Police Capture Man Who Scaled Trump Tower

The man was spotted on the side of the Fifth Avenue tower.
3:42 | 08/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Capture Man Who Scaled Trump Tower
And a bizarre scene playing out right now it's gonna live pictures from midtown Manhattan right here in New York. A drama playing out a trump tower here in New York City for quite some time now. A climber scaling the 58 story tower there are reports police have removed two windows in fact you can see. The wind is they removed there that's the 21 floor. They remove the windows to communicate with the Clymer right there who obviously has made it to the nineteenth and twentieth floor there. What happens next is the big question now whether or not they try to pull a main through that window he'd been climbing the tower using what appears to be a giant suction cups. I'd just above Fifth Avenue here in New York City causing quite a scene here on all the local stations. And for people pedestrians down below people in traffic Cuba need as is on the scene in. GO what can you tell us from your vantage point. Well they've already surfaced as one of the most bizarre story that you can be right there on the one Newport. He's still are that backpack on about a quarter concern so many people what's inside the backtracked. While I AP scaling up the tower be just don't know yet right now with the duke say that they believe she's a stunt man who practically he's clearly a stockman. But they don't know what she's doing or it's cute dangerous right now let's take a look at some of the pictures earlier today. Tonight mystery over why this man climbed trump tower social media showing him starting around 4 PM. These photos taken from inside the tower as he makes is a cent. Wearing a backpack and using giant suction cups he scaled the building from Florida war avoiding capture you see the guy climbing it's. The police is set practices. It's critical for that if people are sick of action. We want to go back to the pictures now you're looking live at trump tower in midtown Manhattan and you can see. But the officers are reaching out to him. He too is still there on the latter. It's unclear obviously what they're saying that this man but they've been watching him all afternoon in June period or to try to pull him in through that window. That's what it looks like it looks like they're plunder through that data video which Trump Organization is also playing tonight. This man performed are ridiculously dangerous stunt here's damaged the building cars are necessary to order New York light at. To protect his safety at that coming from this important patient. Because what they want to make sure that they. Want to say anything it's gonna make this Rand Paul they want to cheat and state again they don't know why he's done. And as we're looking at these live pictures now you can see that those suction cups that we were talking about the top of the broadcast he's pulled back out. And is actually put on the window adjacent to where the new York city police officers are standing inside that window. The question now is what what is he going to museums crawl into that window is he going to listen to. What I would assume would be there you know command take come into that building and to come in safely. After the scene he's calls over Fifth Avenue here in New York. I GO how many people are gathered down there on the scene watching this play out. Right now across four different lockyer David worsening hundreds of people. I mean you can just imagine that there avenue one of the major tourist nation your New York City and this is just in so many ways just shut down what they just wrapping paper. And they just Poland in through that when new you can see in his legs there. They have them in through the window on what we believed to be the 21 floor of the trump tower. But here in New York they've opened that window for precisely that reason to communicate with whoever this climber is and to try to get him. Out of harm's way and back into that building certainly the questions to follow tube and is on the scene for us. That scene playing out a trump tower this afternoon.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The man was spotted on the side of the Fifth Avenue tower.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41284157","title":"Police Capture Man Who Scaled Trump Tower","url":"/US/video/police-capture-man-scaled-trump-tower-41284157"}