More rainfall expected in the Northeast in coming hours

Flash flood watches are in place for several counties.
1:55 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for More rainfall expected in the Northeast in coming hours
I now let's get an update on the weather around the country we're going engine Jersey. A look at thank you let's get straight to the flash flood headlines because they have been with us for the last 34 days in the northeast Pennsylvania Upper Darby seat those that actually bed sheets and people attached that are. Police officers and folks that were just walking by helping out. That grandmother stuck in her car they got her out of there but it was not the only town. Covered and that murky brown water with a flash flooding that's been moving through some places have had nearly eight inches in just a couple of filers so watching what happened this morning senate and Schuyler counties in Western New York got added to the flash flood emergency list. Of people were being rescued early Tuesday morning. Now the flash flood watches are in place for much of Pennsylvania and you work because this thing still isn't moving at least for the next 24 hours what it'll leave behind. It's three plus inches of rain so it's going to be very local a scattered much more so than it was. Even last point four hours but he still got a whole other day at this and then I'll try out OK let's move west of the Mendocino fire. Not a panacea complex is the largest nearly 350000. Acres burned and now deadly a firefighter dying there that makes eleven total in California's season. As far as debts and most of them from firefighters. And Glacier National Park that new images here of what I'm my co workers actually has a daughter who's working there as a guide. And her friend is seen as a guide as well took bets from over the lake you can seat the fire in the background. Really affecting that it speculations with in the park they wish that we had better. You know conditions but is not the case their fires burning in Utah in Nevada and their red flag warnings popping up ape that. A little low precious trying to make its way on shore and any of that is gonna combined that he. You gonna have that type temperature greeting trading higher wind speeds and the numbers. They're a little better than anywhere last week they will be going down look at Seattle dropping 82 that comes with a price alana. Of having higher Wentz.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Flash flood watches are in place for several counties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57172492","title":"More rainfall expected in the Northeast in coming hours","url":"/US/video/rainfall-expected-northeast-coming-hours-57172492"}