Recognizing the records and legacy of Negro League baseball

Negro League slugger Josh Gibson’s great grandson Sean Gibson discusses how Major League Baseball’s inclusion of Negro League statistics will change the record books.
6:51 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Recognizing the records and legacy of Negro League baseball
With spring training just around the corner closer look at major change by Major League Baseball which announced in December and it would finally include the records and statistics of the seven negro leagues which played in the early twentieth century is part of -- be used statistical history in new front. Shed light on some of the former Negro League players who will now be Majorly statistical stars figure Kendall has the story. For more than a century professional baseball has given games held this memorable moments and players. Jordan bush use 56 game hitting streak. Ted Williams betting pool rose six per season I have gotten into the next county Hank Aaron breaking babe Ruth's home run record. And until recently that long history hasn't told the whole story. Black baseball players were left out of the major leagues in their early twentieth century. So they organized their own teams in 1920 danger rube Foster gathered other team owners informed the negro National League. The first organized league. For black baseball players. Later joined by the negro American League and other regional leagues. Legendary players like Satchel Paige. Josh Gibson. Oscar Charleston. And cool Papa bell helped negro leagues maintain its popularity and would themselves become baseball hall of famers but 1947. Marked a turning point. Jackie Robinson here in the baseball game as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Breaking the color barrier soon more black baseball players were joined me newly integrated MLB. Leading to the decline in eventual end of the negro leagues and for decades all that had been accomplished in the negro leagues would not be considered Major League. But this past December Major League Baseball announced that the negro leagues would finally be given Major League status along with their statistics. And records no negro leagues pitching great social page or this accomplishments added to those from his MLB career. And one change is likely come into the record books former catcher Josh Gibson. We'll have baseball's best single season batting average hitting 441. In 1943. At long last this major omission corrected. A major change for the major leagues for ABC news on the stroke and a. Agent changes indeed our thanks to Victor and for this we're joined now by John Gibson who agree grants aren't Negro League all time great slugger Josh Gibson which is also the executive director of the Josh Gibson foundation thank you so much for joining us. I so you are. You're great grandfather is already in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his storied career but admitting it wasn't for you when your family that Majorly based Albany has moved to finally honor Negro League statistics as part of Major League baseball's history each what do you want to see happen next to make this a reality. What it was a great owner Carl for a Chamblee and Arab Israelis and it really players. And you know something that was before a little longer doomed. Bush and we'll was considered jars Gibson a major leaguer anywhere. This is now that he's recognizing the Major League Baseball Steris. On the moon for readers to know it was alarming right now a Major League Bristol made the announcement. And we were trying to open here Weston next erection. The sauls who thought and soon. Especially officially. Included considered worker books and work things rate right now. What do you say to critics who say that it's really difficult to incorporate Negro League statistics cited apples to oranges because it was different competition are different links and seasons between the major leagues in the negro leagues. Don't have critics no matter where you know on the matter what is being remembered noodling based Larson and house. And you know I'll say this from critics of Maine we adjust to should have a Greek word negro leagues army these considerable greatest baseball where's all. And so you know recruited she knows isn't really true number is there are used in the nose and we consider what degree does this soccer players of all time. You know George played a time where. Blacks played a major and so now live mainly based in recognize and ignorance lenders to consider that the books it's disagree on personal. She and what of those who say no that this is too little too late by Major League Baseball from the negro league's stars who were denied their right to play in the major leaks. You can say it's a Little League but our guys are reaping the timing. And the one part of artisan. You know great players who paved the way and you know and forties Britain Italy starts. Are under did it. And so bush. You know give historians. And the solo work it was an what are your search. It's a pretty low this resurgent a year. Certainly sitting senators they're sick and they collected. You know so you know if you know you can say too little too late bush is committing and right now. Our colleagues at 538 and generally deemed died looking at the statistics of negro league's stars course some of the names of the Negro League players who should become as well known as Babe Ruth or say Mickey Mantle. It means our third hearing there David bridge are and of course the surge are skewed your essential grade you Charleston. Yet but winner gets her Stearns and these great baseball players will be included in sending manually steps now and so. You don't fire 38 did I read your article this morning made from Arnold's and Sharon. Our newly released X big league baseball squares that say to major league baseball players but durst had so. The say this I'm you know just huge an essential arranged. What has agreed to go league baseball players that would deathly beer and asked if he step may come out. And lastly you're also leading an effort and the MLB most valuable player awards named after Josh Gibson why is that so important UN has the MLB been receptive to the idea. Well armed is very important to me in Chamblee. The newly written and and also be the nimbly Stanley's. You know there stated earlier in Somalia has the night air Americans tune and play baseball. And so George Gibson who has been able to remain in BP were to you know. It would just feel both Josh Gibson idiot for men were denied that opportunity to play in the majors. And big league baseball is the baseball writers association. And so were hope when they're pitching got big city get a big ticket internal and George gives his accomplishments. As well as the other great players. John Gibson thank you so much street Simons from Warren is sure to check out the incredible work our colleagues at 538 checkout rush at five journey top cop.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Negro League slugger Josh Gibson’s great grandson Sean Gibson discusses how Major League Baseball’s inclusion of Negro League statistics will change the record books.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76125282","title":"Recognizing the records and legacy of Negro League baseball","url":"/US/video/recognizing-records-legacy-negro-league-baseball-76125282"}