Preserving this moment in history

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the efforts to collect stories from all Americans, so that history books can be as diverse as the country.
6:05 | 06/13/20

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We've of course been reporting extensively on the disproportionate impact of covet nineteen and police brutality on communities of color but who's making sure that the often dismissed experiences. Are not loss from our history. This week the national museum of African American history in Washington began collecting signs artwork and stories from the protesters outside of the White House. And his or Devin Dwyer reports there's a broader effort now under way to ensure that the voices of all Americans in these historic times. Are recorded for generations to come. In order so there ensor live and get past was happening. You have to be strong they have to be resilient you have to be positive. You have to know that this who shall pass. You'd have to look at your history for Diana hall lessons from the past. Are often only as good as what was recorded in the present. Protests for justice and equality after the death of George Floyd. In a deadly pandemic still ravaging her hometown. Paul wants to make sure history gets it right. She shared her story is a DC public school teacher during the crises with the Smithsonian's anacostia community museum. The history of what I went through document it somewhere so I great grandchildren go look at end that inning of itself. Just throw me the museum's moments of resilience project part of a growing global left first. Gathering photos or work poetry and journal entries. There is a sense of urgency because of these current event that are happening around us and so. Eight at ten weeks didn't it is really important red ink collecting the story. Because at the country begins to open back up a lot of those stories will be lost or forgotten. Much of American history has been told to the lands of white men. Minority experiences like the slaves who helped build the white house with the Japanese Americans who endured internment camps during World War II. Often glossed over or ignored. Historians are now working to make sure that this moment is fully preserved for all viewpoints. But the benefit is that we keep me get the human dimensions of crisis we see them the human face on the unemployment line you will. A worldwide repository bill play team of universities a journal of the plague year gathered more than 5000 pieces so far. Many showing that double impact of coal bid in civil unrest. Archives. Contain vast silence they don't tell us the story of not movies. Folks outside the middle class folk who are quite. They may touch a lot of they may have. But we need to do better we set yourselves we want to recognize the diversity of the matter here. Images audio and video capturing this unprecedented moment. One family showing how they now hose off before going indoors. Another sharing the power of painting together while sheltering in place there were scenes of protest new Orleans city waste collectors demand DP PE. Homemade crafts like this cross stitched offering reminders about personal hygiene. And diocese. A journal entry from a Vietnamese American health care worker who counts were frustration. Describing micro Gresham is based on my race scene just because were Asian does not mean this pandemic is our fault. And there are voices from afar army specialist Vincent Joseph chaff writing from Afghanistan but the stress of watching his country in turmoil. Everyday Americans with Ernest stories. Story fore founder Dave I say says the conversations. Were having. Also need to be preserved. It's no politicians it's no famous people just regular people are to each other story core capturing hundreds of people telling their own stories in their own words. Are carting them at The Library of Congress. Largest library in the world. This is really just about generosity and love you know so you can hear that voice I mean when you listen to interviews between two bus driver shore you know that people who are working Frontline health care workers talking to each other just that each EST the devastation. How you know there there are many people whose lives have been rocked in ways that are. You know incomprehensible. Others Florida postal workers it that you regaining trade body sharing what it's like to deliver the mail. How when and where round talent very train went on our. T me aren't you check. And neat he. And. We're like a lifeline in these people are mad as. Flying. Independent photographers capturing the stories to James Trudeau test corporate samples at a Baltimore hospital by date. After hours he picks up his camera to document scenes he says many people might overlook. I saw as film and on a virus causes like. Wing of against telephone pole. And he said you know I didn't ride my bike everywhere have you ever write to your grocery shopping and pick up my medication. He would normally take the bus right or any would normally be take your car. Brian and right now though all of transportation is for social workers. His images are simple but captivating a tapestry of resilience in resignation in extraordinary times. Trudeau says he's donating his photos to the Maryland historical society. What is you hope people take goodness this is not the way things are supposed to be you know having to worry about going to word or. It not real see your loved ones so never forget right exactly. You remember and to learn all of us have a part to play. He met journal that you have been doing keep that picture that your child riddle that you probably quitting your window. Picture that shocking out on your outlined. Keep all of those things because those will be important that we continue to tell the story. Making sure they history books reflect a history as diverse as we are. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the efforts to collect stories from all Americans, so that history books can be as diverse as the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71230842","title":"Preserving this moment in history","url":"/US/video/preserving-moment-history-71230842"}