Prioritizing who gets the COVID-19 vaccine

A CDC advisory committee has voted to recommend prioritizing health care workers and individuals in long-term care facilities to receive the first COVID-19 vaccine when approved.
5:14 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Prioritizing who gets the COVID-19 vaccine
For more on the vaccine let's ABC news medical contributor doctor Darian satin for more on the sectors thanks for being here. That CDC panel is it recommending that health care workers. And people in long term care facilities get the vaccine first once it is approved here in the US what's the strategy there. I wanted to cancel the goal is targeting and backs needing those at highest risk of getting them back getting the virus and also indicted and butter sculpture is like myself included in that group because we have a high level exposure to the artist relatives and normal population. And also Haitians living in long he's although less than 1% of Americans and long term care facilities according nickel tracking project. This action council 39% of diminishing related deaths are targeting this absolutely will reduce the amount and decimated decoded nineteen I was losing each. And how many people have to be vaccinated for this endemic to be considered over. So some analysts presume that it would involve we're need approximately 60% participation in order to yield the goal is a vaccine and herd immunity. For context 60% of the American population of 200 million people each person needing two doses were referencing the spies and German journal vaccine and 400 windows embedded that's all operational need to produce and distribute. And so we're able to get there probably not until like what was said earlier in the next. Calendar year to focus on known works best right now which is wearing a mask and DOC. An obese Americans can also be prioritized for the vaccine that's creating some debate can you Esther those arguments. Yes of this expectant goal of targeting and that singing there was I guess that is getting the virus and also died from the virus patients suffering from obesity are some of the highest of patients and hospital no person from my own experience and also been researched other patients will probably be included in our locations are in the stage organ disease in terms of occasions operator from diseases such as shouldn't disease are. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease congestive heart really need you. Now we also got some questions from viewers on Twitter that I like to post you one. Is whether the vaccine can give you corona virus Dinah some vaccines use a week or an active version of the writers but the finer Madeira vaccines don't even do that so can you explain cash. The different types of vaccines and play right now and how they work. This is a great question I just wanna take a step back and talk about the types that you referenced so Madeira and the byproducts are both MR any vaccines. Context RNA is warm and unstable genetic information coming from and it's current auctions that is very unstable and that's why you refrigerated it very very low temperatures. Injected into our cells and cause our cellular machinery producer cheeks it is very similar to us Christine and on the outside of corona virus stock. That produces are on your response produces antibodies approaching because they did and didn't artists weren't. Routine and the MR NA is agreed it no secret in our bodies. The antibody resist a goal we seeing a long time and being ready for the possibility of another urging bush and you want to corona virus beating human body protecting that pirates. He AstraZeneca vaccine. Sorry but I just wanted to clarify some of the five permanent annexing he's an aren't and vaccines don't give you any version of the virus and I'll. Certainly do not or cannot Monroe viable form of the virus it's just simply can produce protein that is similar to Albuquerque and bars are not produced a. A viable virus and then you're saying the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine works a little differently kicks and a one. Yes of the AstraZeneca relaxing music viral vector vaccines will be specifically a weakened form of pirates are at no virus most often used at one of its most commonly used the Morristown new species that it's injected into our bodies and that you help us produce immune response. Data research and that technology has been used to -- and simple or in other needs such as hepatitis B vaccine as well we will backs. Seem intent of using viral vaccines however still goes viruses that parliament that should not viable form of rotavirus cannot new anti bush. OK so then the brightest question I got from viewers as in the vaccines safe and that's what relates to what you're telling us that. How is this something that children should be receiving before they go to school. Great great questions and that's yet to be determined in terms of research so right now we have a preliminary data I've learned some easier press release and now we have ongoing studies of children and walk in vaccine research we have yet he leads the nation it weakened from efficacy and -- And case affects from the vaccine on at this point. So far the side effects and have been reported our side effects that are commonly seen all vaccines which include beavers that she and muscle and these are income when a vaccine is given because our body expertise is that in response. It seems pretty economy but. Yet there are yet to be any strong adverse events and reported by government and all right doctor Darius and we appreciate your time today as always thank you.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"A CDC advisory committee has voted to recommend prioritizing health care workers and individuals in long-term care facilities to receive the first COVID-19 vaccine when approved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74504999","title":"Prioritizing who gets the COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/US/video/prioritizing-covid-19-vaccine-74504999"}