News headlines today: Jan. 7, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
4:31 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: Jan. 7, 2019
A. The shutdown showdown over border wall funding continues after a weekend of meetings. When no breakthrough in this the president not rushing to find compromise and Democrats this border wall demand but insisting everybody's. Playing games. I can say that. I think that the Democrats want to make it yell I really do I feel that. Democrats saying they don't think any additional wal money is well spent when the president there are other ways to secure the border. Stray dogs would diner getting underway each sides expressed interest in ending the terrified but. Neither side is changed its stance. A week and arrest in the death of a little girl outside of Houston. Eric black is said to have confessed to his role as the getaway driver in the shooting that killed seven year old jasmine forms a crime that captivated the nation. I told police shooting was a mistake that one's family was not the intended target. Tuesday the funeral is to be held for jasmine. Actor Kevin Spacey is due and Nantucket court the basin indecent assault charge. From the alleged 2016. Groping of a grand eighteen year old restaurant busboy. Stacy denies the charges. State historic change of leadership our colleagues over at CBS news. Award winning producer Susan rinse he has been named the first woman. To lead that network's news division. Surprise at the Golden Globe awards and Freddie Mercury myopic what do you mean ramp city takes home best pitcher in drama. So is his or. This morning about these sharp decline in the number of monarch butterflies. Environmental group says it counted only 30000. Monarch in this survey on the West Coast. Get fits that's a decline of 86%. In just one year scientists say the butterflies are threatened by past designs pollution and climate change. They're normally seen this time of year in forest along California's coast. Meteorologists and did the and we have rounds of storms still come at the West Coast and that's after a weekend like this power lines snapping exploding. Washington he had ten that was won't let it color and now another storm cabinet. Now my cousin or anybody else is Sacramento California wants and that's actually her bathroom with a tree inside of it the rain filling. One of the drawers there and the floor. So yes blasting went here's some great carries it you here on alert self California another storm and its impact from New York to me. And Pennsylvania. But let's look at some of last because his appeal big numbers are getting office art sanitation and win. We may have the one on shore the second one it's Tuesday's hearing in California area everyday. Get Fat Tuesday into Wednesday and Wednesday and Thursday as Southern California. That got on the northern side of this out to sixty miles per hour again and the rainfall. Could reach it just make it happen that badly and let but it has even let let Bob Bullock as the birds are areas. And they do and in total and the Hannibal. The Illinois here every job or.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60208991","title":"News headlines today: Jan. 7, 2019","url":"/US/video/news-headlines-today-jan-2019-60208991"}