Puerto Rican artist and activist reacts to governor’s resignation

Residente comments on the importance of this historical moment for Puerto Ricans and why being politically active matters.
6:03 | 07/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Puerto Rican artist and activist reacts to governor’s resignation
We're gonna turn back to Puerto Rico for a second because. We weren't able to talk to residents say earlier today. He was one of a number of musical artist that show their solidarity. In as a proud Puerto Rican and I talk to him earlier minutes his first interview since governor rose a resigned to take a look at this conversation. Thank these accomplishment. Of getting rid of corporal Sean like we still have to fight it because there's. Oral during the Gordon and steel. Disease he story. Being. But it would without violence without arms and he even would fight and I basically you know only word I. They're arresting marching. Iron and because of dot. He resigned backing. So did he incredible. I got what sane and it lets one of the legacy of the night night. It was powerful to lots and I want you just heard to remind us what was the last straw for all of the people half island to take to the streets. This time. Mostly. But the single moments and times but I think that when we so that we chance trust Olbermann. And I meet Jerry Lee. Because of the Shattuck. I think less. That's true old west that moment when they go Lerner. Saint. She doesn't that people that's. Oh. That's when the people you bought it's been years and years of the elite got away but not knowing you know. And US lying to liberty one and it looked like its and it's you know and so we started to fight. And to protests credit race straight. Days without its nonstop. Every one on the streets. And Pritchard rests solely so huge dead yet to resign but there's still people in the arm and chronic that we that the order. And we don't want and likely one starts rich we need to stop. Barton's. There. Are these are deceased sustained at same political parties or years and years up to changed. We have to start and create something new we need something new home because what we have doesn't work. You know you are able to bring all of these other celebrities to join in solidarity with the people as well am what was the conversation that you had with. Ricky Martin in bad bunny and your sister you laid to just join and basically start a revolution. You. I don't I don't. Had it all related bless you let's grade a do you go about voting today. US also my I'll ordered so we started to choke. And also who did you mark dean so we shot and between the real loss. And the act. I was reading we will lose some statements. Where let's. What's happening and Dan. And resorted to make song. Sung with the Bonnie. And results c.'s nightly. C it was very organic you know and slice beauty but he glass barrier downing and you are so mad. You know because every team because of everything but also based did you know little Warner Aaron. And the people who work with him they were dug in Barrow he's finally. Hello there would you be key to community. Wrong like Super Bowl X moments like. We're so glad that not so let's in west fewer you know from. From there are from our hearts and Benny also eased weeks they'll look like that's baloney suites helps. Why have you always felt the calling to fight for the people of Puerto Rico we even to the point. A being censored by the island's. I grew up with my dad born to protest but also. I understand that isn't or has anyone been to lease the art deep and that's. What I do it doesn't matter farmer and aren't these Arnie party. Arnold to lure ruler or longer and it's I don't iron and steel human being and still I know I'd on legal reports agree quite. Forty foot eagle sorts early. With bloody now ready outside. The spin Alex I don't like Ellen Dougherty. So what it what is your hope for what happens next I know you're headed to a marxism Marx today another protestor is this more celebration now. Started in little soul marching because we need to keep going. Under his leg that a quarter of two Leyland I. That's like don't feel we have to start from scratch from zero we have to create new political parties this eastern doesn't work. It's not working. Yet an end just really quick your thoughts on one the last game because she's supposed to be the person to fill Ben and you know the person who is in after this transition. What do you think of her. I don't know her personally. Doesn't want her I got so that's the streets like people they world already brought us like people. Want to start from scratch your Frist a fresh start don't want anyone or real right now no one wants anyone from the Normandy don't trust him. Because they were nicked it. He's not because of deported to the party deep for you don't want anyone anyone you thinks so it's not take dying. But that's what the people once deeply deeply wanna start from scratch you my name happens in the US last. This is not working we don't Baghdad they want Democratic Party and the police are left to start like it's not what so resist Chinese premier what are its own way lord. We want to start from scratch and that's what did people were singing in the streets. Yes so pretty has started there we could only without showing you that conversation so we want to think residency for joining us.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Residente comments on the importance of this historical moment for Puerto Ricans and why being politically active matters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64567268","title":"Puerto Rican artist and activist reacts to governor’s resignation","url":"/US/video/puerto-rican-artist-activist-reacts-governors-resignation-64567268"}