Nikita Chaudhry dispels the ‘model minority’ myth

The actress and activist opens up about incidents of bias in the South Asian community.
2:42 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nikita Chaudhry dispels the ‘model minority’ myth
And we've heard tonight about the importance an ally is against heat so we want to broaden our discussion with Nikita chattering a board member. South Asians. Leading together thanks so much for joining us really appreciated we even focus tonight on incidents of bias that Asian Americans have faced. In recent months but isn't really one thing it's a lot of groups of people. But were all lumped together. Apple personal thinks he is so much for having me and still only common Asian American Nancy it has in this sense of homogeneity that has mostly been a tool to benefit white race and then. Why the umbrella and them lest there be dissing distinction and alleged that we have you. Actually accountable and injustice or his community. And part of that was because of the model minority men and it's because of things and being used as a tool to sneeze at color against one another week in the larger umbrella the knee and and it just an angry black Americans would be without even acknowledging that fact that there are. Members of the black Americans mean deeply in Asian American mean he as well. I'm and as we seen this evening and seen very recently when. Folks in positions of power are able tube. Utilize the monotony to then radical Ice-T and eat higher at eight and creates this this sends a and I'm of unity. You talked about that model minority myth talk to us about why that's a myth and what kind of harm it does to. Good groups in any groups and individuals with the same mistaken label. Yeah I'm has of the non minority men and is you know it it in this sense that an Asian American nests which reached. Is already as we talked about this huge umbrella and it is this is this model is its example of what CD marginalize me eager community member can be what does is it not only treat this one identity and then and it lets administered Barry says this way but it also like I mentioned disintegrate Graham. BE and the next meet American sneaky other communities of color I'm against it saying that this is one this this song community is closer to lightness assimilate a lightness. This is our version of success. And therefore that's what everybody else and years. And what it allows or is not only that distinction and segregation. It prevents us from working solidarity gather from coalition building and deals signed a liberation. And changed. And solidarity so key in fighting racism the key to thank you so much for joining us tonight.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"The actress and activist opens up about incidents of bias in the South Asian community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263813","title":"Nikita Chaudhry dispels the ‘model minority’ myth","url":"/US/video/nikita-chaudhry-dispels-model-minority-myth-76263813"}