Record number of black women set to graduate West Point

West Point class of 2019 members Tiffany Welch-Baker, Mimi Mejia and Alexandra Davise discuss being part of the record number of African American and Hispanic women set to graduate from the academy.
4:15 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Record number of black women set to graduate West Point
Guys you know I love some good news stories where prime Paris is actually being made of this weekend at the US military academy at West Point. The largest class of black women 32 to be exact will walk across a stage. And graduate the school is also graduating the largest class of Hispanic women. Nineteen women in total and this is pretty incredible considering the school opened an eighteen O two men and women didn't attend until nineteen. 76 so I was sitting right here yesterday when I got. A chance to speak to someone be it the cadets who are going to be graduating this weekend to take a look. First congratulations how are you feeling about your graduation coming up in a few days. I for one and very exciting and I also went to the united thing. Let's say Kathleen Parker for his tools developed an additional year that I half though economy doing this for half a decade out. Get them out crimes. Get on out there and implement what I've learned yet and it was willing. And meet me Harry you feeling. And I hope is quite stereo pair me I had only dreamed of this day for a very alarmed I'm so gain experience it is very exciting. I'm aka Larry that in part is gain out into the army and getting started on and stop that we've been trained for for the past four years. In Alexandria. How you aliens. I am extraordinarily. Excited to graduate this Saturday. I'm a third generation and that our me. Hers then and is really excited to get out and deal at West Point trained us to dale. So of course we're talking to you guys not just because you're amazing on your own but because your school is making history. I want to talk about this photo issues that all love. BD black girls in the class to together what was it like for you ought to come together and and take that photo that's going that's pretty act Connick. Well that both wars. Oh like a reunion for. We got together a lot of a pattern seen each other in a little why all. We're all taking our final exams every one has other requirement. So it was really nice to get all of the ladies together for a historical analysis photos take in every year. Arms so we're just really I'd be able to get together and each other and just be excited about the fact that we're console me. It's an Alexander what do you want people to feel from that photo because it has been. In the news it's been an all of these articles just seeing all of the graduates together in that scene it's pretty amazing even if you do it every year. I would love for people to feel that stand pride and joy that we have that we are this close to graduating from wants point eight. I would also love for of people recognize that this outstanding achievement. The West Point is beginning to represent and look like they're arrests and America. Absolutely and and Mimi there's also this is also the largest class of Hispanic women. That are graduating why do you think there's this uptick at West Point. Man I think that the army and west plane recognizing that we need to represent more of America. And this is offering to be a part as and I know that I hadn't really thought about it so much and tell. In the past couple of weeks but the name whether reflect on my class and when it's made out but may be really proud and I'm just really really excited to be a part of. This group West Point started eighteen O two the first one man was initiated into the class in 1976. That's when women were being accepted so again. Just before we go how do you guys feel knowing that. You know those women pave the way here you are the largest graduating class a minority women ever. It is such an incredible honor to you will walk the CM plain take the same take the same classes in the same building. As those women that came the forest because those are women that have served honor believe the United States of America and it passed the torch. This coming Saturday at such an honor I'm so excited. I write and gain congratulations to those cadets they ire amazing that's beautiful.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"West Point class of 2019 members Tiffany Welch-Baker, Mimi Mejia and Alexandra Davise discuss being part of the record number of African American and Hispanic women set to graduate from the academy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63231248","title":"Record number of black women set to graduate West Point","url":"/US/video/record-number-black-women-set-graduate-west-point-63231248"}