Officials address deadly vintage aircraft crash

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and officials from several state agencies provided an update following the crash at Bradley Airport.
5:38 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Officials address deadly vintage aircraft crash
We had to be seventy units of vintage World War II aircraft and it's operated by the collings foundation. Took off on runway six at approximately 9:45. This morning. And about 955 minutes into the flight the aircraft indicated to the tower that they were experiencing some type of problem with the aircraft. We did observe about it the aircraft was not gaining altitude. The aircraft attempted to return to the runway it circled around the airport. But unfortunately. Upon touchdown. The aircraft obviously lost control. Struck what's known as RD IC facility here loser tanks that contain. Anti icing fluid as well as a maintenance facility. Associated with the facility. That accident than the actual crash occurred at 954. A the airport was immediately closed at that time as all of our fire rescue. Apparatus responded that the does that does that that this isn't just me. Right here to the airport for safety reasons. We had to keep the airport closed at that point. We are anticipating. At this point that we will reopen the airport with one runway. About 130. Today. The operating off of normally. 33 at the airport. We intend to keep the accident runway close. For this time they're on religion numerous cancellations as you can imagine. And there will be. Cancellations throughout the rest of the day. We are hoping to resume some level of operational period. At this point I will turn it over to commissioner of Allah who can talk to you a little bit about rescue. The days in German first and foremost. Believe our hearts and prayers go about the victims and the film's. First informs. So they determined. During his crash investigation Nikkei could state police. Responded they also responded with. Firefighters from the airport numerous firefighters mutual aid from around the the area along with her rescue people. And emergency medical technicians. I will confirm to you that there are the saudis. I wish I will not tell you the number yet because during this investigation is far pool early. To discuss those. Only because we have it crash we haven't burned. Victims are very difficult to identify we don't want to make a mistake. Moving forward. My first tell you who's on the plants are. There are thirteen folks confirm that an airplane ten where passengers three work crew members. There was also going to crash in these one person's civilian on the ground in the maintenance facility. So we are trying to determine exactly who they are we have a manifest who they are what hospitals they're at because they've been transported to three different hospitals. And trying to reunite the they're victims him as with their loved ones. To Connecticut state police would join with our partners the FBI is here national. NTSB. The FAA's unseen home music. Are you towns and sometimes and sometimes and sometimes it's. It's. We're yeah. Give you folks. He's put it out either for victims and families. Paula message centered in Middletown. It's 86. 68591. Answer 8190. It's sick so. 6858190. It's the message setter at the Connecticut state police in Middletown please call them and try to reunite with your victims. And have which in contact with the Connecticut state police. So this had relic introduce the governor said. Thank you commissioner. I got a call from the commissioner awhile ago he said it looks pretty bad. And coming over here as fast as we can. You see the fire engines and responders and the red lights. Last of this smoke plumes. Got in the side room here we. Quote from the FBI and the first responders. Give us a sense of or confront. Right now my heart really goes out in other families. Are waiting. And we're really didn't. Best information we can as soon as we can and honest way but. Remember these are. Husbands and wives and Brothers and sisters and children all members of our Connecticut family. And we feel. Hearts are broken foot right now. We're doing everything we can we got an amazing group of people who may get to the bottom of this as soon as we can. And during our prayers.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and officials from several state agencies provided an update following the crash at Bradley Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66009003","title":"Officials address deadly vintage aircraft crash ","url":"/US/video/officials-address-deadly-vintage-aircraft-crash-66009003"}