Questions arise about Juice WRLD's death

The 21-year-old rapper died in Chicago from a seizure as authorities found marijuana and codeine in his possession.
2:04 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for Questions arise about Juice WRLD's death
And guys we move to a very sad story out of Chicago the sudden death of rapper juice world suffering. An apparent seizure at Chicago's midway airport when his private plane was searched after landing. He later died at the hospital and now there's more details on those final moments in our Alice spreads. Is all on the ground at midway. Alex if you can just tell us what happened to win his plane actually landed. Eight Kimberly yes so this all unfold dated Saturday night into Sunday morning the early morning hours and it happened at the part of the airport were private planes land now we now know that authorities actually got a tip. That there were firearms onboard that plane so when the plane landed. Officers investigators are right there to search that planes asserts a luggage on the plane. As investigators asserts that luggage with help from a canine dog they say they discovered or 41. Bags of marijuana. Three. Fire arms and six bottles of Cody. And that at that point and investigators say during that search at bats when the juice world. Started to go in some sort of seizure a medical emergency they say. They administered. Two doses of north hand which you know it's supposed to help you if you are in the build an overdose. And at that point he rushed into the hospital where he later died now. Authorities are not saying much more else right now about what exactly may have caused his death. And that talks with the toxicology results are not in just yet according to the medical examiner. But we do know TMZ the entertainment website is reporting that he may have ingested a number of pills to try to keep them. From authorities now I myself asked authorities about that makes it at this point they can't. Comments about that that's where this story stands right now so a lot of people just trying to serve wrap their minds of around all of this Kimberly. He added in it's pretty tragic. In general but the fact that he was just 21. Years old makes it that much more sad Alex we appreciate the updates thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The 21-year-old rapper died in Chicago from a seizure as authorities found marijuana and codeine in his possession.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67631650","title":"Questions arise about Juice WRLD's death","url":"/US/video/questions-arise-juice-wrlds-death-67631650"}