Rachel Jeantel Testifies in George Zimmerman Trial

Trayvon Martin's friend was on the phone with him before he was fatally shot.
7:39 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Rachel Jeantel Testifies in George Zimmerman Trial
This is a special room. Report from ABC news. Everyone I'm Tanya Rivero a New York that ABC news digital special report the jury in the trade on -- case has heard 911 phone calls. Made by defendant George Zimmerman and a slew of witness testimonies also came in today the trial is now into its third day and we want to bring an ABC -- radio. Radio's -- deters -- and Sanford Florida outside the courthouse hello Aaron -- radio. -- good afternoon this has been a fascinating tale of witness testimony as he said those 911 calls that had been. Something of the dispute between prosecutors and defense whether they were relevant prosecutors believe they show a pattern of behavior on the part of -- -- that he was. Sort of pre destined almost given his past history is overzealous -- rooting out crime in this neighborhood predestined. To end up confronting. Trade on -- on the -- those calls were relevant but the judge let them in -- -- they -- -- several of them were played sports for the jury but. On the stand right now perhaps some of the most raw and emotional testimony we've heard in the last couple of days and that's from a woman named Rachel is on -- The last person to speak with trade bond -- before he was shot and. OK Darren W I we are definitely gonna get to Rachel's testimony at first I want to play back some of the previous 911 call. That -- played today. The neighborhood want can come home burglaries vandalism. And the this gentleman who walked in the country in the war on -- -- -- picking -- -- I don't know if you quite like it. Mark. Went black leather jacket a black bomber. And -- -- -- I don't for years you can bull. And like I don't think it's a gentleman yeah. -- -- According to decide -- I know him under the right he she -- Caucasian. And he's going to counseling -- along the and I think street. And then going back this I don't know it didn't quote from Portland. -- that call you just heard was about a month before the incident between Zimmerman and Martin's government was calling -- about a black male who he finds. Suspicious. Aaron -- is is there -- controversy over the fact that these 911 calls are being admitted. But yet the previous criminal history. Trade on Martin is not. -- -- the defense may object on those grounds but remember of the prosecutors successfully argued Sunday that trip on Martin is not on trial here. -- he is that the victim of a fatal gunshot and so what prosecutors are hoping to show. Is that George Zimmerman was -- -- someone hell bent on creating this neighborhood watch program to become a vigilante cop. Become someone who was so zealous in his pursuit of criminals that he thought weren't getting away with it punks as you heard the prosecutor -- quote. In opening statements that that he was feeling it was his duty to rid his neighborhood people he thought didn't belong. And so prosecutors are hoping the jury will take for some from some of these phone calls. The idea that Zimmerman was suspicious of a lot of people often in the calls that replaced the jury Tonya. Those suspicions fell on black people. And -- a lot of witness testimony today as well Aaron including from Rachel Montel as you said Martin's girlfriend. We do have some sound of her talking about the night trade on it was killed -- -- and. Mr. mark for more compliant. -- what was he complaining about man and man and you can watch can. There. Form that testimony as opposed to the questions. What this want to respond. If your objections there that it isn't -- war. Do you make up your next question. There needs. He's. He's. Yes I have. And you tell. News. -- creek trees anyway. Through my neighbors. Detailed testimony -- maybe a little hard to hear Aaron what stood out in her testimony. Well -- the mere fact that at times it was almost incomprehensible stood out there were some uncomfortable moments when even the jury was asking the witness to repeat herself the judge had to say to the jury you can ask questions. Just raise your hand if you can't understand the defense counsel had to reposition themselves in the courtroom. And it was captivating nonetheless because -- -- -- his recounting the last moments of trade on Martin's life. She broke down on the stand dabbing her eyes of Kleenex it was the too much portrayed on Martin's father isn't there at times it isn't as she recounted what. And his son said to her. Seconds before that fatal gunshot. Clearly an emotional I'm emotional day on the stand. Who else is on the ledger for today are there any new witnesses. -- this may be the the last witness of the day depending on how detailed this cross examination -- from defense attorney John West but. Rachel John tell it is in a unique position in a way to argue that this was in sacked. Second degree murder that -- Zimmerman was acting with depraved mind pursuing -- on Martin because she says. She heard -- -- Martins say this guy was following her. And what did that 911 dispatcher specifically tell George -- not to do. We don't need to to follow. Let anyone in your neighborhood and so prosecutors contend that this helps get it what was in George -- mind the night that he encountered -- on Martin's. And and makes us on -- is in a very unique position to to -- and helped the prosecution's case. Problem is and and this helps the defense she has some credibility trouble and she addressed why she lied. In relation to attending -- on Martin's funeral so there are going to be some questions the defense is going to get into here on cross examination. And watching that the jury where they riveted today but by the -- and one calls again by her testimony. Thank you will learn what the third day of of of the witnesses say easier intensive online Martin -- George -- trial and the jury has stayed. -- from the moment. That prosecutors and uttered the -- bomb to start the case until this emotional witness today that the jury has seemed to pay attention to every detail. Even yesterday as -- including the garment that became a symbol of civil rights marchers connected to this case was -- Held a lost in court the jurors were shifting in their seats for a better look so Tonya I think there's no question these jurors are paying attention. I -- -- an emotional day in court today ABC news radio Darren gives her ski and Sanford Florida thank you for -- And even get more about the Zimmerman trial by going to abcnews.com. I'm Tanya Rivero a new York and this has been an ABC news digital special reports. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19498638,"title":"Rachel Jeantel Testifies in George Zimmerman Trial","duration":"7:39","description":"Trayvon Martin's friend was on the phone with him before he was fatally shot.","url":"/US/video/rachel-jeantel-testifies-george-zimmerman-trial-19498638","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}