Remains of wife, two young daughters found in Colorado murder case

The husband and father, Chris Watts, was arrested on suspicion he killed his family.
4:41 | 08/17/18

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Transcript for Remains of wife, two young daughters found in Colorado murder case
In the tragic story out of Colorado where a pregnant wife and her two daughters. Were killed. And yesterday the husband was arrested. And charges this excuse me as it rested in association with that crimes let's go to Clayton sends out. He is in Frederick Colorado forests in Clayton. What else do we know that's coming out about this. Hello and I wanted to US show you here real quick just the growing memorial that is out front of the family's home here in Frederick we've seen people coming by for the last few days leaving flowers Teddy bears. Can hand the notes. This has really split this community it's really heartbreaking thing here. You can kind of take a look around and see what kind of neighborhood they lived in here. And right over here on my right is the home but the family lived in. What we're learning overnight police say that they were able to recover all three bodies of auction in watts. A 34 year old them mom who was fifteen weeks pregnant. And her two daughters Bala four years old it's the last three years old they were found. On oil company land a company called Anadarko who. The husband and father in this case Chris watts worked for this company. The bodies were left. We understand according to our affiliate ABC Denver seven. That. The bodies were left at some gas and oil tanks on the property there. The company Anadarko said that Chris watts worked for them but he was fired on Wednesday. The same day that he was arrested. This is the house where prosecutors say that the family. That bitch and and and her two daughters were killed. But beyond that we don't know a lot of other details yet because district attorney. Has requested that the affidavit and the court documents for now. Be sealed. Chris watts made his first court appearance yesterday he the man who you know wore the guise of of a loving family Noonan and doting father. Was now wearing a jail jumpsuit he did not speak much he answered the judge's questions that that he understood. His rights but beyond that was not talking much which is kind of an contrast to earlier in the week when he was going on television doing all these local TV interviews in which she was. Asking him bagging his family to come back to M. And even saying that it's he admitted that there was some sort of disagreement he had was with his wife. But said that if he stopped short of calling it an argument but about 24 hours later he was in custody. We are also hearing from a lot of friends who knew the watts Finley. And who say that they never expected. Something like this out of Chris in fact the a lot of and Telus that they feel duped by the way. He was asking we talked to a couple yesterday nick and Amanda fair. Who told us that they believed the story they were on his side they even opened up their own home on Tuesday night. To let him stay with them they also have a kid here's what they had to say. We for the so stupid about technical they. Trusting him to stay that may miss him counselor daughter. Me no never let that go public. We we thought we are doing the right thing by trying to be a good. So Chris watts is now facing at least three counts of first degree murder in addition to a host of other charges. The judge denied bond he will be that watts will be back in court on Monday when prosecutors expect to file formal charges and we hope that. When bat happens this affidavit will be unsealed. I will start getting a lot more details about this case. Including you know the big question alone or that everybody has. Is why what was the motive here. So many questions and against such a tragic tragic story here. So we're hearing from some of his friends have we been hearing from the family of the wife. Yet they are mostly out of state they were back east and North Carolina they are obviously. Outraged at this and are making plans to try and come out here and be here we haven't heard any word yet on on memorial services are funeral or anything like that but. Guys you can imagine they are they are incredibly outraged because as we said. Option and was fifteen weeks pregnant and was apparently going to have a baby boy and so you know this the tragedy of this and the heartbreaking. And shocking this of this whole situation is is really toughest of course for them. McLean thanks for him is the latest on that story.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The husband and father, Chris Watts, was arrested on suspicion he killed his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57246651","title":"Remains of wife, two young daughters found in Colorado murder case","url":"/US/video/remains-wife-young-daughters-found-colorado-murder-case-57246651"}