Reliving Hurricane Michael's impact

Compilation of the most harrowing moments from ABC News' coverage of Hurricane Michael.
3:23 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Reliving Hurricane Michael's impact
My ears have been popping for a half hour I'm not standing outside because I can't. And I won't think residents just too dangerous it seemed debris flying people living home. Here and take a listen that. Fed incredible roller. Look we've had this step away from the door because degree of flying so close I had felt. That you see that right there if it looks so much like the that the hurricane I always described the people and that is a washing machine you have all of this water. You'll all of this good. And you can't see anything. Twenty minutes ago I was able to see the home is right across I have no idea if there there's still I just saw something I have never seen in real life assignments I care home. It's. An end to. Here in Mexico City at this moment you can't see it but we could just start to make out and I saw the roof on its side. Rolling down the street my heart is racing I again I have never seen something. Like eight an entire home a well built home. Rolling down the street we just watch that happen in real time and I'll tell you right now it makes you shake. We are seeing him run of the the most dangerous part of the storm begin to move and treated for coming down in front of us power lines have come down. I just waiting. To hear what it sounds like standing out here just the sheer force of this residents. You can see the roof of the hotel that we had been standing out there that was the shelter. For a category four hurricane that has now come down on those suvs. Just the stunning amount of damage. I mean it's almost apocalyptic and those are the rose the streets surrounding the hotel. Completely covered. In water. All oh. The it is. Here's the cup. I mean this is trio. Don't look like they do not even want oh. And yeah. Oh their homes create. And they came crashing down when only one of whom would you know what is. Yeah I think yeah. And any day formal two. Yeah. But writing them. Something new. Survivor Michael. And in that.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Compilation of the most harrowing moments from ABC News' coverage of Hurricane Michael.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58437964","title":"Reliving Hurricane Michael's impact","url":"/US/video/reliving-hurricane-michaels-impact-58437964"}