President-elect Joe Biden gets COVID-19 vaccine

President-elect Joe Biden received the COVID-19 vaccine on live TV as Congress reached a deal on coronavirus relief.
8:50 | 12/21/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden gets COVID-19 vaccine
A big moment this afternoon pres elect Joseph Biden has been vaccinated for Kobe nineteen need follows. Vice president Mike Pence to his accident live last week along with several members of congress. Including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and the more in this someone to bring in cheap White House correspondent John Carl. John let's talk about how important it is for leaders right now like Joseph Biden nor Mike Pence to get vaccinated. In such a public way I mean yes it's a good PR move right but there's also a lot of confidence it needs to be instilled in the people right now people that. Are still very nervous about it. There's a lot of. Are reluctant city in the country care of their there's there's a big segment of the population that is. Uneasy we do with the vaccines and in some polls suggesting it could be as much as 30% so. To see the leadership of the country stepped forward and say. That we have so much confidence in the efficacy and safety of this vaccine. It will be among the very first to take it is very important important symbolically. And of course in in the case of Joseph Biden it's also. A big incredibly important in terms of protecting his health. So why you think there has been concern and and push back about getting the vaccine what you think that's coming from. One eager to buy areas it is coming from one is. We we've seen the movement in this country. For for several years as you know cure that a segment of the population that just simply. It is is it at. Anti backs are they video they don't believe vaccines really war they believe vaccines. Could take despite all of the evidence all kinds of vaccines not just this vaccine. Had a you know have but negative side effects. They do that's been. Did just proven time and time again but there is simply a segment of the population. That is skeptical now there's also the fact of this vaccine. Plot being something this happened so quickly I mean we've never seen a vaccine development anything like this time frame. And I think there is some residual concern in some quarters about how quickly it was dawn particularly when you've seen us so much that's been said about this pandemic from officials in government particularly. From the White House particularly from the president himself. Being called into doubt called into question they've said. Time and time again things that just are not true so now. The country is being called upon to trust the word coming out of of the government now that said. The real you know the kind of good housekeeping seal of approval on this it is doctor Anthony found she. And the other medical experts in in the in the government and outside of the government. And universally they're saying this vaccine is not only a good thing but it's an essential thing to getting beyond the pandemic. And the even doctor vowed to John as you know has come forward and says and said he thinks. President truck should should get it is well let's talk a minute about the president we're not seeing much of him. He's deathly not talking about this he continues to talk about. Losing the election that it was rigs. Now he did have Kobe it and if viewed top from a scientific perspective. You'll hear this from from from some medical experts at lucky had the monoclonal cocktail. Is supposed to be within ninety days he doesn't necessary need to get the vaccine right now and then the White House is kind of giving. This message that well in the medical team decides he'll he'll have the vaccine he he will. What's your take why do you think trump isn't just coming forward and saying OK let's do it I'm rolled up my sleeves I'm gonna have the vaccine to let's go. Well look that there may be as you said there may be good medical reasons for him not to get the vaccine yet. For a period of time to pass from having coded having the treatment that he got before he gets the vaccine but your right he has said virtually nothing about it. A little bit of you know bragging mostly on Twitter about the world of rapidity with which the vaccine was developed and taking credit for this actually there was a moment ID. A white house press briefing just a couple of weeks ago where the Press Secretary. Referred to the vaccine is the trump vaccine. But what we haven't seen as well exactly what you referred to his Donald Trump coming out saying damn right I'm gonna take this vaccine on the ticket as soon. As the medical team tells me I should take it he has not done that he is not taken that step but as you point out he has had. You virtually nothing to say about anything actually I'm gonna leave it at that he's at virtually nothing to say about anything for the past week. As we have seen the incredible news on the vaccine the incredible disturbing news about. The the virus itself and and in the end and that brow this pandemic has taken. He has been out of sight firstly no public appearances. Fossett's he was out of football game last week and the army navy game he has not been out he's not pat public appearances at the White House. He did about a four and a half minute appearance on Rudy Giuliani's. You know radio show and again talked about the election conspiracies and whatnot but almost did not thing. Nothing about the pandemic or about the vaccine. John stay with us we want to bring in ABC news medical contributor doctor Daron Sutton now. Agreement to the conversation we had a little bit of a technical kick up so it's good to have you with is now doctor. What you. Weigh in on that with regard to president trump and not getting the vaccine yet while lead. Seen other key leaders in our country getting that vaccine in a time where we want to instill confidence and we want people to get inoculated we want to get rid of this pandemic. How important do you think it is from the PR standpoint that the president. Get the vaccine also. I think it's incredibly important the current recommendations for anyone who has had a prior weather and cook at nineteen war. We're not the recommendation is to get the vaccine and so the president coming out and standing support in stating that he would get it would be really helpful but there's also a lot if we don't know the president had a significant hospital stay in that you referenced Ebert aren't synthetic antibodies as well as anti retroviral treatments are usually anti viral treatments. There's a lot in this up discussion that we don't know about that it's probably personal to us. So doctor said or what's the biggest thing that you want people to know about getting through these next few months. As you know I am in California specifically Los Angeles and we are right up against significant sir assessed. Approximately 80%. I see user or sweeping across all you are at least 80%. The Red Cross the LA county's right now it's honestly you need to pay attention every bus every single resident wearing a mask seeking a social distance. Even if you don't live in California I would advise the same help decrease the spread of this iris. I'm with you on that I'm from California and I talked to my mom every day sell our minutes are exactly what you've advised doctors sudden thanks so much and John. I have to ask you well I have you you know congress is expected to vote to pass this 900 billion dollar stimulus deal today Democrats say this is just a down payment. And more help is is needed but if Mitch McConnell still controls the senate next month. Is another deal likely to happen what's the reality check. The reality check is really in almost either circumstance it's going to be hard to get more done of course a lot who depend on the on. What is happening with the vaccine has this has this helped put the pandemic first start to put the pandemic behind us and allow more of the country to be boat reopen. Or are we seeing a continued. Downward spiral. Why it's he does continue to look bad will be enormous pressure on congress. To act again but McConnell I've made it very clear in negotiating this one did this was as much as he bought thought Republicans. All were willing to as far suppose Republicans are willing to go and it's certainly a significant step I mean look Democrats for pushing for something. You don't put two and a half times larger than this Keira but what we should lose sight of the fact that this is a nine a hundred plus billion dollar. Funding bill it it's the second largest. Bill of its kind funding bill of any kind. That we seem congress passed in the first artist was what was done. In the spring to deal with the the economic impact of the the pandemic so this is a significant step. But there'll be a lot of pressure on congress to do more. All right Tom Karl doctor daring Sutton thank you both so much thank you care.

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{"duration":"8:50","description":"President-elect Joe Biden received the COVID-19 vaccine on live TV as Congress reached a deal on coronavirus relief.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74849672","title":"President-elect Joe Biden gets COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/US/video/president-elect-joe-biden-covid-19-vaccine-74849672"}