 is one that is legally modified by the state of new York and to give illegal gun away is not a crime. We have the biblical right to god given right to defend our families ourselves against -- Who would attack us. That's actually -- -- -- whale with a rifle similar to this one the pastor says. The -- winner of this raffle will actually have to go to the store. That's sponsoring this giveaway and pass a federal background check in there before they cannot walk away with one of these reporting in triumph -- -- him for his ten ABC.

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{"id":22824235,"title":"New York Pastor to Raffle Off a Rifle","duration":"3:00","description":"The Rev. John Koletas of the Grace Baptist Church in Troy supports gun ownership rights.","url":"/US/video/new-york-pastor-raffle-off-rifle-22824235","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}