Tragedy at Sandy Hook: The Search for Solutions

The latest reporting on the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn.
12:01 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Tragedy at Sandy Hook: The Search for Solutions
And good morning I'm down left -- with a special live stream on the tragedy. At sandy hook in the search for solutions. This morning that devastates a community of new town and the families of 21 grade boys are preparing to bury their little ones. Funeral services for six year old -- Posner and six year old Jack Pinto will be held today. And as the nation mourns we begin a national conversation to search for answers the issues. Gun control mental illness and ultimately keeping children safe. Our heart wrenching vigil last night President Obama got serious about change. -- were truly be doing enough. To give all. The children of this country. The chance they deserve to about their lives and happiness. And what purpose. We're not doing -- Also this morning we're learning more about the littlest victims and the heroes who gave their lives trying to save them. They include the principal Don -- -- who threw herself in front of Adam -- to protect for students. President Obama held her granddaughter at the community vigil. We also know that in the lone survivor of one classroom is a brave little girl who pretended to be dead. And lift and new evidence suggesting the death -- could have been higher. Had police not -- so quickly after those first shots rang out the gunman's motives the questions about his mental state still. Being asked this morning and across the country students and teachers are back at school shaken. About safety. And in many states schools are conducting safety drills and increasing the security patrols. In their hallways. Also the question of safety is obviously on the minds of so many this morning that are being questioned about is enough being done. And as President Obama had said enough is not being done that change does need to be made and the pain of so many parents are feeling has almost imaginable. -- though speaking about their children is becoming a small source of comfort for some Jessica Rico's parents Richard and Krista. Spoke to any robot on Good Morning America. Internet. She just. The it's. Still not -- that many. So full of and you want supports -- -- think. It's for Christmas -- -- think we hope. Are you angry. And that hasn't registered to -- the killer's face and name everything at this. I decided I see through it right now. I just want to keep talking about her and -- the -- she left to do it I found a little journal I don't even know when it's from but just opened a book and it was exactly -- -- I love you so much mama. -- she knew that would organ unique needs to. Get through this this. But that's just like what an amazing that the corruption but -- And the memories of course we'll continue to be shared. When that tragedy struck. People took to social media not only to share the information but as we learned more to memorialize those victims to call for change and to now. Search for means to give back to help that community in need of healing. -- -- is senior editor at Yahoo! she's joining us now live from Washington DC. Phoebe there obviously has been an outpouring of an emotion. On line hash tags everyone is incorporating those to try to see how they can give back and help this community of Newtown what are people saying. It. Some -- taxation and most of are actually very -- -- pray for new accounts. You know prayers for katic had. People just going to express solidarity with the families and the victims and to show that -- their hearts are are with those folks. There is not a very personal exchange via social media between a New York Giants football player right and one of the victims' families. So Victor Cruz -- a player for the New York Giants found out that -- into one of the victims. Was a big fan of the football player and so he reached out to the family and expressed. You know his support for -- and he wrote. Jack and his name when he -- and his gloves before his game on Sunday and treated out of photos saying that you know this game was for that little boy. And -- in this photo was shared widely over Twitter and and also Victor Cruz's name was. Became trending because if you were searching and looking for this tribute to this young boy. As -- been talking about across all of our ABC platforms were obviously starting a conversation and dialogue this week -- -- the important issues that need to be addressed following Friday's tragedy. He -- his social media not -- to offer their condolences but also as a way for called action or people using social media -- Initiate conversations about gun control. Right to the White House is set up an online portal this has been around for some time which allow his. Citizens to go online and to petition for -- thing. So -- was introduced -- -- gun control legislation has been one of the fastest moving petitions gaining signatures. -- -- the White House has ever seen it's now over a 140000. Signatures the most popular petition that has ever been put up on the whitehouse dot com site. There have been so many issues that have been brought up in these past couple of days gun control mental illness school safety. What have been the primary searches that people have been looking for. You know people really are looking for way to show their support their solidarity for families one of the biggest -- searches we've seen has just been -- sandy -- school colors. People wanting