Plan to pay college athletes moves forward

The NCAA is opening up the possibility of college athletes getting paid through jersey sales, endorsements and video game appearances.
4:16 | 10/30/19

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Transcript for Plan to pay college athletes moves forward
Hello everyone and welcome back to the debrief them we're gonna move to some big news from the NC double lay taking a major step that would eventually let college athletes start. Making money Sar Zachary quiche joins me now to break this down. I tell me what this means and what it doesn't mean. Pleasant yeah. It's complex I think there's about it a lot of questions and certainly. Little skepticism about what this actually means we bit the deal at least initially moving forward is that their opening up the possibility that players will be able to get paid for the name image and likeness for talking about appearances in video games. Talking about jerseys that are sold within the campus bookstore. In so certainly this is a step forward for the NCAA but people who are really in the trenches and we have been fighting for. These issues for a long time are skips skeptical. If there are just the stalling mechanism or if they really are serious. About. Allowing players to be compensated for this incredible amount of money that they make for these. Universities and in leagues as a whole. So just be clear and nobody is getting paid it right now. Nobody is getting paid right now. Except for of code of oh of course people who have been getting paid I mean cold season and in again universities are making news. Incredible amount of money the players aren't. What we have seen. Is that there are some things happening. On the state level in California based signed the law on September that would. Prohibit the NCAA from punishing players. Who receive endorsement deals as of 20/20 three now they have said the NCAA has said. This is not in line with the California rule which essentially kind of an open market situation. Republican congressman from North Carolina. As something similar on the books that looks more kind of tax code but would essentially. Being open market again for players to get endorsement deals he doesn't seem on par with the NCAA has decided and so be interesting to see. How of these. Kind of competing visions for the the future actually pan now. Do you think that's the reason why the NCAA made this move because of governor knew some and the other states that are sort of making this happen. Yet without a doubt you know without a doubt they are getting a lot of pressure these are conversations that have been going on for quite some time now with the over the brand and LeBron endorse and LeBron endorsed it but again it be. Certainly pressure but. Even yesterday's announcement. On many levels it's still would require players to kind of abide by this antiquated system and so again. It's not really clear. Exactly how these players. Who. Are apparently in an on line some of them will turn pro and some of them will benefit in that way but many of them won't and so. It's it's really interesting to see how this is gonna play out in really. How serious or intestinal the NCAA. He is about trying to rectify this and right before we go I mean this is for you personally you were an athlete what does this mean for families it's a big deal it's a big deal. Again name image and likeness is different to be inappropriately every certainly. As an athlete myself I know that. I had to take out a small loan suit to connect the dots rioters trips yet take home to see your family. With you know between semesters there are. Unexpected expenses that come up. I grew up and household would certainly education with the foundation but was on us to pay for. And of the scholarship checks just don't cover now the NCAA has made some improvements. Recently in terms of trying to cover the cost of living. There also guarantee. Scholarships and doing some things like that but. There is still kind of an overwhelming. Conversation that led by these voices as you mentioned like LeBron and so many others who think that. The system is profiting off these players. In at the end of the day. Many of them have nothing to show for. Exactly quiche the news on NCAA appreciate you being he answered.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The NCAA is opening up the possibility of college athletes getting paid through jersey sales, endorsements and video game appearances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66642549","title":"Plan to pay college athletes moves forward","url":"/US/video/plan-pay-college-athletes-moves-forward-66642549"}