OJ Simpson's white Bronco chase

Simpson was involved in a slow-speed chase with police after being charged with two counts of murder.
6:09 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for OJ Simpson's white Bronco chase
-- is is a special report from ABC news. I'm Peter Jennings -- ABC news headquarters let's immediately go to a picture in Los Angeles where interrupting -- twenty. So that the rest of Europe the country can see this quite extraordinary scene unfold. Along -- one of the freeways in the Los Angeles area we believe at the moment it is 91 west. Headed toward Cerritos. Down there on the ground is a white Ford Bronco. It's just in the left of your picture in the center going from right to left. And it is not being chased but it is being accompanied by a real. Phalanx of police cars on the ground police helicopters in the air and also -- ABC news lot of people on the helicopter in the air as well. We drive. Cars that global. Standing out the voice you hear in the background looking and shocked and so I believe is that of the KABC reporters in the helicopter. But this has been going on for some time now police. Believe they have located at OJ Simpson wanted on two counts of murder. In this white bronco going somewhere. -- now as has been the case all week there have been a variety of reports. As to what has transpired in the of the vehicle and as to how they find it -- report says they tracked him through them. Cellular telephone calls made from the vehicle. One other report has it that he is in the back -- Holding a gun to his head of reference from. And has been demanded according to some police forces to be taken to his mother at one point he was headed in the direction. Of where his mother lives with that may no longer be the case. Only those of you who know the particular. Freeway topography of Los Angeles will be able to recognize this -- precisely. I think earlier in the week. All of us close to OJ didn't believe that. He had been involved in this. And now I think there's a sense of resignation and has been for the last one -- four hours and we can't believe what's happening. And I know that I spoke with him briefly on the telephone yesterday and he was very very heavily sedate -- and that has been pointed out as well -- Bob Shapiro so I don't know I wouldn't have the vaguest idea what he is thinking right now I know he's in the company of -- -- Al Cowlings. Of a friend who has been this close to him as a brother for over. One year house for the last few when did -- -- collings me when they were USC playing football together. He -- out cowlings did meet indeed when they were at -- both played with the Buffalo Bills now has been as they say a brother to OJ he has been a surrogate father to his children that's. Pictured are calling for looking -- on the screen there the tall. -- in middle. And their friendship has never wavered and in fact the other gentleman who was involved in the reading of the letter -- Robert -- -- -- -- another. USC a Lama who met -- and OJ while he was at USC and he has been a friend of longstanding of objects. He's making a right turn I assume that's up -- -- Brentwood park and appears to be on the way to either his home or very close result. -- since he's again fallen brother closely by the police there was a flurry of activity earlier Nicole Simpson's condominium earlier today when. Driven people thought that Simpson himself forty Simpson had gone there. There were all sorts of crowds around their someone had called 911. And that led to yet another of this quite astonishing episodes today. Which have. Bit on the perimeter of the central character here OJ Simpson who was as we said earlier today in seclusion. In the company of his lawyer at least two doctors and if his -- up going to -- or Judy take it away. Indeed he is turning into another street America crowd of people waiting there -- though they were expecting him. Everybody -- neighborhood now with all the cars and all the media he's he's got a call -- there and there's the satellite truck. Like that this group you can come home. After all of. After all -- -- -- I have to ask our control -- know whether or not we have facilities on the ground or we still dependent on the in the air. You can't they ended at home from the ground that -- is the best views you could have now are all. -- -- -- -- Intelligent get away. To not know who that person is. Beckett on -- religious got an acquaintance told him that. That's his eldest son Jason is. We have correctly identified him -- You know there we -- somebody coming out now. -- the very least -- get a door open. That is -- -- Yesterday -- tally of Peter that is self telling going over to talk to the police. Affairs for the Los Angeles police department says that OJ Simpson is in. Custody it occurred what 1156. Just before midnight in the east. Just before 9 o'clock. In Los Angeles. And an excruciatingly. Long day for a great many people. Comes to a peaceful. -- tortured in unquestionably. For many people but -- peacefully and according to the Los Angeles police department OJ Simpson is in. Custody. So -- from ABC news headquarters we are going to leave you know. With the day that. You have all we've been able to share it. For better or for worse OJ Simpson in police custody. In Los Angeles two counts of -- special edition of Nightline. Coming up later this evening. And this of course has been a special addition of 20/20 and Peter Jennings. Barbara Walters -- -- those who we -- this evening. -- -- This has been a special report from ABC news.

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{"id":23976837,"title":"OJ Simpson's white Bronco chase","duration":"6:09","description":"Simpson was involved in a slow-speed chase with police after being charged with two counts of murder.","url":"/US/video/oj-simpsons-white-bronco-chase-23976837","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}