to Wear a bit of color on -- on the shirt on Marla Powell to express their support for these families. Right. TV coming from Washington DC PB thank you want to turn now to doctor Janet Taylor who is joining us from many. Doctor Taylor we're trying to simply make sense of it ourselves but also to reassure children that school in fact is a safe place -- parents begin that dialogue. Well you begin -- opened in first sharing with your child how you feel we focus so much. And public children are feeling when in fact his adult. Who've experienced loss and certainly can empathize with the parents we have our own issues and so it's important not to let our own feelings stop us from talking to children. So answer their questions be prepared to tell the truth. Know how your child reacts in terms of from an age perspective. Sometimes they may ask a simple question don't go too deep take your cues from them in far in terms of how much detail they want. It sounds to me than the bottom line needs to be let the child approach you don't try to initiate air force this on to them. Well I mean -- if obviously you know screens are everywhere your children are hearing about it you can say listen did you hear about what happened how do you feel. And then take the cues from them sometimes you might ask your child or even a teenager to draw a picture. Pick a magazine or describe an experience that may top tell you about how they're feeling how do you what what advice do you give to parents of the new town community in the surrounding areas for those that. May have had a direct impact -- direct loss -- connection. How do you initiate that kind of a conversation about that the preciousness of life well. You start with their feelings and let them reestablished their significance of their loved ones they may tell the same story over and over again being prepared to listen when. I think one of the worst things you can say -- it's going to be okay. And that's our natural tendency because we want it to be better but for many of them it's okay to say I know it's hard and just stop there. Let them continue to tell you how they feel. Understand it takes time there is no timetable on grief it could be years before they feel like they will laugh again smile again but one day they will. On a larger issue and as you know -- sort -- this dialogue and ABC across all of our platforms about some of these issues that have been brought up following Friday. If a child comes to you asking about guns why some people have guns how -- you identify the good guys from the bad guys where do you start that kind of dialogue to try to understand. Parameters for safety. Well you can understand what their questions are about guns and there are many people would you agree with it or not who use -- safely and I think that's important to recognize. But always say listen if -- in someone's house and there's a gun out. Leave the house you know talk to them about what they would do give them what -- -- they were. In the presence of a gun but certainly re emphasize what we do to keep people safe and that is different states have gun -- in May be you can go and look it up. And establish what that would mean for them. Do we need to have a further conversation as far as guns as toys in the media in movies television. Is this going to be at the start of a larger dialogue. Well you know by its exposure to violence so you could be exposed through cartoon but it's about balance so as much as -- Monitor what their kids do in terms activities it's about -- about goodness in reestablishing our own values and letting them know the most important decision makers -- people who influence how kids feel our US parent so. Balance the screen time balance the video game time with face to face time we -- talking about what's important to you. -- I want to ask you about this -- -- stern still learning more about the shooter the possibility of hit him having mental illness where we -- and the national dialogue about addressing issues of mental illness or behavioral issues. -- still have a weeks ago one out of every ten families -- have a child that experience of some. Emotional difficulty if it impacts of school like that work like their community life. Get help we need to break the stigma. And and and released the silence about mental illness talk to your health care provider know your resources and if you prepare that has a child that may have a mental illness in terms of comic disorder they're getting suspended from school many five's depressed or have changes in mood talk your pediatrician talk to your doctor and get help for them. Some very sound advice doctor Taylor thank you so much we appreciate that. Of course stay with ABC news is we are going to continue to engage in this national conversation the search for solutions. Will be exploring the big questions about guns mental illness school safety on all of our platforms throughout the week. Updates of course also throughout the day on From now for all of us here at ABC news. Have a good Monday. We gather here in memory of -- beautiful children. Six more. They lost their lives. Could have been any school. The quiet town and good. There could be any town in America. I can only hope. -- -- You're not alone. -- our -- who has been torn apart. All across this land of -- us. We have -- we have. -- Our children -- God has called the moment. For those of us who remained. Let's find the strength to carry on. And make our country worthy of their memory. And.

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