OU Student Group Seeks Change at Campus Culture In Wake of Racist Chant Video

"Unheard" student group that posted fraternity members singing racist chant meets with university president.
7:51 | 03/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for OU Student Group Seeks Change at Campus Culture In Wake of Racist Chant Video
A racist chants by Sigma Alpha Epsilon members. At the University of Oklahoma and the group that posted the video. Saying this is not an isolated incidence and demanding change in the culture there below what I'm Dan Butler New York. This grouping that calls itself on hurt his release this video that we can join members. Of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma making those racist chants there in the video prop in the university's. To shut down that fraternity and the president of the school so that he will never allow the journey back on the campus. In his ten year I wanna bring in Keith Logan a student at the University of Oklahoma when the directors of on heard the group opposed to that video key. Thank you for being whipped with us. First up how did your group get ahold of this video. Well first they just said insulin is in cop in the easy Al that he. The DN and one iron Harry is an experiment resists putting in a group mean we decent action from name. And you you receive this on Saturday over the weekend. Correct or around actually and Bob around. At least Sunday morning. You leave. You have. About Sunday morning you receive this what was your reaction when you first open this up. Actually act first I was stopped and Dan I have to con had to realize. Would actually. Will respond by Norman Oklahoma wears a sundown town where. Blacks who eat and blow up around NRA and just. Just over closer. Normally wouldn't words and not receive it is still like the Martin missions and races and still goes on even though people trying to downplay it. Where it is used and sometimes is enroute. Showing you saw this year eat your sharp ears send acting you compare like they make campus and that the town which the campus is located at summing EUU felt that this necessarily wasn't out of character for that. Com. Now I'm not this way every every person's life alert every person is races or anything like that. But is it always has and has been like as far as a black student and student. Kyle there any diversity group they may have. They had just finished last and definitely everyone has written a happy stance. Like some type solar racism or is always something that I here is our home our friends or sun and and not only just. It is why Steve diseases are doing it is aces and Greek organization is just South Bend. Racism as a whole oh eases. Monitored. So you see you feel this is necessarily. Isolated to this one particular fraternity. I don't know I don't believe it's all just Catherine Chaney Belize is that's for saying this is got caught. Have you seen anything else from any other Pretoria and her sorority any got a Greek system any other organizations that something along this line. Me personally know back have carried a lot of friends at least those stories about stuff ordered. It is people that I know have told me a lot of things about our interest saying he's in an ancillary uses little. So harsher with how does your group palace unheard react when you hear something like this and then when you actually have ups a piece of video likeness. Well. We just happened late. Everyone we just wanted to make everyone aware of the AC that racism is still alive. This is alive and little I believe they say we live in a post racial. Airman. Is he sent his and it system like this is is always welcome on the road and he is trying to bring to light. So. Well when you posted this than what what was response I mean acknowledged on campus from other students. But what kind of a response than did you get from the university. Well I'm pretty probably university or other pretty much outraged. And there near trying to take immediate action right now. They're closing down this particular chapter of SC. Does that satisfy you. Up. I think any disciplinary may need to take with feels. Billed as needed is the discretion of the him. Whenever they need needed this feel that they need Indians that's our own them he would not to do university Allison SAE's. Nationals as well. What do you think that about about the vote the larger fill in on campus than I mean this is obviously started a dialogue started a conversation then he do you. I mean just look at the response from what you've seen from the president there San fact that he doesn't want SAT back on campus. The San that he is in fact going to explore any kind of potential punishment for these students if in fact any come forward or any are identified. But the overall conversation though do you think that it's fine it's being brought to light you're saying that you've experienced this before. Yeah it's just Farley you come in brought to light I noticed stuff and a pass as being pressed down. And is is we just trying to make the issue where like SA before end of rock can't does this comment. It's kind of positive and negatives illness. White wanted to make it may it is these we don't want to may oh he's just like seem like he's just races school which is not. My on a positive. As our diversity groups is is a wonderful thing to see them come together and that's just isn't great feeling the need an I'm pretty sound Pozen not only wanted to do the same way about the. What is can't where's the campus feel like today Ager walking or running your talking to other people view what is the overall mood. Overall mood is mostly just everybody coming together yes landing in China I hear a lot of conversations Alamo headgear as a lawyer. Our own behavior but this is still a lot of people urged his release hot and embody. And and a lot of people are trying to make those hoses and TAC organizations and other oranges and BSA and here we are trying to make moves in the eighties and was next. But mostly we're most are trying to make everything with people. Will will what is the next step what is unhurt -- plan. We'll definitely leaving more today we definitely getting more and so went to Phoenix I know we just had our. Our little a demonstration earlier this morning and we urges related emissions administration no. How the students feel. So the administration knows. They wrote speaking notes on how they feel leave. How they feel about the video had he. Since student organizations. The office he. All right Keith clothing from on heard at the University of Oklahoma Keith thank you for that appreciate it. They eat you can keep up with the story real time by downloading ABC news happens star and story for updates on the go. I'm Dan Butler New York.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"\"Unheard\" student group that posted fraternity members singing racist chant meets with university president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29512399","title":"OU Student Group Seeks Change at Campus Culture In Wake of Racist Chant Video","url":"/US/video/ou-student-group-seeks-change-campus-culture-wake-29512399"}