President Obama Honors Naval Academy Football Team

For the second straight year the president presented the team with the Commander-in-Chief trophy.
12:57 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for President Obama Honors Naval Academy Football Team
This is a special room. I'm -- -- -- new York at the White House today President Obama. Honoring the Naval Academy football team presenting them with the commander in chief's trophy this is the second straight year the eighth time in ten years the midshipmen have. Brushed aside their army and air force rivals to win meeting with the president with more corporate ABC's -- -- anybody outside the White House a lot of a lot of smiles -- on this Friday. There is there -- are very proud that tremendous -- they -- behind them. And you can see all the members of the navy football team right there ready -- -- their rewards. So we're -- we're used to seeing the president with pro sports chance he had US olympians are olympians there. -- a couple of weeks ago would have warriors on bikes yesterday and of course David Ortiz -- the world champion Red Sox long ago. But the question though with the situation Ukraine this is a bit about welcome relief at least for a couple of minutes for the president for today. For a couple of minutes we just came from the White House briefing where that was really the dominant topic. Questions about income Ukraine and Russia on six get away from it for just a little bit as you know the president as a sports guy and I hear that he is coming momentarily. Well and we of course will cut wrecks that put him when he does make its way there I think actually. There's a touch on the trophy Lon Anderson the stroke he weighs what 170 pounds. On -- 170 pounds and actually more than highway pregnant. Fifth and any of those guys congratulations by -- way were all happy for you any of those guys managed to Michael on -- pick up that trophy all 170 pounds of it. I MT and even try yet but I'm -- my volley -- so we'll see what happens. Us. I'm sorry. I think the -- and nobody's tried it yet but feel it happened. We'll have to wait that there obviously are waiting patiently outside of the president in making his way up there. This obviously one of the things -- wanted to ask you about as well because there was a -- -- -- -- where they came out of the White House that there is an uninvited guests making its way -- -- On the White House grounds -- fox right. Yes a little. Red haired fox -- pointy ears and in the Wall Street Journal today could actually -- that there is an artist right -- these look like a little conduct here everybody's been talking about him and trying to spot him. And there's even -- that he's been getting -- to mrs. Obama -- vegetable garden and hoping himself and seems very relaxed here on the ground so I'm keeping my eyes open for him. -- eating well it probably has got some good security and protection at the same time -- -- there. How to visit that that they're actually that there were reports that the president actually saw that box as well from the Oval Office. Right coming down the Colin they'd just done just like any other president or or state leader better than a little fox seems to be perfectly at home. Come in and feels like he is ruling over these grounds. Able to get some -- which is very -- -- -- -- on the way out front today what what else is on the president's agenda for the sensitive. Early lead -- in the president had mostly behind closed doors meetings today so not a lot of information about that as -- mansion with just them. Briefing is still going on right now in the hottest topic there is -- -- the Ukraine and what potential sanctions. May be following in two into rush and a lot of questions about whether or not. Couldn't could potentially and be on that list ambassador rice today declining to answer any specifics. And that of course coming on the heels of secretary of state John Kerry I discuss some of the details of -- negotiation between his counterpart. Russian Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and of course days tension in the Ukraine growing almost by the day as those pro Russian. Groups are demanding -- fact that amnesty is not enough in the heart of this negotiation. Yes and I'm hearing right now that the president is I'm just arriving as you can see him off my children there. And we will watch the president make his way through the Rose Garden there not to put it regularly -- -- Be commander in chief's trophy. If you all right ever for those innocent. Welcome to the white -- congratulations to beat navy midshipman. -- -- No alternatives. To -- coach again -- -- to recognize vice admiral Mike Miller. For his service academy and to our country. -- the second time these two years have come here to claim the commander in chief's trophy. If you guys have your punch -- with -- next -- free. I'm pretty sure coach -- would agree that this was -- the best teams yet. First of all you had incredible talent. Senior kept in Cody Peterson. And -- is sergeant to. Let the defense. I hear that -- known in the locker room as the meat heads. On a football team -- that's high praise. This your quarterback Tim Reynolds -- one of the best seasons in school history. His 31 rushing touchdowns weren't just an academy record they were a division one a record for a quarterback. It is here is one of only a handful. Players in division one history to rush for thirty or more touchdowns and single season. I think it's fair to say that if -- analysts and Barry Sanders -- -- -- ago. So this team had the leadership it had the tools. But this team it also ahead -- knack for getting the job done under some pretty tough circumstances. When the government was forced to shut down. You didn't even know if the game against air force was gonna happen -- -- -- secretary of defense stepped in. Gave the green light which tells you how important was because. A sector -- has a few things on his plate but he personally are being on this from. A few weeks later you beat San Jose state in triple overtime with -- in scoring seven rushing touchdowns the most ever. By a division one quarterback in a single game. And you kept on rolling through the games that really matter. In the snow you beat army for the twelfth time in a -- they're sort of feel bad about this. Locking up commander in chief's trophy for the ninth time in eleven years. -- went on to beat Middle Tennessee State to win your first bowl game since 2009. So overall this was a pretty good -- on the on the gridiron. What's more impressed. Is the fact that -- these outstanding young men. Football isn't even the main thing. When these -- sign up. When you sign up to play at Annapolis you know you're in for different experience. Typical day starts at 6 AM in the training room breakfast is at seven. After that his class launch in -- -- meeting's been more class football practice better. Three times start today which most players used to study until midnight and when students at other colleges. Are enjoying summer vacation these guys are busy with a military training and summer school and offseason workouts. So yes it's about learning to be a good football player but more importantly it's about learning how to be a good leader. And be a good man. And that's what these outstanding Americans. Are. And will continue to be. Up next month fourteen. These guys are going to be -- instance in the -- and other it will become second lieutenants in the marine court. Senior captain mandate will serve on a ship bound Norfolk and wave rider. By the way if your name is wave rider then you gotta be in the -- Will suit up -- -- naval aviator. That's. Their commitment -- service. That's a commitment to country. And to each other that sets this team apart. Today that commitment is as strong as ever. -- last month. A note that all of us were. -- and loss -- -- Two busloads of classmates and teammates made the eight hour trip to Knoxville. To attend his funeral as to coach -- I understand your motto for this season as I will in memory of him and that's what camaraderie is all about honor. Courage. Commitment that's what makes the midshipmen so strong and that's why I'm so proud to serve as your commander in chief. Not. Only in fact not primarily because of what you've done on the football field. But because of your dedication to each other and your service to America. So today. It is my privilege to present you with a trophy that weighs about as much as -- Congratulations guys. Once again. Mr. President. It's all as a great honor and we're deep in the -- as a team to be here today to be your guess. You're coming -- and Marine Corps general Jamie Amos told our football team tonight before the army navy football game that our country needs men of character. In behind you there are 75 young man of great character. As you mentioned 22 of them was serve you -- your fleet. In the navy Marine Corps. And -- lord continue to bless you. Our young men in all those who serve our country the greatest country in world. Thank you get for having some good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- president making a presentation for the commander in chief's trophy. For the navy midshipman there -- there outstanding football season. Hang cabinet a couple of shots -- there has been making their way through which you can watch this entire ceremony right here on our live stream. Now -- I'm Dan Gurney or put this excuse digital special reports.

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{"duration":"12:57","description":"For the second straight year the president presented the team with the Commander-in-Chief trophy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23387530","title":"President Obama Honors Naval Academy Football Team","url":"/US/video/president-obama-honors-naval-academy-football-team-23387530"}