ProPublica responds to voting security concerns at the ballot box

Election system more secure, but some voting issues remain.
3:38 | 11/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ProPublica responds to voting security concerns at the ballot box
Moving on his voting continues to ABC news team is tracking. Concerns security concerns at polling locations today including concerns about potential hacking and voting systems and the threat of terrorism our investigative reporter Josh Margo Lynn. I've visited the Election Day monitoring center of our partners Pope who will go to find out what kind of reports they're getting so far about trouble at the ballot box Hickel. Welcome to election lap he nonprofit journalism cooperative pro public in conjunction with ABC news everything about this base. Is voter security election security every race that counts there keeping tabs on everything from right here in midtown Manhattan. Jessica who's been is the republika reporters he's in charge of election land this is her domain Jessica tells about what's going on. So what you see here is acre of people gathered at the pregnant mark graduate school of Oklahoma city university of new York and we're setting up. So that we can help a half more than a 125. Local newsrooms across the country cover the vote in real so in 2016. There were a bunch of attempts from various intruders to get into electronic. Voting systems around the country in fact in Illinois. Actually successfully reach the firewall and got it. Right now 2018. Have intruders gotten in to election systems around. We are aware of no successful breaches. The type that you describe it Illinois from from prior to 2060. So it is our understanding that states have taken pretty great lengths to shore up their cyber security ahead of this election. And we've seen no indications that such a massive attempts. Have been successful face are cool rainy old piece of fake news is that ice will be monitoring polling places even people who were legal citizens were illegally registered to vote might be right doesn't turn up to the polls if they feel like ice that's going to be there may be they have documented family members that look at her home. Maybe they are simply scared a federal authorities as we know many isolated. Or at vulnerable immigrant populations are in the United States and so that I think perennial piece of misinformation about pops up every time we go to the polls but. But I have never monitored polling places and will not be honoring polling places on. Election Day there's been some talk. That the problem of this information was not at serious we're not as extreme this year as it wasn't 2016 have you found that your reporting I know that. There have been campaigns by FaceBook specifically and also by Twitter to review of beam bots and he does that tend to. Sort of traffic in that fake news ads out this information and so we've seen early indication but some of that is has been more successful if that wasn't 2016. You know you're the expert what. Is the one thing more the group of things what should people be most worried about what's the most serious election security problem. Still I think. But I want to make really clear that the vast majority of people who go to the polls on Election Day will not face any problems whatsoever I think that what people should be most concerned about to the extent that they should be concerned at all. Is it. Being given or information by workers when they go to cast a ballot and so it poll workers have been partly trainer with understand a lot. That could lead to people not being able to cast their ballots at actively and so we would argue that people should very much know exactly what is required of them before they got to the the polls and they're a lot of tools. Back on our website to get my election not lay out. And they're also tools aren't your own local county government's web page that should tell you exactly what's expected of you at the polls. And that the poll workers something different to you it's very important to simply be prepared to pastor active.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Election system more secure, but some voting issues remain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59092938","title":"ProPublica responds to voting security concerns at the ballot box","url":"/US/video/propublica-responds-voting-security-concerns-ballot-box-59092938"}