Personal valuables stolen from patients at VA hospital in Cleveland

A nurse assistant took patients' wedding rings, cash and medical devices, VA police said.
3:44 | 11/15/18

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Transcript for Personal valuables stolen from patients at VA hospital in Cleveland
They once risked their lives for their country now years later. Facing another risk they don't recommend that you bring up their valuable Jim Don Rose took that advice when he sought medical help I was well. Figure but others are becoming crime victims the first thing I noticed this wears his ratings and few more heartbreaking. And 88 year old Jasper Alexander both rings were call one each change. Her father was a paratrooper in Vietnam that was what he loved being that soldier being that. Person who took care of the country he loved that now paralyzed. He was being treated here at Cleveland's VA hospital. By the time I got there he just passed. And I noticed I held the tea and now that's what made me ask Wear his rings. A nurse's aide did the unthinkable. You took his jewelry offering off of him while he was deceased. And that really broke my heart that somebody would do something like that and cheap didn't stop there. Hidden cameras capture Jessica Lowry supposedly on the job caring for patients instead. Rifling the pockets of the victim's coat stealing both it and that cash inside. A one woman crime spree. Leaving thirteen others victimized before the VA finally caught up with her. Aaron stone as a Cuyahoga County prosecute. If they decided to to conduct basically a Covert operation they set up Covert cameras. Some in common areas for the employees some in patients' rooms with consent of course. And they also used bait money. That they would place. In places and day finally caught her on camera and and a few instances. It was among 244. Apps we found. In 2016. And seventy. They've sacrificed a lot for us and for them to come back here. And be victimized by someone who is supposed to be caring for them is particularly heartbreaking everything from jewelry cash laptops. Even military medals we traveled here to Washington. When asked the VA how did thefts in Cleveland compared to VA hospitals across the country but. We are still waiting for of those records plus a security review. Of just how effective security and safety as billion at Cleveland's VA hospital. All of family. And and the taxpayers they need to see accountability. Accountability for crimes like this. But theft of a vital medical device a veteran relied on to relieve pain. Brad Beason is a federal prosecutor. He had received dec how they're related injury in Vietnam. And this would is would address the paying his back pain. Another hidden camera caught it all on tape they were able to review that videotape that day. And then based on the videotape made an identification. And Bruce McCauley was sentenced to six months in jail. But to steal from a veteran at the VA who seeking treatment. Just unacceptable and not acceptable to veterans who rely on the VA for care. Person that would do this. News. One Ruble like I would think there's very low. I can't I can't believe somebody would do that that they the security. I'll be little tighter.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"A nurse assistant took patients' wedding rings, cash and medical devices, VA police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59229486","title":"Personal valuables stolen from patients at VA hospital in Cleveland","url":"/US/video/personal-valuables-stolen-patients-va-hospital-cleveland-59229486"}